4 Male Sex Secrets He Wishes You Knew

A New Twist to the Ageless Game

Our men and their needs and desires will always hold a bit of mystery, no matter how clever a game we women think we play. Read on to bone up on a few bedroom secrets he secretly wishes you knew.

1. Oral is King

Most men will take oral sex any day over intercourse. While a man might agree that both are great, and that one does not replace the other, he often does prefer one over the other, if given the option. Descriptively speaking, oral sex falls under the headings of “just wanting to get off” and “it’s kinkier” than regular sex. Men realize that for women it usually takes more work for her to orgasm, so if it’s just about him, he knows that sexual gratification is merely moments away.

2. Acupressure Arousal

You might want to expand your foreplay repertoire: According to the Chinese therapy of acupressure, there is a series of communication channels running throughout the human body. In accordance with this therapy mode, pressure on his spleen increases energy flow to his reproductive organs. His most carnal channel is from his big toe, to the top of his foot and along the inside of his leg, so applying pressure with your palm along these areas will stimulate him more than other areas.

3. Honesty Over Manipulation

Some women have a hard time expressing clearly what they want in the bedroom, and resort to dropping hints or manipulating their partner into doing what they want rather than just speaking their minds. Men aren’t very skilled at deciphering these hints, ladies, so just be clear and upfront about what you need. He’ll respect you more for it, and the sex will be more satisfying for both of you!

4. It Doesn’t Pay to Be Passive

There are women who still feel that the man should take charge, or are too shy to speak up during sex. Instead of waiting for the man to bring you to orgasm, take control. It’s your body, and you know it better than anyone else, so enjoy it. You’ll have more pleasure in the bedroom, and there’s nothing sexier to a man than a woman who knows how to pleasure herself during intimate moments with her man.

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26 thoughts on “4 Male Sex Secrets He Wishes You Knew

  1. chukwuasiahukwuasia

    each time he called he will want me to make love to him on phone.And i have done it so many time,without enjoying it 0r after that i will start crying or regreting.mY QUATION Is it good or proper for one to make love through phone[by exchangeing love words]

  2. jaymae

    we always shared an oral sex but i little bit afraid of it becoz most of the people say through oral sex the hpv is on a higher count.

  3. Mark Taylor UK

    Cancer is a fact of life! Are we all going to hide away and fear the fears? or just get out there be sensible, everything in moderation and I found the key to a great sex life is be prepared to please more than being pleased! Sex starts with the mind and is enjoyed equally with the body. have fun

  4. Daphne

    Oral sex causing mouth cancer ? What will they think of next. Is this an excuse not to give or get oral. This is life, no one gets out alive. Enjoy it for all its worth.

  5. Wysteria69

    My hubby and I have been together 15yrs, and I am at that stage in our marriage where I would rather just give him oral instead of performing. He refuses to take oral sex and wants to give it to me instead. But then again he did trade an old used Sedan for a Ferrari…..

  6. bachaan

    I think some men is totally different …. they are not interested in their women at all or they not interested in sex

  7. Dan 2doors

    Me and my girl Barb love to give each other oral sex ,we found it better than intercourse and lasts alot longer and more mind blowing .

  8. Tina Louise

    Its so true about the oral sex! My man loves it when I make him cum with my mouth, but he always makes sure he give more one orgasm before I go down on him! I love it!

  9. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    I agree with all of this – especially the part about speaking up during sex. Women can be natural givers and may tend to put their needs on the back burner. Telling your lover what you want is a great way to get your needs met, and your lover is likely to think it’s incredibly sexy!

    Reed 5105

  10. Prabhakar

    It is great subject to know more n more.
    If female partner stop or shaw less interest in sex then what to do? secondly if see allow also it is not cooperating up to mark as required response concern then what to do to continue both take same interest in sex play?
    Men interest is same but F interest is decreasing what to do continue this sex play further?


  11. Dawna

    I really enjoy pleasuring my lover every way I can, but my favorite way to pleasure him is orally…Of course, I know he loves it, because his former partner hated it, and would never swallow…

    I feel sex is 75 to 80 % your own mindset…Therefore, when I am performing, and pleasuring him, I can actually come to an orgasm myself, because I enjoy what I am doing, and I can see how much he enjoys it…

    I just wanted to know, if men really enjoy something like oral sex with someone, is it likely for them to think about it during other times of the day??


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