The Magician

In Tarot history the Magician has also been seen as The Cobbler. Remember the fairy tale of the Cobbler Elves? (No, not Keebler!) Late at night they sneaked into the shoe shop. To the Cobbler’s surprise, they’d made the most magnificent shoes!  Well, long story short, some say that Tarot’s Cobbler was actually an elf or gnome. He was made crippled by the King because he wouldn’t give or make the King his own Golden Sandals. The Golden Sandals were worn by the gnomes and would allow them to travel from this world to the Netherworld. After being hobbled, he is unable to flee town. Out of boredom and later revenge, he sets up a table at the market full of shoe making tools. He cons the town folk into playing slight of hand games. Thus, begins his life of swindling them out of whatever they endear. Think of all the stories you know of elves and gnomes and just imagine what kind of trickery he could have been up to!

Bringing us to modern times, the Magician stands behind a table on which he has placed representations of the Minor Arcana.  The Sword Suit basically represents power and control. The Baton (wands or sticks) suit is the suit of creativity, labor, and journeys. The Cup (chalices) suit houses love and emotion. Finally, the Coin suit (pentacles or stones) speaks of things that we find valuable like riches, prosperity and honesty.

In the story of Tarot the Magician is the first person the Fool sees. He has the temptations laid before him. What errand (or life path) will the Fool choose? How can the Fool outplay the Magician? Will the Magician triumph and conquer the Fool?  We’ve seen this story told many times, for example, the Princess and Rumplestiltskin, Captain Picard and Q, and the Devil Vs. Daniel Webster…

When the Magician appears in the querent’s spread we have to really take heed to how he appears. Is he right side up in a business venture? This may represent someone with clever ideas you really need to take seriously. If he is inverted you may be looking at a con-artist and need to do some research. Is your child appearing as an inverted Magician? If so, you are looking at someone who may be using her skills to divide parents and should be reminded of house rules, manners and familial structure. If the Magician is revealed embedded in the layers of a personality we must remember that this is an extremely powerful person. Your questions and the way he appears demonstrates influence or manipulation.

In my love readings the Magician is extremely important for understanding relationship dynamics. The Magician is a man or woman who will not and should not stay. This is a person who comes into your life to return your mojo, give your groove/sexy back, so to speak. Trying to force a relationship with a Magician may lead to abuse, extreme misery and setting ourselves up to be used. Finding a magic man is a beautiful thing, but knowing when to set him free is even more empowering.

Realizing the difference between a fling and the real thing can be heart wrenching to accept, but what did you gain from this love affair? These lessons shouldn’t be sad but inspiring. They are saying, “HEY YOU STILL GOT IT!” Examples of this kind of relationship are vacation affairs, sultry-torrid-fast paced flings, people who inspire us to make life changes, and someone who just sort of vanished. The key to staying balanced in contemplating our magicians, is to remember that magic may no longer be amazing if you try to make it mainstay.

18 thoughts on “The Magician

  1. hopefamous

    o.m.g. please help me the magician in my path with unknowing power but does show skills in long time on going battles i need to end the war its time to live my life for wat its worth to the open shut wide mind today {check list}

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  7. amor

    Hi Nunu thank for your article. I have had ” a magician” in my life and you ddiscribe him very well…He left….maybe I should have left him first…His priors relationships haven´t last more than a year or so….But He is always finding very queekly a new one, and he remains in the relationship for 2 years and then “bang”, it is over again. This is very odd because, he doesn´t date different women, he just sticks on the first one he finds right after he breaks up with the last one… How would you explain that? I posted a question to you on your article about”the queen of wands”…. It is a bout the difference in between the queen of swords and the queen of hearts. Is the queen of hearts the Highest pristess??
    xxx amor

  8. Snow

    Hi Nunu;
    Well that explanation of the Magician really tells it all!! Its such a powerful card. I would like to add so many times when it does enter a reading the person can be in the field of music, usually singing, They are excellent writers and poets, sometimes even in the field of professional entertaining such as comedy!!
    Snow X9383

  9. Nunu

    Greetings Cheryl,
    Remember, every client is read as an individual.
    A quick simple way to look at it is this: not everyone is perfect for everybody, but there is someone for most every person. If we were ideal for every single person we dated we’d all be piled on top of each other.
    One person’s Magician is another person’s King of Cups, and vice versa.
    Every con-man is someone’s child and though he may have used you he may not use his mother. We all relate to one another in a different way depending on time and tide.
    I hope this helps!

  10. Cheryl

    Hi Nunu – This posting is so helpful in understanding the Magician especially in relationships. A question I have for you (and any of the psychics who read this) is that if a Magician man or woman isn’t a “mainstay” in a relationship, do they ever settle down in a stable/secure relationship and with what type of person?
    Thanks much in advance for your response.
    A California Psychics’ Customer

  11. Joyce #9598

    Dear Nunu,
    I absolutely love your interpretations of the tarot 🙂 I hope you are saving each one to make into a book! Maybe Cali will publish it? I would buy it for sure!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Seha,
    Always a pleasure to read your postings…. How is your “little ” puppy doing ???????? LOL …I’ll bet Shalom is adorable….
    I don’t use tools when I read so I don’t really know the Tarot, however, I find Nunu’s articles VERY informative and I think her explanations for each card are thorough and very interesting.
    ( Keep up the great work, Nunu).
    SO,I’ve been reading along….I’m always open to learning something new
    and Nunu’s explanation, and Phillip’s explanation as well, of the Hermit and moon card for me made sense.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  13. seha

    Hi Nunu,
    This interpretation is absolutely facinating.
    Excellent article. Thanks so much for writing it and sharing your gift.


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