Psychics to Hold MJ Séances

Apparently Michael Jackson was HUGE in England. Makes sense. A. the Brits are awesome and B. they didn’t get a chance to say goodbye – his This Is It tour was headed to London until his untimely death.

He has been gone for several months now and two British psychics are determined to bring him back. I told you a few weeks ago about Twitter’s first séance, but now there’s word that UK Medium Derek Acorah is planning on conducting two live séances on Britain’s Sky One TV channel.

If these séances are anywhere near as hilarious as the recent South Park episode Dead Celebrities in which MJ possesses Kyle’s little brother Ike, then sign me up.

2 thoughts on “Psychics to Hold MJ Séances

  1. Jen

    Bwahahha I know right?! I think the best part of that episode was when the plane was ready to take off for the celebs to cross over and they’re all excited, then the stewardess gets on the intercom and says I’m sorry MJ is still not on board…everyone collectively screams AHHHHHHHH!!! That was so funny I couldn’t keep it together. Best show ever.

  2. nova

    This is hilarious! Please keep posting regarding the outcome of the psychic seances.
    BTW – That South Park episode had me rolling 😀


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