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Hi, this is Patrick from Customer Service. Over the last two years, I’ve spoken with hundreds of you on the phone, connected you to your favorite psychics, and helped with any problems along the way. Working at California Psychics, I’ve learned a lot about our service. I’ve started this column to serve as a forum where we can discuss the psychic reading process and the metaphysics behind it. If you’re looking for guidance on getting the most from your psychic readings, look no further. Welcome to Tales From Customer Service.

One of the most frustrating issues our customers have is that psychics sometimes don’t follow their schedules. You make plans and adjust your schedule accordingly, and when you find your psychic isn’t coming on for your callback or appointment, it’s a huge disappointment. We know, and we really don’t want to tell you that they’re not there as much as you don’t like hearing it. You have important questions for your psychic or you wouldn’t be queuing up to read with them. They’re psychic, shouldn’t they know how much you need to speak to them? You and I can’t skip work if we’re not in the mood for it, so why do psychics get such a luxury? 

Besides the various telephone problems, weather problems, and day-to-day emergencies that we all experience on occasion, there’s something else that most of us don’t consider: the psychics’ abilities need to be at 100% to do their job. They’re metaphysical athletes—they require full and total attention to give you accurate guidance.

But sometimes it’s just not fully there for them. The psychic has a duty to cancel until they can work their mojo and get their gifts back up and running again. You deserve the best, and our psychics want to be in top form. Ask any psychic and they’ll tell you that they take their readings very seriously and would never want to give anyone less than their 100%. Have an awesome reading with one of our available psychics today!

On top of this, their work can weigh heavy on them. Let’s face it, very few of us call psychics on our best days. We lay some serious emotions on our psychics, and they somehow turn us around and give us the strength to continue. Ever wonder where that negative energy goes? Empaths suck that negativity right out of you. Their rituals clear this energy, but the residue can build up over time and waylay the best of them from time to time.

It’s really not an easy profession, though they can make it seem that way. Next time your psychic is absent, remember this! They’re not off drinking margaritas on a tropical beach. They’re probably in deep meditation, doing their best to get back to top form for their clients. If your psychic cancels, see it not as an omen, but as an opportunity. We can always point you in the way of another fantastic psychic you’ve never read with before.

Here’s another idea that our most savvy customers use: set up a psychic support group! Have 2-3 psychics that you speak with regularly, so you don’t have all your psychic eggs in one basket. That way, if your preferred psychic is unavailable, you can read with one of your other advisors without missing a beat. Another idea is to set up a callback. When the psychic is back on the line, you’re all set up in their queue! Set a up callback today either online or with one of our Customer Service representatives.

If you have any questions about readings, the psychic process, or how California Psychics works, ask me! I’m here to help you get the most out of our service. Submit your questions here.

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11 thoughts on “Where’s My Psychic?

  1. asiax5486

    Patrick, the article is stellar! It is the truth. We all have bad days…and for us to put our best foot forward, we need to be sharp and not fuzzy. This is why we do alter our schedules so much. Thank you for explaining to our clients how each day is not the same for us!! God Bless~AsiaX5486

  2. Kallista, ext. 9623

    Thank you for your wonderful article, Patrick! You explain perfectly how important our clients are to us, and how hard we strive to give them our best, and what it takes for us to accomplish that.

    How glad I am that we have you and all the other awesome folks in Customer Service helping us help our clients.

    You rock!

