Relationship Limbo? Try Astrology

Marriage astrology

For everyone out there in relationship limbo, you may wonder if astrology can reveal if your relationship is headed for the altar… You bet! Comparing the charts of two lovers will reveal the depth of their feelings for each other – and if they have what it takes to tie the knot. Read more!

6 thoughts on “Relationship Limbo? Try Astrology

  1. Imi

    No, not if you are just glancing at it for fun. Believing it is aoethnr story. If you accept it’s just a game and if can see that you fit into many other horoscopes as well as your own, you know it’s not serious stuff.No one knows anyone’s future except God.

  2. aishah

    you are so on time about age,is not important, my man and i are 20 years different. and very compabitable. his moon ans sat are in sun is his 7th house.his sun in my 1st house,,s god sent. we really enjoy each other so much. AISHAH

  3. jelly_09 must move out from it…who knows someone out there is the right one for you..age doesn’t matter anyway in love

  4. Ayla

    We do tend to get really tired after such an awful experience, it’s so hard to understand unless one has been there…sometimes a little bit of counselling helps and your doctor might be able to help you a little, you may have some sign of depression but it all depends how you feel about a temporarily anti-depressant as well…one can only suggest but the other must do what he feels is ok for him or her…we do go through several stages when going through a divorce…one thing that I did for myself, I joined Curves for Women, after paying a fee to join and a monthly amount every month I knew that it wouldn’t keep me away and to my surprise it does help me with the stress and anxiety and I also get to forget about my problems for the little time I’m there, it’s only for 30 minutes and you can go at your own speed as well. I think everyone is worth that much and if it’s going to help us health wise and give us something to look forward in life than it’s very well worth it. Hope this helps

  5. R in distress

    I have just gone through a divorce after 17 years. Now I am 58, gaining weight going into a reclusive state and feel hopeless and just don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t even want to exercise anymore.

  6. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Courtney-
    Hope you are doing well. I have been reading all of your material. I had such a wonderful time when I was a guest on your Radio show, a while back. I thought your in depth look at astrology was amazing! This is another fantastic example! Thanks.
    Miss Krystal


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