Psychic Q&A: Message from Grandma

Psychic Q&A: Message from Grandma | California Psychics

Looking for Closure


I didn’t get to say goodbye to my grandmother before she passed away, and our relationship had become distant her last few years because of how my grandfather treated my brother and me. She was the life and soul of our holidays while she was with us, so I think about her a lot this time of year, and wonder if she has any messages for me, or if she ever just comes to visit?

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Death is not the end of your strong bonds with your loved ones. A psychic medium can connect you to those who have crossed over. During a psychic medium reading, you can share messages, get closure, and so much more.

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4 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Message from Grandma

  1. Monica Harmon

    My daughter was killed by her husband on may 1 of this year i was suppose to go to her house early that day but i didn’t i miss her so much

  2. Sarah

    We’re trying to buy a house and the lender is giving us so much issues with our loan. Should we cancel on our current lender and work with someone else? Will we get the home of our dreams?

  3. Melodie Cafferata

    Just wondering if my husband is okay and has he met my mom. I am kinda struggling out here on my own. Damn near broke and can’t see an end to being overwhelmed


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