The Meaning of an Elk Sighting

The Meaning of an Elk Sighting

Pride, Power, and Perseverance

The elk represents dignity, power, inner strength, and even passion. If you experience an elk sighting, it’s a message to stay steady on your current course. An elk sighting is also a reminder to be diligent and see things through. If you do, you will earn the respect of others for standing your ground. An elk sighting lets you know that because of hard work, you’re about to come into the life of plenty you’ve envisioned. This is a great reward for a job well done.

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Elk Dreams

The elk can visit you in dreams (or in person) when you are experiencing a competitive-type relationship with someone. The elk’s presence suggests that perhaps you can work together (as elks like to be part of a group). However, if that’s not possible, the elk can present a formidable opponent. They’re not so much aggressive as they’re enduring. That’s because they’re able to maintain high energy for a long period of time. In other words, you can far outlast an opponent if you’ve built upon your strength and stamina. But, you are strongest when you combine forces.

A Mighty Herbivore

In real life, the elk is second in size only to the moose in his class of animals, called Cervidae. This class includes moose, elk, and deer. He is mighty and strong, yet he is not a meat eater. He is a herbivore and so he represents a clean, uncomplicated life that consists of eating well, surrounding himself with trusted friends, and setting and accomplishing goals.

A Community Creature

The elk is a community animal rather than a solitary animal. While you will occasionally see a solitary elk, most live in herds. Typically, herds consist of either all female or all male elk. This symbolizes the importance of having same-sex friends and companions in life. Of course when it’s time to mate, the elk takes the time to mingle, but afterward, they resume their fraternity/sorority lifestyle. Larger, more dominant bulls will often have a harem of 20 or more cows that they are not interested in sharing with others.

The Elk in Culture

When it comes to spirit animal “medicine,” Native Americans widely believe that each animal can teach us about the ways of life—values, culture, hunting, family, etc. The elk teaches pride, strength, stamina, and agility for example. The Shawnee called the elk “wapiti” which translates into “white rump.” The wapiti is a symbol that it’s time to take the next step in life and do it with courage.

To the Lakota, the elk was an important part of their spiritual beliefs. When a male Lakota was born, he was presented with an elk tooth representing longevity of life. Later in life when a male was ready to find his “other half,” if he had an elk sighting in a dream, he would paint an elk on his courting clothes, indicating a high sexual prowess. To the Lakota, the spiritual elk represented strength, power, and virility.

The elk also serves as the official state animal for Utah and he adorns both the state seal and flag of Michigan.

The Norse people of Scandinavia believed that by observing and listening to animals they could adopt and develop their traits in themselves. For the Norse people, who called the elk “King of the Forest,” the elk was a symbol of inner strength, wisdom, and grace, and having a white elk sighting was a sign of divine protection.

The Elk as a Totem Animal

If the elk is your totem animal, you are a master at keeping a steady pace in life. If life were a race, your ability to pace yourself would not necessarily mean you’d be the first to cross the finish line, but you would certainly arrive there with the same strength you began with while others burned out. You are confident in your endeavors, and meeting your goals is far more important than just being the first to accomplish them. You also probably prefer to do things in groups rather than alone, and it’s likely that you work at keeping your body strong and healthy by eating good food, which may not include a lot of meat if any.

In spirit, you are likely someone with many friends and close family who care for you and who see you as a special person in their lives. You are courageous and unafraid of the obstacles others see as daunting. In other words, you don’t give up easily.

Now that you know more about the elk, are you looking forward to your next elk sighting?

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