Your Money Horoscope for Fall 2012

To Save or Spend Before the World’s End?

Welcome to your money horoscope for fall 2012, covering the period between the autumn equinox on September 22 and the winter solstice on December 21. Despite what you may have read, December 21 is the beginning of winter and absolutely not the end of the world.

So what transits, among many, will have an impact on your money? There are a couple of eclipses, solar on November 13 and lunar on November 18. Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius November 6 through the 26th, and Saturn makes a move into Scorpio, to name a few. Money’s funny, since it makes the world go ‘round. It touches almost every house in your chart, but the second house concerns money earned and attitudes towards money, and the eighth house is all about taxes, inheritances, and money you share with a partner. Let’s take a look at your relationship with money this fall. See what’s ahead for you these next few months. Get a detailed fall money forecast with astrologer Psychic Heather ext. 5064.


Watch your pennies before October 3 while Venus is in Leo, when the chance of spending money is great. When Mercury transits secretive Scorpio from October 5 through 29, you and your partner should keep your money plans private. The solar eclipse on November 13 makes mortgages and loans applied for look promising.


At the end of October, Mercury and Mars will be in your eighth house, and your shared finances will be highlighted. The November lunar eclipse in your second house could mean good news for you and your money. Keep an eye out for opportunities.


Pluto is busy changing things in the world as we know it. From 2008 to 2023, he’s in your eighth house of shared resources. On November 16, Mars moves into Capricorn as well, and you and your partner’s hard work through Christmas will pay off financially.


Financially, thankfully, you haven’t got much going on. Be careful of overextending yourself during the Mercury retrograde November 6 through the 26th, and don’t apply for a mortgage or loan at that time. Keep holiday gift-giving to something small and thoughtful. Be creative!


October 3, Venus enters your second house of earned money. Through October’s end, money-making will have a green light, but don’t spend more than you’ve earned. When Venus enters your solar fifth house on December 15, you’ll be putting financial plans in order.


In October, Saturn, the taskmaster, moves out of your second house, and it may have taught you a lesson about your attitude towards money. Mercury in your second house on September 16 puts your focus on money. The October 15 new Moon in Libra is good news for your finances.


Good news, Venus enters Scorpio November 21 through December 15, your solar second house of earned-money and responsibilities. Saturn will also be in your second house from October 5 through 2015, just to balance things out.


Pay attention to your budget when Mars enters your second house from October 6 through November 16. Saturn enters your sign on October 5, lasting through September 2015, so get it together before the November Mercury retrograde which lands in your eighth house and you’ll weather the three-week storm. Need some help weathering another Mercury retrograde? Talk with astrologer Psychic Kinsey ext. 5135 to see how things will turn out.


Pluto in your second house, 2008 through 2023, could transform your financial life. Mars injects energy into your second house between November 16 through Christmas. If you make more, you may spend more, so watch the budget. You end the year with Venus in your sign and that’s good luck.


Venus in your eighth house through the first week of October puts you in a good position to get a loan or mortgage. You have a lot of 12th house activity throughout fall, putting your higher mind to work. Pluto in your sign through 2023 transforms your life, including how you make money.


Throughout most of October, you’ll have Venus in your eighth house of shared resources. Your partner could get a raise or you could see a break in taxes or insurance. In December, use cash to stay within your budget.


A full Moon in your second house on September 29 carries financial news. Mercury and Saturn in your eighth house together from September 16 through October 5 (when Saturn enters Scorpio) makes you nervous about money. You could either have an unexpected bill or receive an unexpected check.

24 thoughts on “Your Money Horoscope for Fall 2012

  1. Ashelalaine M. Curry

    i have coming exam tomorrow at 9:30 am, hope i pass this one so i can continue my goals to be a Nurse if God let me…

  2. mike

    At times we r tested , like a ship crossing the ocean. We never know when comes a storm, so in order to cross we have to keep the faith and just hold or head up. God is light and light is God. Lord help me for I’m sinking.

