Women’s Role in 2012

Throughout our long history on planet earth, there has been an ebb and flow in regards to the female’s place in our society. In fact many great societies of the past succeeded thanks to their acute spiritual awareness of feminine power, and that awareness being woven into the very fabric of their society based upon the sacred feminine point of view. When it is understood that an individual is not only a physical person, but a spirit, as it is in many societies past and present, women are accorded their proper place as equals. Going back to the earliest of times, you will find that a majority of the earlier (great civilizations) embraced women as equal to a man.

Cleopatra, who reigned over the most successful ancient society in history, is of course one of the most famous examples of a matriarch. The matriarchal concept in ancient Egypt was about balance and equality. The “sacred feminine” is a term that refers to important female characteristics including wisdom, justice, beauty, and compassion and of course creation. These were highly prized virtues in Egyptian society. The great Egyptian dynasties lasted for over 3000 years based upon this sacred feminine point of view. Indeed, if you look at images or statues from this era you will find women and men depicted as equals.

The famous Greek Oracle at Delphi, amongst the many revered female deities of Ancient Greece, can be compared to modern psychics, who are likewise sought out for their ability to see the future.

In our own society today, the role of women as equals may be undervalued. Matriarchal traits focused on eternity, cycles of time, rituals, spirituality and art are important social underpinnings. As any spiritually aware society deteriorates, awareness of spirituality and sacred feminine virtues deteriorate as well. Many historians are of the opinion that the decay of any great civilization can be attributed to a shift towards a patriarchal system (ruled by men). Patriarchal social traits include history, linear time, dogma, rationality, waking reality, science, and unfortunately gender inequality.

By contrast, in a matriarchal society, feminine qualities of creation are honored by men and women alike and are reflected in the feminine and masculine qualities of the world around them. This is also represents a harmony in social Yin and Yang made possible by the inner awareness of each individual in the society as a whole: a spiritual awareness, an awareness that starts from within, and an awareness that transcends the boundaries of gender.

We will revisit the age of prophesy and predictions in the year 2012, when the scales of equality in a new golden age of spirituality and equality will again balance — where women and men can transcend the differences of gender to become equals in a truly enlightened society.

But we need to start now to prepare for this momentous time in history. By talking to a psychic today, you may be opening the door to a new awareness of yourself, and what your part will be in this New Age. You might do more for the equality of women, and our survival here on planet Earth than you could possibly imagine. Get some insight into what you can do to facilitate the arrival of a new and better world, based upon this sacred feminine point of view.

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3 thoughts on “Women’s Role in 2012

  1. Robin

    Hi Darcy, I loved this article so much I am printing and saving it. It would be a great campaign speech for our nest president. I have faith it will be a woman. We need to show men we are no longer the weaker sex.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Darcy,

    I really LOVED this article……as somebody who walks ” The Old Path ” I totally understand the concept of the Sacred Feminine.
    I’ve seen women in the last 20 years thrust into positions of independence and thus, having to discover and realize their inner strengths……I truly feel we are moving towards a matriarchal dominated society.
    And I’ve been blessed in being able to help many, many women take back their power and realize their unique Karmic gifts, so they can achieve their dreams and desires.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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