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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Cancer Daily Horoscope for Yesterday

General Overview: With the moon as your ruler, you’re more affected by its cycles than most. Therefore, your emotions may run high on the eve of the Full Moon. Relationships can be touchy, particularly with an Aries or Capricorn. You’ll benefit from avoiding sensitive topics.

Love/Friendship: You’re not yet out of the woods with relationship complications. You may still contend with jealousy and possessiveness as the Capricorn Moon triggers yesterday’s Venus-Pluto opposition. If something starts to set you off, don’t take the bait.

Career/Finance: With the sun in proud Leo and your house of assets, you’ll want to show off the fruits of your labor. However, as the sun squares the moon’s nodes, you might be torn between spending freely on pleasurable activities and putting away cash for the proverbial rainy day. If you have shared funds (in love or business), make sure your partner contributes equally. It can free up your funds and provide you with greater flexibility.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: No expense is too high for a loved one in need as nurturing Ceres in your financial sector syncs with excessive Jupiter. However, going overboard to provide could be less of a help and more of a hindrance, particularly if you make assumptions about what the situation demands. Don’t let generosity be a way to flex your financial prowess and attract attention. Doing too much can make things awkward, so aim for a modest approach.

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