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Thursday, September 19, 2019

General Overview: You’ll awaken with a positive outlook thanks to an early morning moon/sun alignment. Your thoughts could get muddled when the moon is void of course mid-day. Don’t worry. Your brainpower receives a boost when the moon moves into witty Gemini later on. If you need help during that muddy time though, ask a dependable Scorpio for support.

Love/Friendship: There’s greater power in numbers. Enlist the assistance of your partner or your squad if you want to get things done. When you need help, you find out who really has your back. If single, a sexting spree could lead to a quick hook-up. You’re a liberated person, and you can do what you want. Just be careful not to assume that this signals a serious romantic development.

Career/Finance: You’ll get more accomplished when you partner with a colleague or make it a team collaboration. Today’s powerful Mars/Pluto line-up suggests that you can achieve something significant when you collaborate with like-minded folk. Is there a project that’s too big or too complicated to manage on your own? A major undertaking requires all hands on deck. This can be a big win for everyone, and the rewards could be long-lasting.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: There are solid people in your life who have proved to be trustworthy. You should be open to new folks too, but you shouldn’t assume that they’ll treat you with the same love and respect. That’s something that takes time to earn.

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