Red Responds: He Came Back From War. Now What?

Dolly Newsome from Blackfoot, writes:

I was married to my high school sweetheart for almost 40 years, then he left for a younger woman around our daughter’s age. I was ill at the time and literally wanted to die for 7 years and almost accomplished it. I am a professional, make a good living, but there was no joy, I was only surviving. Then HE came along, into my life, heart and soul almost immediately, he gave me joy and love in a way I had never experienced before. We shared 6 incredible months together before he left to go back to war. Now he tells me he will continue staying over there as long as they will allow him to, has done that a couple of times, so I let go and moved on. Then he came back into my life again and swept me off my feet all over again. Tell me what he is to me; we both healed so much when we are together.
Dear Dolly,

Your man is sort of like an Earth Angel. While he is a part of your soul family, (a person you have a deep soul connection to, going back through lifetimes) he isn’t quite a soulmate. But, he is, and will continue, to be an important facet of your life.

Even though he comes in and out of you life, he has a way of appearing when you need him. This will continue. Not that you should hang out and wait for him to breeze back in — you should just take comfort in knowing that he will.

He has a way of “saving” you, and you have a way of regenerating him. It’s quite a lovely arrangement, really. The way you two understand each other is magnificent. Each of you genuinely supports and wants the other to be happy and healthy, even if it requires a bit of sacrifice.

It’s a good thing HE came around when he did. There’s more joy in store for you during this life, so enjoy it!

Brightest Blessings,


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