Your Power Hour

Most of us are expected be busy and brilliant from 9 to at least 5 Monday through Friday, but the fact is that we each have our own unique times of maximum productivity and creativity — and they don’t necessarily mesh with the demands of our daily lives! Luckily, all the information you need to optimize your time can be found in your birth chart. The trick is to uncover your “hour(s) of power” and make the most of them!

To begin, look at your birth certificate. The time of your birth and to a lesser degree, the same time 12 hours later, are your personal hours of power. The exact length of your energy/creativity surges may vary (most people experience at least an hour of “up” time and some get as many as 3 or 4 at their birth hour, plus 2 more when the clock returns 12 hours later), but by utilizing this bit of inside knowledge (about yourself and about others), you can make adjustments that can achieve miracles… in work and in relationships!

The following are two examples of turning birth times into revelations!

Professional power… by rearranging the hours
Jeff in New York and Claire in Los Angeles both burned to write the Great American Novel. They both were mid-level professionals; Jeff was single and Claire was a single mom. Yet Claire had a novel on the verge of acceptance for publication in just over 3 years, while Jeff was still struggling to pass the halfway point in his manuscript. Jeff was no less ambitious or talented than Claire, and he actually spent as much time as she did writing, but she made progress and he didn’t. Why?

Claire was born at 10 pm, so her best time rolled around after the kids were in bed and the house was quiet. Jeff was born at 5 am, but he was struggling to write in the evenings after work, and it just wasn’t happening. As soon as he decided to try getting up early to write for a few hours, he realized that he’d found his magic time. He’s now a bestselling author.

Rearranging romance repaired their relationship!
Bette and Ernie seemed to have everything going for them, but within a year and a half their marriage was floundering. Why? Ernie was born at 11:45 pm. Bette came into the world at 8:30 am. Ernie had to go to extraordinary lengths to get himself out of bed in the mornings, often working far into the night. Bette was usually up early and then out cold sometime around 10 pm. Once the sizzle and excitement of new love slowed down, they couldn’t find a time when they truly connected. Their sex life was sporadic and unsatisfying; when one wanted to be intimate the other wanted to sleep.

Fortunately they found an astrologer who knew the birth time secret, and with some patience and a lot of love they also learned to honor each other’s rhythms, choosing time to share social fun as well as carving out space for intimacy (1-2 pm or 9:30-10:30 am). Ernie discovered that waking up earlier on the weekends had its perks and Bette loved having her sexy dreams turned into the real thing. Soon the sparkle and excitement returned, and those few changes settled them into a very successful marriage.

Making your birth time work for you!
The “right” birth time can make all the difference for medical professionals, restaurateurs and chefs, cabbies and others who work nights, as well as early shift workers in all kinds of jobs. If you’re struggling to get things done during those “off” times, check your hour of power and see what tweaks can be made to your schedule! If flexibility isn’t an option, don’t worry! You can take advantage of your birth time rhythms in other ways, too. For example, if you were born in the morning, you’ll probably be more successful arriving early or mapping out your day on the way to work. Conversely, if you were born late, then doing a mental debriefing and plan for the next day after most people have gone home could be just the ticket.

Even if you do nothing more than pull out a note pad and write down ideas during your hours of power, you’ll train yourself to start making the most of your bursts of energy and ideas. Who knows what might happen after you’ve done that for a while? The possibilities are endless!

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