Your Weekly Career Forecast for May 28-June 3, 2012

Get Ready for the Lunar Eclipse!

This is the last week before a very dynamic weekend: A lunar eclipse precedes that very rare event when Venus crosses the face of the Sun. This won’t happen again until our great-great grandchildren view it in the future. This is what the Mayans were so moved by. In the meantime:


Here we go again—another week of feeling antsy and wishing that your coworkers (let alone your boss) could keep up with your amazing new idea. Try to resist the urge around mid-week to “just fly away.” While any boss may seem like a tyrant (or your career drive may feel that way), next week will be better.


Children, nature and all things beautiful will inspire your creative juices at the beginning of the week. Later in the week others will try to draw you into their concern about their love lives. Your main problem will be getting away from responsibilities to enjoy yourself this weekend.


Vague feelings about work and your career keep pulling your attention away from personal and relationship well-being. Just let it be, for now. You are looking and sounding “mah-velous” to others and your creative projects will receive a boost as well.

“To see yourself as a success, think about your strengths and the things you are good at.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265


Your communications are earthy and to-the-point, and that is greatly appreciated in the chaotic work environment. Keep your wits about you mid-week to be certain you aren’t misunderstood by the boss or the public in general. People behind the scenes will see that you meant well, even if you are misunderstood initially.


Even if you are concerned about your finances, your career will come through to pay the bills (or Mom or Dad will do so if you’re in school). Friends are flighty these days, but pleasant and are the least of your concerns. You’re more interested in the power plays at work. Just stay out of the “line of fire.”


You may consider telling others what you think at work during the beginning of the week. Those words would be choice, and they would sting some and please others. It’s best though, to take that energy and direct it toward fixing the problem. Then the problem person will have to align.


You are getting a little tired of the nasty things being said behind others’ backs in the work environment. Don’t let it get to you. By Thursday or Friday people will be held responsible for whatever “untruths” have been spoken. You’ll be glad (and admired) that you just sat quietly.

“Use your intuition to solve tough work issues.” – Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894


Your career is being impacted by other people’s investments and fears about the economy right now. They know they have the money for your project or promotion. Overcome the urge to blatantly “put a fire under them.” Just keep your options open to other sources and they will be forced to come around.


You really don’t need this nonsense at work when you have enough to deal with addressing your partner’s needs. The emotionalism over perceived injustices will pass. Maintain that positive attitude by joking with friends and the latter part of the week will be fine.


The work environment will actually be pleasant this week as long as you are allowed to focus on long-term goals and important projects. Use all of that energy on creative matters and stay in focus while things get a bit chaotic mid-week. All will be working well by the weekend.


You feel like rattling a few cages at work at the beginning of the week. Be gentle with those words—bite your tongue just for now and you’ll be glad that you did. You’ll get a release for that tension by mid-week and be pleased with the inspiration it brings you.


About your partner—they didn’t mean it, really! Your feelings are definitely hurt. You’ll learn that they were dealing with personal wounds that will later inspire you to write. Take your feelings through the creative process over the next month and you’ll be really proud of your clear insights.

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