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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

General Overview: Your values are not always in alignment with the people you’re close to. You don’t always have to be in agreement about everything, but you do need to be aligned in the places where your lives overlap, and your choices impact each other. In other areas of your world, brainstorm with an Aquarius if you need a genius idea.

Love/Friendship: One person is all lovey-dovey, while the other one isn’t feeling it. You can thank a Venus/Chiron opposition for putting you and your love interest at odds. A question regarding whether there’s interest beyond the bedroom could make someone withdraw. You need to get real about what’s happening and find out whether you both want the same thing. The same applies if you’re single and looking – make sure that you and a prospective partner are on the same page.

Career/Finance: It’s nice to have other people’s money or resources at your disposal if you need it. Although tapping into it might not make you feel good about yourself or help you to become financially independent. Use it if you need it, but don’t let it drag you into debt.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: You’re full of original ideas as the Taurus Moon connects with forward-thinking Uranus. Jot them down for future reference. A conversation with someone who’s on your wavelength can provide insightful feedback on your plans. It helps to connect with a person who also thinks outside the box.

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