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Linda from Durham, North Carolina asks:

I relocated a year ago and have been job seeking ever since. I’m an experienced administrative assistant who cannot find a job. I have tried agencies, hospitals and local industries. I’m at the end of my rope here. I have also applied for positions that don’t match/equal my qualifications for the sake of being employed. Where do I go from here?

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

You are not allowing yourself to go to the next level in your life. Experiencing doubt and an inability to effectively find your balance, you’re hitting the wall. Not exactly knowing why, you left your previous job in order to make a change in your life. So is it any surprise you’re unable to make yourself go back (not forward) to a similar job?

Despite working hard in life, you felt restless. To deal with it, you took other jobs in the same field, and then tried relocating. This didn’t work because your chosen identity and the path in which you need to progress are not one. When you think you’re an “X” or would be happier as a “Y,” you restrict how much you attract. “The sky is the limit” happens when your foot is off the brake.

Examining the how and why of a situation, we never progress to a solution. This is because we are focusing our attention toward something that doesn’t work, and is not real. Removing paralysis and getting back on track requires letting go of what we think we know.

After hitting the wall, you will let yourself have new possibilities. Having held yourself so tightly inward, you only saw limited solutions and not much light. You have now learned to spread out… like a new tea bag in hot water. Soon you will want to only go forward.

Finding a better job fit feels similar to playing the game of darts. You zero in only on the general direction of the target, rather than the bull’s-eye. When throwing the dart you’re attentive, relaxed and not overly worried about reaching your desired goal. Remember, when we are closed on careers, we are only looking at specifics, rather than just “aiming toward.”

You have been subconsciously preventing yourself from finding another administrative assistant position. You’re ready for a higher level of managerial work. That’s why you have no motivation to repeat the past. You have been fighting against your future for a long time. You will find the job you want when you are resolved to be challenged in your next position. Your aim has not been too high; instead it has been too low. Give up your identity, and shoot for the stars.

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One thought on “Money Matters: Move Up the Career Ladder

  1. Jennifer

    My situation is similar to (Linda’s from Durham, NC) Best of Luck to you LINDA!! only I did not relocate, I was let go suddenly from my job in March of this year. I have been a practicing Medical assistant for 11 years. I have worked in offices of Primary Care, Orthopaedics and in a Hospital with Behavioral Health and Detox patients. I am a graduate and Certified Massage Therapist. Since I was let go, I have been searching the same career path as an MA while also trying to network a little with massge so that I can become licensed in my state. I also to a job that I knew wasn’t “fit” for me out of desparation to just GET A JOB! I can see opportunities arising, but I am not sure which ones to go after. I would also like very much to return back to school and excel in the medical field as a nurse. I feel that I am unable to do much because of my financial status. What is the path for me??? Thank you in advance


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