The Difference Between Virgo Men and Women

Understanding Virgos in Relationships

Virgos are perfectionists and can be one of the most difficult signs to have a relationship with. Whether you’re a man or a woman, there’s much to understand. Are you a Virgo, or are you romantically tied to one? Check out the advice our psychics have to offer.

Cameron ext. 5412 says:

“A Virgo man may be perceived to be a control freak, but he just likes things a particular way. He may have a system for the way he keeps his shirts, a certain part of the closet where his shoes are in order by designer, and ties laid out for certain days of the week. Virgo men love to take care of whomever they are dating. Preparing for a date is important to the Virgo man, and there are usually a lot of specific details he’s covered to make it special—nothing is left to chance. Virgo men have to understand that the constant feedback they give their partner might seem to be helpful, but makes her feel criticized and overwhelmed. There must be times where the Virgo man decides that everything is good enough as it is for the sake of the relationship, even if he feels he has a more efficient system, or he had a better way of doing things. He doesn’t win the battle if he proves he was right, but she shuts down and doesn’t want to talk to him again. A good question for the Virgo man is, ‘Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?’

“A Virgo woman often wants to organize a man’s life to prove how much she loves him, but some men like their mess—they don’t see themselves as needing ‘rehabilitation.’ I’ve found that with Virgo women who end relationships—especially if the relationship ended abruptly or he left her—they want closure, and will often feel overwhelmed by a desire to talk to him one more time in order to find out what happened. The reason for this is that Virgo women don’t like messes, physical or emotional, and they want to tie up all the loose ends. This can keep them from meeting the new person who wants to come into their lives. I will often say, ‘You don’t need to hear from him to have closure. You can tie up those loose ends yourself.’ Some Virgo women will have a list of what they want in a partner, and will try to control the process, but then they lose the mystery they are looking for. When Virgo is at its best, she is able to care and nurture, and be genuinely helpful, while allowing everyone, including herself, room to make mistakes.”

Summer ext. 9898 says:

“I’ve observed that the major differences between Virgo women and Virgo men are in matters of the heart. Though debatable, I feel Virgo should pair up with another Virgo because they can be so particular. No other sign understands each other like a Virgo and Virgo partnership.

“Virgo men can be natural bachelors. They don’t seem to be lonely. They enjoy the peace, quiet, and order that come with living alone and avoid the chaos of real life. Virgo women usually want to fuss over someone and want commitment after they have ‘approved’ their mate. Virgo men don’t like glitter. Virgo women like a natural look, but they are open to whatever is necessary to make them more perfect. Virgo women may say things are okay when they’re not, while a Virgo male can be overly critical with the person he loves. To him it means he loves them and is just trying to improve them.

“Trust, reliability, and a stable love wins and keeps the heart of the Virgo woman, where the males can get caught up in a ‘Stepford Wife’ kind of mentality, or a fantasy woman that could not possibly exist. That’s why many end up as bachelors, or marry late in life.

“I did a reading for a woman (not a Virgo) who was getting married and her Virgo fiancé (he was forty-two and was never married) wanted to pick out her wedding dress so she would be flawless for their wedding! She was uneasy about that but it was when she opened his linen closet and saw hundreds of floor to ceiling white towels perfectly folded in three inch spaces between each one that she began to have second thoughts. She wasn’t sure she could live up to someone so neat. In his perfect Virgo fashion he went to her place and cleaned out her linen closet and refolded all her towels. I reassured her that her man was being a true Virgo, not a psycho, and that they were destined to be together.

“Since she hated housework, that was a perk and the wedding went on. True story!”

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15 thoughts on “The Difference Between Virgo Men and Women

  1. MissB

    I’m a virgo. I’m very loyal, sweet, and lovely person. I will give 100% of me to my partner, I will show you how it feels to be loved by and angel. Surprising you with the existences of a perfect wife and mother for our lovely family. And treasuring you like you are the luckiest man alive. I’m doing that because I love you… And you are my world… But, if I put you as a priority, I will demand you to do the same thing towards me, no excuse. Once you cheat on me, you better pack your back and kill yourself. Because all of your apologies, gifts, and kindness can’t buy my broken heart. All of your efforts to fix our relationship will be useless. In front of my eyes, the glass already broken. I will crying for a week before I am able to dealing with the emotional wounds that you caused, and put you in a very uncomfortable level of guilt. Until you realized, virgo will become a completely different person that reflecting all of your imperfections to give you a lesson, how its feels to live with yourself. We only give our love to somebody who deserves it. So, if a virgo cheated on you or completely turned in to a heartless monster in your relationship. You need to re evaluate your attitudes. Why heartless? Because nothings left for you.

