Is It Possible To Have Two Soulmates?

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The Many Faces of Love

When it comes to romance, there are several different relational styles out there. Some people are happy to have several intimate relationships at once (with the mutual agreement of their partners, of course). Meanwhile, there are others who would rather settle into a one-on-one partnership. Regardless, when it comes to love, most folks out there are trying to “find the right person.” This is a person (or a few people) they feel a connection with above almost anyone else. In other words, a soulmate.

However, in life, you can sometimes be faced with two or more people who feel very important to you, people who resonate with you in a way that cannot be denied. When you feel such a deep attraction and connection with multiple people, it can be both exciting and confusing. After all, common depictions suggest that people can only have one “other half,” as soulmates are sometimes called. This leaves many people with a very important question on their minds: is it possible for them to have more than one soulmate?

What Is a Soulmate?

There are a lot of conflicting perspectives on what soulmates are and how they work. Some psychics say that people can only have one soulmate, while some say that it’s possible to have multiple — albeit not a lot. Some define soulmates as an exclusively romantic concept, while others say that there are as many different types of soulmates as there are types of human connection. There are even those who believe that this includes “soulmates” from the animal kingdom, such as a pet that you feel a special affinity for or a totem animal who appears to you in your dreams.

This can seem complicated, but there’s one common denominator: A soulmate isn’t actually your “other half.” You are a complete person, but this is a soul-type connection that goes beyond reason and explanation.

Both you and destiny itself play a role in deciding who your soul connects to. Frequently, people report that they knew that there was a spiritual destiny between them and someone else almost immediately after meeting. This “knowing” can include clues like physical sensations, such as tickles going up and down your spine or a feeling of warmth in your chest.

Often, psychic occurrences like dreams, visions, or past life memories can trigger a soulmate reaction. Another person’s appearance, attitude, or voice can also provoke that feeling of intimate connection.

Regardless of what kicks it off, a strong soul recognition can make you feel like you know someone without “knowing” consciously where that feeling comes from or why it started.

Having Multiple Soulmates

Evidence says that it is indeed possible to have more than one soulmate. In most cases, you will meet these people physically during one or more of your earthly lives.

The Way It Works

When soulmate energy is “up,” one or more of your soulmates may be very near. Focusing on your desire and intention to meet your soulmate can help make that happen. At such times, your soul is experiencing a growth spurt of sorts, and some very important work is about to begin.

Every person has a soul blueprint that they develop along with their guides. When you arrive at a “learning task” designed to help you evolve spiritually, things tend to happen quickly. Your relationships are a key part of that process.

Your guides arrange meetings for you, paving the way for your relationships to grow. Since people have the power of free will, and so do the other souls you encounter, there are always alternate pathways that you can take to your destiny.

If someone else chooses to end your connection, or you make that choice about them, there are other souls who can play that part and help you move forward in life. As such, your various soulmates can surface in your life simultaneously, sequentially, or just once, depending on what you need.

Souls tend to travel through time in groups. A soul who was your mother in one life could be your brother or your child in another, and sometimes your greatest adversary can be one of your most important soulmates. Relating to them can be a challenge, but when you do, your spiritual growth can take quantum leaps forward.

In almost any relationship that lasts a few years or more, there is a soul agenda of some kind. Of course, that doesn’t cancel out the enjoyment, fun, and support that the relationship brings, nor does it mean that the relationship is meant to last forever.

A Spiritual Connection

Ironically, sometimes the most difficult relationships can teach you the most and are, in fact, necessary for your spiritual growth. Soulmate relationships tend to be intense, and they can be stormy. The stakes are high, and the energy is frequently off-the-charts.

Regardless of whether your soulmate relationships are many or few — whether they’re easygoing or tense — your soulmates can move you toward your spiritual purpose. They are the key to your real destiny. So, when you suspect that you have multiple soulmates, let go of the need to apply a category or label to each person. Trust that a clear definition will emerge through your experiences with them, and let that powerful bond steer you in the direction of your future.

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