Virile Virgo Men

Sensual, smart and a little mysterious, Virgo guys are some of the sexiest creatures on the planet. Richard Gere, Hugh Grant and Tommy Lee Jones are excellent examples of the virile Virgo man.

So what makes them so attractive? Virgos have an aura of self-control that makes them seem unattainable and deliciously intriguing. They have high standards and can be impatient with people and situations that don’t live up to their expectations. Naturally, they have a reputation for being critical, judgmental or just plain difficult. But these qualities seem to make them even more desirable. Who can resist the allure of someone so perfect (at least on the outside)?

Virgo is also the sign of service. People born under this sign often pursue activities that help others. They can also be a little bit twisted (think KISS rocker Gene Simmons and comedians Bill Murray and Jack Black). But for now, we’ll focus on the enticing side of Virgo. So let’s explore the charts of Gere, Armstrong and Grant to see what lies beneath the surface.

Richard Gere: August 31, 1949

It’s not surprising that Gere became a worldwide sex symbol after starring in the 1980 film American Gigolo. He went on to star in such hits as An Officer and a Gentleman (1982), Pretty Woman (1990) and Chicago (2002). But this Virgo isn’t just another handsome face in Hollywood. With Sun conjunct Saturn, the planet of duty, Gere takes service very seriously. He’s a practicing Buddhist and supporter of the Tibetan Independence Movement, among other causes. He cofounded Tibet House to help preserve Tibet’s cultural history. His dedication to human rights comes from Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Libra, the sign of balance and justice. Moon in Sagittarius suggests that the world is his stage, although Mars in Cancer gives him a family focus as well. One of his main challenges is his impatience with the foibles of others.

As for romance, Venus conjunct Neptune gives him an aura of refinement and plenty of charm. He needs a woman who is a true partner, but the Neptune influence can make him overly idealistic. Gere was married to supermodel Cindy Crawford from 1991-1995. He married actress Carey Lowell in 2002, and they share a devotion to Buddhism and humanitarian causes.

Hugh Grant: September 9, 1960

Born September 9, 1960 in London, England, this virile Virgo man is so good looking that we sometimes forget what a brilliant and versatile actor he is. Perhaps best known for his roles in comedies like Four Weddings and a Funeral, About a Boy and Love Actually, Hugh Grant has also proven his acting chops in more serious films, including The Remains of the Day, Maurice and Sense and Sensibility. Sun in Virgo makes him hard-working, practical and analytical, while Venus in Libra gives him that extra dose of irresistible charm and fuels his creativity.

In his personal life, Grant is athletic, undoubtedly helped along by Jupiter in Sagittarius, planet of drive and adventure. Moon in Taurus gives him stability, sensuality and loyalty, which may explain why, since his long relationship with actor Elizabeth Hurley ended, the two have remained dear friends, and Grant is godfather of Hurley’s son.

Tommy Lee Jones: September 15, 1946

Although he’s an Earth sign, Tommy Lee Jones is anything but grounded. Born on September 15, 1946, the talented actor/director has Sun and Mercury in Virgo and Moon in Taurus. However, Uranus afflictions to his Virgo placements give him a quirky, unconventional side, which comes across in his dry humor (think of the Men in Black films). Uranus also heightens his brainpower: Jones graduated cum laude from Harvard with a degree in English.

Still, being a Virgo gives him a straitlaced persona, which helped him land numerous lawmen/military roles, such as the federal marshal in The Fugitive, an agent in Men in Black, the sheriff in No Country for Old Men, a war veteran in In the Valley of Elah, the warden in Natural Born Killers and a Texas Ranger in Lonesome Dove.

Adding to his talent as an actor is a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Libra, sign of the arts. Venus in Scorpio heightens his charisma and intensity onscreen, which carries over into his personal life. Jones was married for the third time in 2001.

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18 thoughts on “Virile Virgo Men

  1. Jen

    I am a virgo woman and now in a relationship with a virgo man. Well, he is really a very difficult man to deal with. Very handsome and sexy, but very moody too. He has very extreme mood. If he is happy, he is very happy, mad very mad, sad very sad. I love him so much,but sometimes i want to give up because he is very controlling, and if things don’t go his way, his demonic side comes out. I, too am moody, easilly get angry, and very straight forward. But with him now, i seem to have a lot of patience and very sensitive of his feeling. I am even surprised of myself i endure this long with his very unpredictable nature.. So i guess, qualities og virgo men are different from a woman. Aside from that perfectionis thing. I am perfectionist. If i want something to work, i focus on it and never leave it. So yeah, i want us to work, so i am working hard for this relationship.

  2. Alice

    I am in love with a virgo, he is kind and gentle, but he won’t open up about things and I don’t press him for reasons why. I am an aquarian, I have lots of patience, and he doesn’t want to stop seeing me, but he doesn’t want a serious relationship, just best friends. He doesn’t know I will be walking away from him soon.