  2. Jannelli

    i’m a virgo female. February 9 my scorpio ex-boyfriend broke up with me; he told me he was in love with someone else. i wrote him a six page letter telling him my feelings and that i wanted to try for the relationship again, we hung out a few times and i tried getting down as to why he ended things, but he just couldn’t give me an answer. that was so frustrating, even now i think back to what went wrong. i figured out and confirmed he cheated on me, but i also blamed myself for it, i held back emotionally and physically form him, not because of commitment issues but i felt we were going a bit fast and things were said that hurt me. i said things to hurt him too. now for the most part we act like strangers and he is now seeing someone, which was just another blow. we rarely greet each other, and he usually greets me when there is hardly anyone around. and when he does he would say jannelli; jan; or how are you? most times i can’t even hear him. which pisses me off because it makes me feel like he can’t be seen with me or like a tramp. and i am no tramp!

  3. Conssy

    Im a virgo woman n i can be very fussy n picky @ times but dats because i knw wht i want in a relationship. One thing u shud knw about virgo’s, when we love someone we do it whole heartedly,we very loving, caring, trusting n loyay. Break virgo’s heart n then u’l regret de day u were born. Single @ de moment but i dnt mind waiting for my prince charmin:)

  4. Sherrie L. Jensen

    I’m a virgo (girl though) and I know that when I like someone it’s easy to have fun with them, until i start liking them more and then I become shy and will start to avoid them (i hate that I do it, but if I avoid them then I can’t make a “dumb” move and be embarrassed). I’ll drag my feet and hope they’ll keep showing they like me.
    Since he’s looking at you AND THEN looking away real fast, i think you should feel at least a little reassured. If he didn’t like you, he’d just not notice you anymore. I’ve noticed about myself that I can easily ditch people that I don’t have an interest in anymore, whether it’s friends or love interests

  5. Admirer

    I like my virgo boss at work and for awhile I thought he liked me too. I’d catch him looking at me from across the room or often times we would lock eyes. We have had a couple of encounters that made me positive the feeling was mutual. Like one time I asked him for some candy and he asked me what I wanted and I said chocolate. He started to say something but stopped and them started naming the candy he had in his office. I said cool let’s go get it. When we got there he was smiling really hard at me. I was kind of weirded out because Ididn’t expect that and I started getting nervous (he makes me feel like a shy kid) so I kind of rushed him for the candy. He had some gourmet candy and I said that I didn’t want to take his personal candy and he said no, its for you. One time I had a problem and went to his office and he listened but there wasn’t much he could do… a week later he apologized to me and said that he still felt bad because he couldn’t do anything. Another time I asked him if we could get signs in the bathroom asking people to wash their hands and get hand sanitizer dispensers. The next week there were signs describing the proper way to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer LOL. Also there were hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere LOL. He made me so happy and I smiled from ear to ear. Well lately he doesn’t look my way, seems deliberate, and I haven’t really seen him that often like I usually would. I sent him a message on facebook talking about the costume he has to wear for this charity fundraiser and he didn’t even reply back. I don’t understand. I was so sad and I know it showed on my face. The other day we had a meeting and I was staring at someone that was staring at him and looked the way I was staring, I guess to see what I was looking at. Why won’t he say anything back to me and what happened. I don’t understand him. Everyone else says he talks really demanding and demeaning to them but he has only every talked quietly and sweetly to me. I felt like I knew him. Like we had a unspoken connection but I guess I was wrong. I’m tired of admiring him, I want to talk to him and chill but he is also my boss so I know its not right. I just wonder if I was imagining this all or if he is just trying to keep his job. One day I complimented him on doing a good job and he replied that he was just trying to stay employed. I get so nervous around that often I don’t speak and if he catches me off guard I hurry and look away. One day he told me that I act like I don’t want him to speak to me in the mornings and I told him he could speak to me everyday. I feel so unsure about my intuition right now. Today he walked by my desk and I looked, he turned his head to look at me and I turned away really fast. My feelings are hurt that he didn’t respond to my message. What do you think is going on? I’m not perfect and I know he has dated a model before. I feel sort of intimidated. Which is making me feel more like maybe he just didn’t like me. Some insight would him, virgo experts. Also I’m a taurus.

  6. Mavi

    Dating a virgo comes with a big uneasiness of doing the wrong thing that turns a virgo ice cold. Leos adore warmth but yet virhos exude such complacency its hard not to hit a wall!

  7. Igem

    I think Nas knows exactly what he is doing. When he came out with Hip-Hop is Dead every raeppr, fan, etc.. was offended by that notion. The effect was not only Nas catching a huge amount of heat but it also caused a spike in raps/songs by other artist/raepprs old and new defending their positions why it wasn’t. Nas may have sold many more records because of the title, but he also caused others to fight/defend vocally our Hip-Hop culture.Now you have Nas with album title N.GG.R . and everyone is having a fit! The song Be a nggr too does not have the substance that everyone would expect Nas to have in a track about the N word, do you really think he is not capable of having a better position on the word? He is presenting a product in the manner that he believes a nggr would do it in. Since everyone expects the opposite of him, he is causing all the listeners to disagree or agree, but most importantly react to his song!How many times have you heard someone on tv or in the street use the N word? How many have used it to show love, or hate? Yeah, some of you may have never been down with it, but I’m pretty sure a lot of you never did anything to change that, now, Nas is doing to something to get all of us to think about the N word and the majority of you think he is total fool? You’ve missed the point!