  3. Sharon

    I was checking to see if anyone was sensing my connection with God and how I was to make MYSELF known to the World. I believe I am to enter into the World Wide Net in any area that goes through to someone I can touch. December 22nd.,2012 was the BEGINNING of OUR NEW WORLD, where we are to begin the CREATION of THE NEW GARDEN of EDEN. This is by understanding that ALL THINGS, ALL WAYS, and ALWAYS is based on that GOD is ALL-THINGS/EVERYTHING. There is nothing that is not God. GOD is Love, Every meaning of Love, and He is what is Not GOD (the opposite of All Things is required to give meanng to what it is). We are to Prevent that which causes Suffering, the negative of God that we call Satin. It is simple, we need to prevent vs treat, by collectively taking the negatives right to LIFE. And Suffering will NEVER HAPPEN!

  4. Angie

    I have a friend I met online. I was wondering why can’t I get a hold of him is his phone turned off or what is going on. And is there a date when we will get back in contact.

  5. denise

    Im feeling really happy and confidence inside myself right now i want to know what and why im feeling this way is something goos fixing to happen is a change coming for the better on my life also love lifs

  6. Anup Singh

    I was born on 14 June 1980. I always sturugle for peace in my home & also money. Inspite working i dont get money in time . can u tell me how long will this go on in my house. when can i earn money and spend money. Please tell me what should i do for home’s pease & earn money iny website.

  7. tyler peoples

    Thank you ll for the comments they were vantastic and i hope you people have a great life and famliy i hope you have a kids and money for them. plus let them go to collage. and i don’t hte people i just don’t ike their ways and you should tell yur kids not to hate people and you are wellcome. this will go for ever. good by

  8. Gopalakrishna

    I was born on 14th january 1970,at 11:48 AM,throughout my life except for 2 years of my life ,I always struggle for money. Inspite of working I dont get my money in Time. Can u tell me how long this will go on , when can I feel that I can earn money and can spend my money.when can I come out of this debts due to uncertainty in earning tell me


    Concerning the fall money forcast 2012. Is it for all signs.My 8th house states death-rebirth, & tiransformaion. Your forcast states the 8th is about taxes, inheritance and money shared.Where is the discreprecy?

  10. Vanessa

    Hi. IM also a Libra. Born October 7 1988 in Zanesville ohio eastern time. I had some psychic/clairvoyant say good things and lucky numbers to help me on my journey of my transit. I emaild them from another account and they said it was a different date of transit. I wAs just wondering why (although i think i may know) why does one act whole hertedly, take ur money and con you tt for more making it sound good? We’re tloaken vulnerably for what we have, in turn becoming dven colder. And if you havent heard the Christiane song “A heart as cold as ice, yo cant offer it Dvics

  11. Susan John

    I am thinking of returning to school for my master’s degree. I want to take courses in Bussiness & Entrepreneurship so that I can start a small bussiness of my own. I am thinking of the Notre Dame college in Maryland. I will also need housing & financial aid. What do you think?- Susan John.

  12. LJ

    Dear Magdalena Paz-Spinelli and readers – the Libra forecast says that Saturn will enter your 2nd house (the way your earn your money) starting 10/5 – it moves out of Libra and enters Scorpio which is Libras 2nd house; in a sun sign forecast, you count your sun sign as the 1st house, etc. I’m sorry that Saturn caused you grief, and so you should feel relieved when it leaves your sign, but after 10/5 it will be focused on your earned income.
    Love and Starlight,

  13. arise

    Magdalena: In the first line s/he says Venus is in Scorpio in your (solar) second house. Then s/he says Saturn is also there – in Scorpio that is.

  14. Magdalena Paz-Spinelli

    How come the word for Libra today mentions Saturn’s stay until 2015, when I just finished Saturn passage of 2 years and a half in my sign – Such a torment that caused me so many problems and frustrations!! … It should be a mistake…. right?

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