Which Tarot Card has the Most Significance to Me?

What is Your Power Tarot Card?

Tarot cards have a greater significance to different people depending upon their astrological sign. Your card is the core card or power tarot card. Connecting the dots in readings via Tarot cards and astrology is so much fun. Each Tarot card has a sister sign that carries the vibration to a deeper level of understanding. These cards are all major arcana. When they come up in your Tarot readings it is a validation that the cards are speaking directly to you. Some readers use the card that represents you as the core card or significator—especially in an astrological spread.

Aries – Star

A card of hope, the Aries/Star carries the vibration of motivation, bringing the tools to move forward in life. The Star is a card of universal consciousness. In a reading, this card brings a promising outlook and inspiration.

Taurus – Hierophant

This card is malefic. If you are a woman, it represents the male energies in your life or the male vibrations you might carry, such as strength. The Taurus/Hierophant is an esoteric person, an out-of-the-box thinker, carrying the wisdom of the ages and teaching those who have deep inner voices.

Gemini – Lovers

Harmony of both the inner and outer aspects of life is represented to the highest degree. The Gemini/Lovers brings choices to the reading, making this a person who has great responsibilities. Artist, writer, poet, actor and a passion for beauty in all forms makes this a card of creation.

Cancer – Chariot

Conquest in science and art, in progress and in the battles in life, this person is made for succeeding. The Cancer/Chariot represents the human personality. It is the vehicle of cosmic forces or universal will. Having the ability to make “it” happen is your destiny.

Leo – Strength

Always and forever, this is a sign of eternal life. The Leo/Strength card bestows courage and the ability to overcome suffering through patience. This person can be counted on in the hardest of times, and is “able to leap tall building in a single bound.” Protection, strength, kindness and a healthy ego are only a touch of this energy.

Virgo – Hermit

Lighting the way for those who need spiritual truth, the Virgo/Hermit disintegrates the framework of ignorance. This person is the one you meet along your path who guides you with patience and pinpoints attainments. Detailed with information, you must ask for their help.

Libra – Justice

Action working for balance, harmony and justice without judgmental energy, the Libra/Justice is about the law, the universal law of cause and effect and bringing a fair outcome when this card shows up in a reading. Adding the fact that it is time to eliminate useless forms of education will help make room for new technology.

Scorpio – Death

Change out the old, and bring in the new. The Scorpio/Death card is about transformation in the highest form. Only the Scorpio can deal with death and make it look good. There is a knowing when to pause and think. This is the manifestation of freedom.

Sagittarius – Temperance

Marriage is temperance personified—the perfect blending of energies. With the straightforward, protective vibration of the Sagittarius, you get passion with perfection. The Sagittarius/Temperance energy is mental and physical. This card shows a fruitful life.

Capricorn – Devil

Here we have a card of fate. The horns of the goat make it easy to see why the Capricorn got this card. They are business-minded, with the ability to manage money well. Driven to achieve wealth in any way possible when evolved through spiritual gain, the Capricorn/Devil can be an asset to any business and a wonderful friend.

Aquarius – Emperor

Spiritually evolved, the Aquarius/Emperor is a card of realization. This person has learned many life lessons and welcomes more. Supportive, protective, stable, and with a superior ability to reason, this is a good person to have in your corner. The Emperor represents the consciousness of man.

Pisces – Moon

Truth—this card is the reflected light of the subconscious. The Pisces/Moon can detect danger, giving the reading a warning sign. Shedding light on the water, the Moon allows one to see what is to come. The imagination and dreams are very notable aspects of this vibration.

35 thoughts on “Which Tarot Card has the Most Significance to Me?

