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Thursday, September 19, 2019

General Overview: Your people skills take a hit with the moon void of course mid-day. Schedule important interactions in the early AM or in the evening. Take the same course with a Scorpio in your life whose respect you want. Be direct with them, but do it first thing in the morning, or wait till the evening to hash things out, or things might go pear shaped.

Love/Friendship: With Venus in your home zone, your spot feels pretty cozy. Hence, it will take something pretty thrilling to lure you out of the house. Be careful what you ask for. Today’s Venus/Uranus alignment could bring an exciting party or event that’s hard to say no to. It all depends on how much craziness you feel like you can handle.

Career/Finance: Your words can motivate a client or an important business contact to spring into action. You can thank a supportive Mars/Pluto alignment for leveling up your communication skills. You won’t hold back on doling out advice and giving directions when you see that there is room for someone to make crucial improvements. Your assessment is probably spot on. If you want the other person to heed your words, you’ll need to be mindful of your delivery. Being bossy is a turn-off, so watch your tone.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: You feel like you’re attuned to the people around you. This makes you feel confident that you can anticipate their needs. Make sure that you’re not projecting something on to them that says more about your own desires rather than what they need or want.

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