Your Weekend Horoscope: Memories of Past Love

Memories of Past Love

Weekend Horoscope

Venus goes retrograde this weekend and will remain in this phase until September 6. In the early weeks of this retrograde, you could find yourself clinging to memories of a past love. There could be communication between you or even a reconnection. The question is whether or not your past needs to be a part of your future. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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A clash between your ruler, Mars, and rebellious Uranus could generate conflict between you and a relative or roommate. He or she may resent your independence and willfulness and may demand that you toe the line. Even though you want to do your own thing, it is important that you try to reach a compromise.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that your ruler, Venus, is going retrograde in your house of romance. A past love interest might seem more appealing than your current mate or date. There is only one way to find out if the spark is still there. Reach out and make a connection.


Venus, going retrograde in your domestic sector, will have you reminiscing about pleasant times spent with loved ones. This is a great time to reconnect with a relative with whom you have been out of touch. You will find it easy to smooth over any problems that might have caused a separation.


A clash between aggressive Mars, in your sign, and Uranus could cause an upset between you and an unpredictable boss, parent, or authority figure. You are in no mood to be pushed around, so you don’t mind standing up for yourself. Be careful, Cancer. The consequences could be more than you bargained for!


Your Weekend Horoscope shows Venus going retrograde in your financial sector. Under this influence, you should avoid spending money on luxury items or other major purchases, as they are likely to be a source of regret. If you can’t resist, make sure that you can return the item after you change your mind!


Venus, going retrograde in your sign, might have you obsessing over your physical appearance. This is not a good time to get a bold haircut or crazy hair color, as this may not turn out quite the way you were expecting. In a few weeks, you can make a more confident decision.


With your ruler, Venus, going retrograde in your house of secrets you might be inclined to get romantically involved with someone whom you are better off without. This person could be married or in another relationship and that means you’ll need to keep your affair behind closed doors. Be careful, Libra!


Venus, retrograde in your house of friendship, could bring an old pal back into the picture. It will feel good to be around someone who knows the real you. Similarly, you might decide to reconnect with a group that you used to participate in. Your stroll down memory lane is sure to be pleasant one!


Venus, retrograde in your professional sector, might give you an opportunity to connect with a former boss or an influential figure from your past who could help you with your current career goals. If it doesn’t happen by chance then take the initiative and seek out this person’s guidance or assistance.


Coupled Capricorns could experience a clash on the home front as you and your partner disagree about how a domestic upset should be handled. Strive to find common ground as you contemplate solutions. Single Capricorns might do well to avoid both family and potential partners, as conflict could ensue.


A clash between your ruler, Uranus, and aggressive Mars could prompt you to say something completely startling. Your viewpoints range from forward-thinking to totally out there and when someone pushes your buttons this weekend it might evoke a really crazy response. There is no putting that cat back in the bag!


Your Weekend Horoscope shows Venus going retrograde in your relationship sector. This energy could bring a former partner back into the picture. Whether you cross paths with this person or he or she crosses your mind, you will need to consider how you really feel and whether the matter between you is fully resolved.

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