Planetary Passions

Masculine and feminine… Yin and yang… Mars and Venus. As two halves of one whole, these romantically relevant planets team up to influence how we experience attraction and emotion. In other words, these are the forces at work in our love lives, and where they’re placed says a lot about how we interact with those to whom we connect… if you catch my cosmic drift.

With Mars in charge of lighting the fire and Venus dictating to whom we’re drawn in the first place, together these planets hold dominion our relationships. Let’s have a look at what, exactly, each of them affects.

Mars is vital…

…or, really, vitality. Translation? Masculine Mars holds sway over passion. Whatever it is that revs your engines – in the bedroom or out – finds its roots in the placement of this planet. Is your idea of hot, hot, hot an action-packed escapade with no position left untried? Your manly Mars may be found in a fire sign. Are you turned on by lascivious talk, the more inventive the better? There’s a good chance your Mars resides in a brainy air sign. Like to probe the depths in the boudoir, where you feel there’s little (or nothing) that’s too taboo? Look for your Mars in a highly emotional water sign. Or does your ideal romp involve getting down and dirty – literally, with food or oil or anything super sensual? Odds are that your Mars is extra earthy (located in an earth sign, that is)!

Beyond just what gets you going however, Mars also influences your stamina. What sustains you? Are you disciplined and dedicated, or do you lose interest and stray? Likewise, when arguments arise, do you fight dirty or stay above board? Are you overly angry, or do you retreat too easily? It may be none of the above – a balanced person reflects the most positive aspects of their planetary influences. But if you’re out of sorts (or operating with any intention other than your highest good), you’ll see your Mars sign’s uglier side when push comes to shove. Remember, when you “see red,” you’re seeing the Red Planet!

Love, Beauty, Venus

Like the Roman goddess of love (and beauty) with whom this planet shares a name, Venus is the cosmic muse. She leads you to the things that inspire you. What do you admire in others? To what sorts of people, places and things do you find yourself drawn? Whereas Mars makes you act, Venus motivates you to fall in love. Persuaded by intellectual prowess, grace under pressure and wit? Look for Venus in an air sign. Find yourself falling for a soulful quality, pensive nature and the ability to rise like a phoenix from even the sootiest ashes? Your Venus just might be water-based. Inspired by passionate action and the willingness to try anything (at least once)? It’s possible your Venus will be found in a Fire Sign. Looking for someone reliable who loves nature, art and all things beautiful? An Earth Sign may be host to your planetary Goddess of Love.

In addition to influencing your attractions, lovely Venus rules your relationship skills – romantic and platonic. Are you too exacting in your expectations when it comes to those you hold closest? Do you naturally negotiate for what you want, sometimes losing sight of the other side? Is it easier to jump ship and start over than it is to discuss your needs or your hurt feelings? Your emotional drivers (and sticking points) have a deep connection to Venus’s role in your chart. Likewise, she helps you to express yourself, not verbally (that’s Mercury’s domain) but with regard to your sense of style and the locales in which you find yourself most happily at home.

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