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Sunday, November 17, 2019

General Overview: The moon in Cancer activates your natal planets in Cancer, increasing your emotional sensitivity and intuitive perceptions. Pluto sits opposite the moon so guard against mood swings and controlling behavior. Avoid anyone who tries to manipulate you and be sure to sidestep drama. In fact, a Capricorn has wisdom and insight to share with you. Make a space to receive it.

Love/Friendship: If you are partnered then set aside time today to devote to your relationship. You may be going through a rough patch; deep communication and connection can shift this. If you’re single, then you’re looking for a serious relationship with staying power so don’t waste your time on anything else.

Career/Finance: With Venus and Jupiter activating your house of work, reward and opportunity are highlighted right now. Ask yourself what you love, what lights you up, and have the courage to pursue that. It’s okay to be scared, just don’t let it stop you from listening to your heart.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: If you will stop rescuing and caretaking others you will have a ton of energy for your own life and the things that really matter to you. You deserve to take much better care of you!

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