Sagittarius Traits: Straightforward and Optimistic

Sagittarius Traits | California Psychics

The Ever-Questing Archer

The ninth sign of the Western Zodiac, the ever-questing Archer, Sagittarius, is among other things, straightforward, optimistic, boisterous, and jovial. Beginning on November 22 and seeing us through to the beginning of winter on December 21, it is depicted as a centaur with a bow and arrow. The Archer shares many traits with its neighbouring signs of Scorpio and Capricorn. Much like Scorpio, Sags are always learning and expanding their understanding of the world, and many have a natural interest in New Age ideas, but this is balanced with the more Capricornian level-headedness and need to see situations from all angles. Let us now hone in on the questing Archer with all the intensity that they demonstrate when they are focused on their goals.

Transformation and Choices at the Speed of Light

Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign, ushering in change as fast as is humanly (and sometimes inhumanly) possible. Change does not worry or scare them as they are always looking ahead and have an uncanny understanding of the outcomes of their choices, and how they will affect themselves and those around them. The pairing of Fire and Mutable energies is one of the most balanced of all mergers when we are looking at element and quality attributes.

Much like their fellow Fire signs, Aries and Leo; they are usually spontaneous, quick to emotion, and love to light a fire under others to spur them on to greatness. With a love of travel and new experiences, the Sagittarius is always ready for new vistas, but they are not excited about planning! This sign will be the one to wake up and decide that a weekend in Bali sounds fantastic and find themselves on a plane by the afternoon!

Ruled by

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and the ninth house in Astrology.

Jupiter is all about being willing to take a chance, and with the glass is always half-full attitude it is easy to understand why this is the planet of abundance, hope, and excess.

The ninth house is the house of higher education, philosophy, religion, and law but also adventure, wide-open spaces, and larger animals, which is perfect for the sign with the centaur as an avatar. This is the house that makes us ask, “What am I doing here?” and, “What does it all mean?” Questioning the big picture is a big part of what spurs Sagittarius’ need to explore both the physical and the mental/spiritual worlds that surround them.

Positive Sagittarius Traits

One of the traits that I love about the Sagittarius is that they will always stick up for and fight for the underdog! They are willing to put their knowledge, time, and creativity to use not just for themselves but for all those around them, especially those who are stuck or who have their backs against the wall. Sagittarians bring so much enthusiasm to projects and causes that their exuberance can’t help but to spill over and affect everyone else. The eternal student will always be looking for answers, questions, and paths to be explored.

The Downside

When there are so many possibilities and opportunities pulling for their attention, the Sag can often find themselves with too many pokers in the fire, which can lead to them being a bit flighty and unreliable.

Even though this sign loves to explore the world around them, they are not as excited to delve deeply into themselves or look at any feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt. This is not a sign who is big on therapy!

When it comes to honesty, although we usually view it as a positive trait; Sagittarius can take it a bit too far and use their blunt truth in ways that can hurt others. Learning how to balance this out would do wonderful things for their interpersonal relationships. As with anything else in life, sometimes subtlety and moderation needs to rule the day.

The Little Archer

All kids ask questions, but the young Sagittarius seems to come out of the womb asking questions! Not only will this little archer keep their parents on their toes with their constant “whys” and “hows,” they may also find themselves frequently chasing their child around! The young Sagittarius wants to explore every inch of their yard, the park, the closets, and cupboards. If mom and dad are looking forward to their child taking a nap so that they can get other things done, they will be waiting for a while, as this little one seems to have an endless supply of energy at their disposal.

Even though they love to ask questions and learn, schoolwork can be a bit of a tedious chore to them, believing that they already know the answers to the most important questions, so parents may need to get a bit creative in keeping this child as enthusiastic about school as they are about learning.

The Sagittarian Partner

When it comes to love, once the Sagittarian has their eyes set on a partner it can be difficult for them to be deterred, and they tend to be drawn towards outgoing, fun, confident people. This is one of the few times in their lives when planning things out isn’t boring to them, as they love planning surprises and wonderful experiences for their lover’s pleasure!

When they know that their feelings are reciprocated there is little that they wouldn’t do for their partner. When you love a Sagittarius you will experience a love the likes of which many people will never know! They will shower you with affection and attention that can be a bit overwhelming at times.


Sagittarius’ day of the week is Thursday. Stones that work well for Sagittarians tend to be blue in color: Turquoise, Tanzanite, Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Dioptase, and Sodalite. But don’t assume that they can only find their charge in the cool, crystalline, blue tones. Citrine, Amethyst, Ruby, Vesuvianite, Snowflake Obsidean, Pink Tourmaline, and Beryl are also fantastic choices for the Archer to wear and have close to them.

Plants and herbs that are aligned with this sign are Carnations, Juniper Berries, Agrimony, Burdock, Mandrake, Feverfew, Dandelion, Mallow, Narcissus, and Mistletoe and are all great for this Fire sign. For a bit of extra luck pop a whole Nutmeg in your pocket and hone in on the best opportunities for you.

Famous Sagittarians

Where to start when it comes to listing some famous Sagittarians? We have Samuel L. Jackson, Jane Fonda, Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Dame Judy Dench, and Jamie Lee Curtis on the acting/movie side. Continuing with the creative streak: Frank Sinatra, Taylor Swift, Jim Morrison, Charles Schulz, Keith Richards, and Gianni Versace are also all notable Sagittarians.

When it comes to being sporty, Sags are no slouches! Ty Cobb, Larry Bird, and Joe DiMaggio show that when it comes to winning, this is the sign to have on your team.

No matter what field they enter, the Sagittatius will always keep it real, fun, and keep those around them on their toes!

Sagittarius Traits infographic | California Psychics

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