    Kallista, ext. 9623

  3. Psychic Deejay ext 5435

    Patrick, thank you, thank you, and did I say thank you for such a well written understanding and supportive article. I do agree with the other comments and I do take my readings, connections and messages seriously and I can not think of anyone who would want it any other way. I too must be 100%. I stand in constant gratitude for my Guides and Angels and thankful for all I am allowed to provide. I sincerely thank them daily for providing such a wonderful team of Customer Service Angels to assist us. I appreciate and respect each and every one of you for the service you do provide. Together we all make the quality of California Psychics the best we can possibly be. Love Light and Always Many Blessings
    Psychic Deejay Ext 5435

  4. Fran

    I’ve been a client for the last 5 years, and I have to say that the psychics and customer service staff are top-notch! I’ve developed some wonderful relationships with several psychics over the years, and I appreciate their dedication and integrity. It must not be easy to listen to our problems day in and day out, and yet they are always here for us ready to help. Each time I call in to customer service, I’m greeted with courtesy and a real willingness to offer assistance. I would just like to offer a great, big “THANK YOU” to all of you!

  5. Denisse

    Great article, Patrick! You explained it precisely a as needed and with a sprinkle of humor! Hope all can read and enjoy, and most importantly understand what the psychics go through to be in top shape for our customers. Loved it!

  6. Amanda ext. 5605

    PATRICK, Thank you , from my heart to yours. I had just been pondering if there was a way to let our callers know some of the things we experience, especially as empaths. We do take our readings very seriously, and we strive to give the caller the best reading possible. Once again, thank you for sharing this with our callers. Love and Blessings <3

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Thank You Patrick for this article……

    Personally speaking, I feel it’s unethical for me to give readings if I’m not feeling 100%…..I do not read if I’m sick or tired, ever…..for CP clients or my private clients.

    And, because I reside in ” Tornado Ally “…where we get the BIG F-5 tornados, I do not read when tornado sirens are going off , or , during a tornado warning when my scanner says that one is actually on the ground, within 10 miles, coming towards me.
    Nope,….I’m crawling into my tornado shelter WITH my 3 Dobermans ( Valor, Della, and Penny ) AND my minitiature pet pot-bellied pig ( Petunia )by that time….LOL.

    Think about it…..would you want a surgeon to operate on you if they were sick or tired ?
    Would you want your lawyer representing you in court if they were not feeling up to par?

    Psychics are human too……
    …and while I strive to live a lifestyle conducive to giving good readings, by taking care of myself and getting enough rest and meditating,…….
    ….alas, I cannot control everything, including the weather…..LOL LOL.

    In short if I can’t give 100 % in a psychic reading…..I don’t read.
    I’ve trained many psychics over the years and have taught them to uphold the those same ethical standards as well.

    Have a great weekend everybody !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. PsychicGiovannax5214

    Patrick! What a wonderful, informative article. You are 100% correct in saying that here at CP we DO take being of quality service top priority… I am one of those readers that sometimes changes my schedule frequently, as I refuse to read if I am not able to give my absolute best to my callers.

    Thank you so much for sharing the “why’s” and “what’s” of psychic scheduling. Many tend to believe that psychics are “on” 24/7… and while many of us are, the quality of our ability to connect and convey is very much affected by life’s external forces. We are no different than anyone else as we are not exempt from life’s ups and downs (kids, family, relationships, etc.), and we work very, very hard to stay in balance, making corrections as needed to do what we do to the best of our capacities.

    It can also be draining on all levels to read regularly, as when we do so we are REALLY connecting with our callers. Their thoughts, feelings, situations… which can be hard to shake off because we really care about and bond with our callers.

    Anyhow, thanks again for an awesome, informative article. We appreciate all of you in customer service for all that you do!

    Bright Blessings~
    Giovanna x5214

  9. Amanda ext. 5605

    GREAT Article, Patrick! Thank you for writing this. This information has helped me to understand what it is like to be a psychic. I will try to be more patient, or as you suggest, contact another one of your fabulous psychics.

  10. somima

    Thank you for explaining the psychics side as well. I really appreciate theire service so much. I am no psychic but I also work with clients on a daily base and know how important it is to recharge and how helpful a supportive team is. And the customer service here at CP is the best I’ve ever experienced. I always felt very very comfortable with them and they are so supportive. A huge applaus for the psychics, the customer service and the whole team – Great Work !


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