  8. chuck

    (continue post) move forward in our relationship faster than she does, I understand her kids are her life and I just want to share that life with her. She can be very short at times and not want
    to talk and other times she won’t stop
    talking lol. We had got together When she came to me about some problems she had, as you know I’m a Virgo man and want to fix her problems or just be a friend she can turn to. That had worked out for a while but the more closer she brought me into her life the further I thought she was in love with me. I needed proof cuz she wouldn’t say she loved me. I got upset one day and attempted to move on in my life without her. What she did next amazed and intrigued me further, she is a proud women even tho she won’t admit it but she begged me to stay, we weren’t even living together but I confused that for luv and that was about two years ago. I’ve since found she had a strong attachment to me as she knew I would protect her from the world if need be. I’m a very loyal person when it comes to any relationship I’m in but because I had to leave her on a few occasions I’m not loyal enough according to her. She has issues that if they go her way and I hope they do, then I will try n move on with my life without her. There’s allot more to this story that I can’t say for the respect I have for this women but she has gone through Hell n don’t want to hurt her but I want a life, I feel I’ve given her 2 1/2 years to come around to either move forward with or without me and she don’t seem like she can let go of me n I rly don’t want to let go of her but I feel if something doesn’t happen soon I must move on in my life, I know I’ll need to change my number because she will try n get me back any way she can, like I said she’s done this to me before and has said and done some crazy things to get me back. I’m convinced that this attachment she has towards me isn’t love but an emotional attachment that she is comfortable with and will do anything to protect it. Again I am in love with her but I think its a oneway street and I need more out I’d a relationship other than hiding all the time from her family when they are around.

  9. chuck

    I’m in a similar relationship as America, I however am a Virgo/libra cusp and fell in love with my dream girl who is a libra. When we both met about 2 1/2 years ago I was married and she had a boyfriend, since them my wife has past away. This women is better than any women I could possibly dream up as far as looks go but her true beauty lies deep within her. We have got along fantastically in the past but have bumpy roads now and again. She has some personal issues that moved her to another state and I went with her. it seems that we have an inseparableattachment to one another. Even tho she is 16 years younger we
    enjoy being together. She knows I’m in love with her, we hug and kiss and other ppl like her family and old friends of ours don’t approve and I feel this is holding us back from moving forward in our relationship. There are also children she has involved that I just adore. She is worth waiting for and I’m trying to be patient but sometimes want to move

  10. america

    ahhh , i started to talk to a virgo men a year ago ,,he is facinating , but he pay for me to go see , and i had a trouble so i did not go ,, well sinse then we keep talking but he is distant to me , i text him a lots .. but he return only a few comment , now b/c my pride , ive asl him if he wan me to stop texting , but he does not say no or yes , he recetlly came close to my town . and ask me to come see him ,, i did , but i did not go alone , lol i think hi did not like that to much but he did not say , now my question is i stop or not , i think i love this men he is so perfect , but am not , i have my faults . can someone help me ? what can i do , i just wish he say to stop texting it will make much easy to make my decision .

    1. Jesusita Baro

      no one is perfect in this world. Getting to know a Virgo is quite difficult at first. Virgo men want security of a woman and reassurance that she is true to him. they also can be rude and dont care if they are. I know dating one. its truly to deal with them. like candy in your hand. They love attention from there woman and romance a lot. even if its phone sex yes. when they discover the woman they choose to love in there life. They will treat you like a queen. everything is in your demand. show how much you care for them. first become friends first learn to know how they work……….

  11. arise

    (continuing my post) … in the same way they are repressed. The Virgo described by Summer literally had his feminine side “in the closet”.

  12. arise

    American culture is so lopsided that its men pressure each other to eliminate any trace of “female” interests, qualities, emotional reactions etc.. Men born in the “feminine” signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces) are thus at war with themselves and often they overcompensate in public while indulging their feminine side in private, or they deal weigh the pressure by repress the women in their lives in the

  13. Gina Rose ext.9500

    To impress a Virgo woman, you must impress her on an intellectual level , as most text book sun-sign Virgo women, ( and men ), ” don’t do stupid ! ”

    They also like punctuality…..if you wish to woe a Virgo, make it a point to be on time for dates etc . They shun people that waste their time.

    Virgo takes time to warm up to others as we are very discriminating with who we align ourselves with, but once we let you in, we can be loyal to the end.

    We tend to gravitate towards more refined people and do not like drama, nor will we tolerate drama or emotional scenes. And we also tend to keep our private lives very private.

    In general, the average Virgo has a very high IQ with an almost photographic memory and can remember the tiniest of details….in fact, many Virgo’s belong to Mensa as well as Scorpios .

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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