Which Goddess Are You?

Getting in Touch With Your Inner Archetypes

As women we have so much emotional depth, so many feelings. Sometimes we don’t even understand our own emotions or why we are feeling the way that we are. We want to try to blame it on so many things, i.e. stress, ovulation, our partners. It is very important for us as women to know that everything we feel is real… it stems from somewhere or something. We just FEEL it… we go there… we often dwell in those old places of sorrow and hurt too long. That can often cause vicious cycles of pain or bad relationships. We often wonder why this happening, or what we did to deserve this pain. We as humans are trained to only see the surface; what we can see with our physical eyes. Society and life have changed the past beliefs our ancestors had in science and religion. We have separated the two, when our ancestors combined and brought both together to create places of worship or faith—the Pyramids, for one BIG example.

As women, we want what we think we want and that’s it, and if we don’t get that specific man or that one job, life is not right. Life is not meant to be right or wrong. We are meant to learn and grow from all of our experiences. Our journeys start the day that we are born. We have chosen our path with HIM before we came, and we may not see it, but we planned everything. Those dark situations that hurt you or almost physically killed you (but didn’t) were meant to guide you back to that source of all power and creation which lives in us all.

Trust, belief, and faith are all part of it. Seeing yourself for what you truly are and not for what others say you are. Letting go of old habits that just don’t work for you anymore… like staying in that emotionally abusive relationship because you don’t think you can do any better than what you have. You have to see past the surface and be honest with yourself about what is in front of you. Looking past the surface of what people just want you to see but truly looking deeper past what they or yourself portray to others. But the lesson in that is, are you going to stay and continue your vicious cycles? That’s a choice you always have… to go down the highest path of giving and receiving, letting go and moving on, or continuing on your vicious cycle of not letting go and trying to fix everyone else before yourself.  The Goddesses are who woke me up… I was not listening to HIM, and I was getting farther and farther away on my own path of free will… Mother God intervened and handed me back to my Father and my highest path.

Hera the Goddess of the complete woman is still with me, reminding me to nurture myself and be practical with my decisions so I can guide others in turn.

Mother Mary has been by my side, always showering me with her infinite compassion and love towards me and my creativity… always reminding me to be gentle with myself.

Morgan Le Fay guides me to the depths of my own soul to unlock the wisdom and healing flow throughout myself and to others, and to not be fearful of the dark, because with it comes great light. We are on our own journeys to our goddesses, but the journey is to our soul.

The material world is meant to teach us not to shape our thoughts and minds. We are meant to break free of what we used to do and be and even believe. We come here with our own destiny and path and we cannot fear what others see or think or we could in turn stunt our growth to self awareness. We must look within, we must listen to that inner Goddess that guides us on a daily basis with just basic things.

Understand as a world we are here to grow and change… yes change is scary but only if we don’t believe and trust in our inner God or Goddess.

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One thought on “Which Goddess Are You?

  1. Yander

    , Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most biuateful of all. Remember always that superficial outer beauty and vanity is only skin deep. True beauty must come from the inside.


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