This Week in Tarot: March 26 – April 1

The Power of Tarot

The Osho Zen Tarot is the deck of the week, and through meditation and mindful wakefulness we shall delve into the heart and logical purpose of our lives. Spring is in the air! Therefore, it’s a time to open up the senses of our being and take in the lovely energy of the earth moving, allowing for new growth to emerge. Imagine yourself as the earth, pushing your ideas to the surface. Taking chances is the theme as the week ends, bringing us into April.

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DAY – ALONENESS. There are times in life when we feel lonely. Therefore, this is an opportunity to embrace the Buddha’s words, “Be the light unto yourself.” By feeling your strength and knowing that there are many people in your life to share experiences with, you are giving a peaceful energy to your enlightened thoughts. Spend the day pondering what changes you would like to make. EVENING – PARTICIPATION. It is time to take action! There has been much thinking and planning, however now is the time to act. Look up at the sky, see the clouds, the stars, the beauty of the night and know your contribution is part of the whole. You experience ecstasy.


DAY – UNDERSTANDING. Today is the dawn of a new understanding. Where once you felt caged in, you are now free to move with grace and mastery. Being a bit unnerved is natural as you venture into new territory. But do not cling to the past! Instead, spread your wings, because freedom is waiting. EVENING – GUIDANCE. There are no answers outside yourself—all you need to know is within. One candle can light a cave that has been dark for a thousand years. Be that candle. Flickers of your own light certainly guide you to your next good deed. The whispers of inner guidance bring clarity.


DAY – TRAVELING. Pack your bags! Off you go to destinations unknown. Work has you moving about in fierce pursuit of the tasks at hand. Therefore, being open and flexible is very important. If you are closed off, the chances you are being asked to take will certainly fall to the wayside, leaving you empty and annoyed. Stop hurrying and stop worrying. Indeed, it’s sucking up your energy. EVENING – FLOWERING. Living in abundance certainly allows you to be generous with your time, thoughts, advice and wisdom. Money isn’t everything, but it sure helps when you see those who suffer. The intent to help is letting the universe know you are a strong and mindful person. Therefore, what you need to give to help others will be placed in your hands.


DAY – CONTROL. Perhaps it’s time for a change. It’s certainly time to take a chance and release the old job, relationship or friendship that is controlling you. Or if you are the controlling one, maybe it’s also time to loosen the reigns of power. Even if you give up control, those in your realm will be able to get on in a positive way. After all, you gave them life lessons that were priceless. EVENING – SORROW. With a heavy heart, digging deep will help you find the source of pain, but it will also create a revelation. Remember that from times of sorrow there is also the potential for great transformation. Pain is a source of awareness, so use it to move forward.


DAY – LETTING GO. This card represents liberation. It means that there is a change in the air, and it’s certainly one that offers new ideas and even a different path to help you let go of the struggles. There is a new dimension that is somewhat like a door that will open in the air. As you step through, all the old stuff will detach and you will find a clearing with fresh energy to pull from. EVENING – TUNING IN. Meditation comes in handy when opening the mind so that more information can be stored. Take some time for yourself tonight and indulge in the ease of tuning in. The mind is a mysterious part of our being. Allow it to delight and amuse you with wonderful thoughts and sweet dreams.


DAY – THE MASTER. The Master and the student are the same in the energy in which they support each other. As the transmission of knowledge goes beyond words and scriptures, a synchronicity between the two blossoms. Both approach each other with great trust and open hearts. There is a longing to know The Master and in that longing one gets to know thyself.  EVENING – PATIENCE. Have you forgotten how to wait? The vibration of patience is one of the greatest treasures we can develop. Being in tune with the phases of the moon allows for emotional stability. Letting nature take its course frees the mind, creating a peaceful night.


DAY –  THE FOOL. Today is the most lighthearted day of the year. Therefore, let your inner child explore and have fun. Allow your happy energy to explode and laugh with joy as the day brings jokes and the spirits rally around to watch as everyone has fun. EVENING – THE DREAM.  To meet the love of your life, and to form the greatest of relationships. To be able to see your business ventures manifest, and to have good health. Be surrounded with joyful, loving people, and have peace and happiness throughout the world. Tonight, the biggest dreams come true.

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8 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: March 26 – April 1

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn

      Hi Vanessa,
      There are many months left to this year, getting started is the hardest part, once you get the ball rolling you will continue to evolve your idea into reality.

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn

      Hi Giuseppe,
      When one way does not appear to work and you know that the idea or goal is worthy positive thinking will open the door to you finding a way to get that restaurant. Money is abound in your world and with my deepest wishes I look forward to the grand opening…
      There is a way – DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR DREAM.

      Blessings to you….

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn

      Hi Melissa,
      Confusing is the gateway to wisdom. & you are so right in letting life be – keep in mind this affirmation. Live in the moment and think positive.
      You are not lost you are right here. 🙂

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