  1. bevrly

    a few months befor the holidays i got a 3 min free reading i was told that during the holidays i would meet someone to share the holidays with an this will become a wonder relation ship an romance an he will share the holidays with me to make them wonderful Well i looked for this an waited nothing even close happen like this it was just basicaly the same old family and an drama that we have basicaly ever holiday!! An to this day nothing even close has happen either. That was my 3 min free reading so im not realy thinking that spending money on any more is worth it actual thank you

    P., if it helps any my horscopes always seem wrong also

  2. Grant

    hi,i’m Grant born on 6tth nov with zodiac sign of scopio…please kindly read my paths on love,career and possibly spirituality…..thanks and waiting please…..

  3. putri misnia Shary

    Dear: Ma’am,

    Born on march 1st 90 I would like to have a soul mate love along with careers reading

    Wishing you a Happy Christmas eves!

  4. quinn ext. 5484

    Sherri Glebus December 20, 2012 at 3:44 pm
    Jamie is right. Aries is the Emperor and Aquarius is the Star.

    hi sherri and jamie,
    you are both correct – yet these two cards can be switched for gender or vibration – they are interchangeable. i took a college course in 1975 about this, so i have been using this information for a long time.
    so we are all correct in our knowledge of these facts.

    happy holidays – stars and emperors.

  5. quinn ext. 5484

    daryl December 15, 2012 at 1:37 am
    i pull the chariot card in a reading about two weeks ago. I am a ordain minister of God.

    hi daryl,
    how symbolic –

    happy holidays to you and yours.

  6. quinn ext. 5484

    Jamie December 15, 2012 at 12:55 am
    Actually this is incorrect. Aquarius is the star and Aries is the emperor. This is backwards

    hi jamie,
    you are correct, yet they can be the other way around and my first choice for the signs and the cards. not backwards, yin yang –
    good to see you know your stuff.
    have a wonderful holiday.

  7. patricia logsdon

    i just wish for things to get better, i try so hard and for everyone else, and nothing ever god comes for me, just bad luck, please help me, i ‘m losing it totally….

  8. K.Richards

    The Sign is Cancer and after reading what you had there left me wondering just how does one go about making “it” Happen? Now am I suppose to have the correct mind set in order to make this all come about?
    Conquest in science and art, in progress and in the battles in life, this person is made for succeeding. The Cancer/Chariot represents the human personality. It is the vehicle of cosmic forces or universal will. Having the ability to make “it” happen is your destiny.

    Thank You ever so much!

  9. Marites Dimalupig Sanglay

    I want to know if it can read in my tarot card my future husband. I was born on October 28, 1975. My husband died 8 yrs ago. Until now i’m afraid to get married again

  10. warda masoud

    hi i’m a Taurus woman and my husband is a Scorpio we are married for 3 years and 7 months we got a beautiful daughter called romeesa she is going to be 3 in jan and i’m pregnancy 34 weeks know my biggest problem is that my husband does not listen to me what ever i tell me he lies to me his friends are first to know and i’m the last hes not that educated but when he fail in his plan he comes to talk to me he does not have time to speed with his family like he seed with his friends i try so many time to talk to him but its not working but when it come to sex he is so sweet or in money i don’t understand my relation with him some time i feel to leave him and go on with my life with my daughter and my coming baby i head enough pls advise me thanks

  11. jeannie

    I have ask this question a lot of times but still get no straght answer for it hope u can answer it and tell me the truth about it there is a person that i falling for not sure if this person fill the same way about me swhen we are together it seems like it we bouth have alot of fun together and i fill so good areound this person i would like to know if it right or not and if we are going to be together or not please answer me

  12. Tammy Decker

    i need to know if before the yr is up will i fall into abundence and the art that i’m reaching out to do well this open up for me.

  13. Rogers


    Your artilcle explains the realms of Tarrot card very well,and actually when you do a reading with a Tarrot cards and if properly combined with other occult tools like,Numerology or Astrology,the results or outcome of a reading can be suitably timmed.


    Psychic Rogers

  14. Donna

    To show you all are for real then you all should give the first reading free so that people will know you all are real and then they will keep coming back for more readings!


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