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Friday, November 15, 2019

General Overview: The morning gets off to a rocky start with the moon void of course in fickle Gemini. You’ll feel self-assured once the moon moves into your sign. Spending time with a quirky Taurus may give you exciting insights into your life and the path ahead.

Love/Friendship: Acting out is one way to get attention, although the response you receive might not be what you had in mind. If you feel neglected, ask for what you want. Your desires might not be as apparent as you think. A friend or your love interest may have more important things on their agenda than catering to you. Don’t be a baby. Make like a grown-up and address your needs.

Career/Finance: Coloring outside the lines might paint you as someone who doesn’t understand the directions as the Scorpio Sun clashes with discordant Eris. There’s a time to take a creative approach to your work, but this isn’t it. If you’re going to be a maverick, you have to understand the environment and be fully committed to championing change. Today, you’re more likely to muddy the waters and cause a big mess. Stick with the program.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: You don’t need anyone to validate who you are nor to cosign your plan. It’s something to remember as you sit around waiting for approval. Trust that you know what’s best for you and move things forward.

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