Your Boss’s Astrology Sign and You

You know all those things astrologers and others are saying about 2012, and how the changes have already begun? Well, here’s the part you may not have thought about: It’s affecting your boss, too! Once you recover from THAT idea, it’s time to take a pro-active role and consider your boss’s astro-sign and how best to deal with the changes that will affect the office.

If your boss is an Aries, the already high energy level in your office is going to seem to be launching into orbit in 2011. Your boss will have ideas and then surprises, faster than anyone could imagine over the two years – in fact, some ideas might be “golden.” Just be the boss’s steadying support and you could really benefit!

The Taurus boss may well be overwhelmed by everything going on. If you are a high energy person, go for the heights and pause before you present your ideas to your boss in a slow, pleasant format. Give the boss that much-needed Taurean comfort zone.

Geminis are seldom thrown by change as long as communications are good. Your new ideas can inspire the boss if you can be clear in your presentation. Networking innovations will be very well received when done creatively.

Cancers are feeling the hot “vibes” but have a desperate need for their private, quiet time. Respect when your boss wishes to be alone and you will be happy with the results afterwards. They will then be ready to hear your magical presentation or suggestion.

Leos will love it if you are expressing the massive energy we are experiencing, as long as they still feel like they are the leader in charge. Make your suggestions, and when they bask in the glory of the results, subtly remind them where the ideas came from – “subtly” being the operative word.

Virgos will be wondering why everyone has gone crazy, but will be tolerant as long as the thoughts you present are organized and helpful and honor their vision for the company.

Libras may feel like this focus on the future is affecting the people in the office too much. Convince them that you have just found a great new project that will benefit everyone, and your Libra will be on board.

Scorpio may even be suspicious of the office. What is this frenzy that is taking place? Reassure the boss that, while times are changing really fast, the core values of your organization are still being supported will make things run smoothly.

Your Sagittarius boss would normally bask in the vigor of the office, yet there is a lot of worry about unexpected financial events. If you experience tension, it’s not you, it’s the money. Focus on the future and all will go well.

Your Capricorn boss, seldom inclined toward surprising you, will suddenly do so. There are many things that will change the perspective in the main office. Be ready to deal with changes at the boss’s home affecting the workplace.

Aquarius bosses will suddenly demand impeccable performance in the area of communications. The world environment will be experiencing the fact that only the absolute truth works, so plan to dot every “i” and cross every, “t” and validate your sources.

Benevolent, caring Pisces bosses will unexpectedly be forced to focus on the bottom line. Actually cash flow and income might improve suddenly, but company investments may be the issue. Focus on the financial benefits of your creative work and it will sell.

With everything on our planet going into “hyperdrive,” we need to work as a team wherever we are. Knowing and supporting your boss in all endeavors positive and appropriate to the business is the best way to show your talents and leadership qualities, and to become the next boss!

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3 thoughts on “Your Boss’s Astrology Sign and You

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Tray,

    I agree with you …..LOL…..

    I remember Y2K, my husband & I were the only people in my area that didn’t stock up on bottled water and supplies to survive……LOL !!!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. tray

    The mania over 2012 is as uncalled for as it was over Y2K. Meantime countless folks are getting lots of mileage out of it and bundles are being made from lectures, books, and DVD/C sales. I aleady have my 2012 Survival Kit. It consists of one square point shovel. … Have a good day, y’all.


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