    I am a Virgo Woman, September 1st 1968.
    We are big hearted people. Honest and Loyal
    always. We like perfection but really, we
    are not perfect!! We are Human and
    humans are not perfect.
    Mr. David Morgan, you may want to learn
    to have some patience. Patient ppl are
    happy people. maybe some Virgos are
    unreliable, NOT this one!!! my point is…
    just one virgo was a bad experience doesn’t
    mean we are all going to be like her.

  4. Armando

    I’m a virgo most people said that I am a perfectionist, well I coach the things that make me happy is to win and that’s perfect

  5. amble balu

    I am a Virgo man born on September 17 th 1948. I am very disappointed in my personal life. I am a successful business owner of a small company. fairly decent income (six figures +). Right now very confused.

  6. richard haule

    wow! Am a virgo man born in september 8th 1987, truly am wondering of all those description above about virgo man. Because myself am lying on the same category, as since i was in standard 2 i prefered to read different books, news papers, novals and listening to music but i was still the best in my studies and appointed to be a class monitor. But when i went to secondary school i was soo attracted with different activities which was going on at school, like being a member of different clubs at school, being the one of the school’s journalist, writing different stories and submitted them at school library for others to read them. And i even appointed to be as a school prefect on education and discipline, and much more i had friends who came from europe to my africa’s country (Tanzania) and they all liked me. And currently when i went at a higher learning institutions i was always appointed in class to be the head speaker of every presentation. Until now i like write books covered with different stories, and am even a project and research writer. But am still searching for employment and mostly in government so as i can be sponsored for my further studies.

  7. Reila

    I am a Virgo and have to say that i disagree about the comment on us women being dictatorial. We are actually Tyrannical at times. But it is only in the best interest of someone whom we care about deeply. Being perfectly capable of ignoring bad behavior it is only those special ones who are important enough to be criticized by a Virgo. It is a true compliment. Take it as such.

    As for being mysterious… you got that right ! Dont even tryto delve into the psyche on that one just enjoy it for what it is and believe whatever your virgo tells you. We rarely ever, nearly never LIE.

  8. Teresa Materazzi

    Wow! Terrific article, and yep when reviewing some of my favorite actors I did notice that about 1/3 were Virgos!

    NEVER dated a Virgo man but am a Virgo woman with Mercury in Leo & Moon in Taurus.

    Have twice had a deliciously complicated working “affectionate alliance” with Virgo men. I find their aloofness extremely exasperating.

    Truly adore Tommy Lee Jones…whew! Venus in Scorpio, TOO!!

  9. Nancy Gagliano

    Well, as a female Virgo, I just can’t TELL YOU how it just “tickled my funny bone” to find out that “my guy” (Sean Connery) is also a Virgo. I was born 9/16/39, and was very happily married to a smart, college educated, handsome Sicilian, (cost accountant), and excellent athlete (he played hardball, softball, football, hockey, basketball and ALL very well!!!). Some in high school, some in college, and some at Chicago, IL Parks. He was what you would call an “all-around athlete”. Great husband for 50 years (we were married 2/6/60) We had babies in 1961, 1962, 1964, 1967 and 1969. Three boys then two girls. Tragically, our four year old second son Joey died of “Crib Death” at the age of four in 1966. And, we also had ten grandchildren. But, sad to say “my Jim” passed away in 2010. Loved that man more then I can tell you. But, Sean Connery is my favorite actor and my husband Jim would always tease me not to “run off with him” (Sean).

  10. Debbie

    I am a virgo woman and my partner of 22 years is a virgo male we are both perfectionist that is true & our birth dates are 7 days apart.

  11. Judy

    I am seeing a Virgo man. We are now developing a friendship beyond belief. We have layed aside the intimacy part for a while. He has alot going on and can not devote much time and energy to a romantic relationship right now although I know I do not have a “true” romantic man on my hands. On our, I think, 2nd or 3rd date he did bring me flowers, but I think that was a rare sighting! He’s 67, and I doubt if I can EVER retrain him. He is exactly 2 mos. and 9 days older than I am. I think why I like him so much is the fact that he is so intelligent, helpful, makes me laugh so much with his dry sense of humor, and I have NEVER met a man who knows how to make love to a woman as he does. He is the best kisser of any man I have ever been associated with, and I mean EVER. I have dated a few Virgo men, and they are very sensual creatures, but sometimes very mood and difficult. If you leave them alone through their moods, they will come back to you very attentive. A Virgo man is not for everyone. He requires ALOT of patience and understanding!!

  12. Ady

    As a virgean everything mention even David Morgan comment are true. But we cnt help ourselves we are nature sign therefore expect all the characteristics of nature from us. For example: if u try to plant seed in a non fertile soil, it will not grow and dats the nature way of telling u it’s not gonna happen or go somewhere else. We are not dictators but high self esteem and we do not settle for less than we deserve. Besides everything we are very lOvable and caring.
    If u still dnt like us oh well. Dnt insult me now its just my opinion.

  13. David Morgan

    Dear Staff:

    Why is there no description of Virgo women? Their dark side can be especially hard to deal with as they are “perfectionistic dictators.” If things don’t live up to theie perfectionistic standards then they get very “testy” and dictatiorial.
    This makes them hard to live with and unreliable becasue nothing is every “good enough” for them.

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