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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Virgo Horoscope: Yesterday

General Overview: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde and joins Venus in moving into Libra today. You may feel a bit unsettled, disoriented, and out of sorts as these transits move into place. Once Mercury re-enters the sign he was in back in September, you have the chance to review things and get your priorities in order. Venus brings a focus to the importance of relationships and the ability to see all sides of an issue or situation. If you’ve been struggling with compromise, a Sagittarius can help you with this.

Love/Friendship: The romantic Pisces Moon activates your seventh house of partnership and is sextile Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn today. It’s safe to say that your committed relationships will become a focus as the day unfolds. Your intuition is increased by these transits, so trust your gut when it speaks to you today.

Career/Finance: Mercury retrograde moves into Libra and activates your second house of financial affairs. This transit gives you the chance to correct any missteps that may have occurred back in September during Mercury’s first transit through this house. Pay attention to your finances and make any corrections necessary to put things right again.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Make time for fun activities and the things that bring you joy and delight. If your life is imbalanced you will suffer. The notion that adults can do without play is a dangerous one.

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