Guardian Angel Tarot: February 2 – 8

Guardian Angel Tarot: February 2-8 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Are there any “ultra-sensitives” out there? I know you guys and love you.

You’re the ones who have soul contracts to heal the whole world, and actually, you do or will die trying!

Well, this deck’s for you!

Hay House calls these “the gentlest and sweetest” cards on the planet. Frankly, I agree.

They bring clear messages in such a comforting way.

Creator and author of the Guardian Angel Tarot, Radleigh Valentine, is both an expert on angels and on tarot. While keeping the original structure of tarot, he has renamed individual cards according to how they function in a scenario, while retaining the basic traditional meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana.

He’s renamed the Major Arcana in this deck to represent archetypal actions and qualities. The Minor Arcana, he pinpoints as Abundance (Pentacles), Emotion (Cups), Thought (Swords), and Action (Wands).

Let’s step inside his beautiful world together and see what we can find out about the week ahead!

February 2 – Sunday

Organization (The Emperor)

“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.” -Baruch

Today’s angel takes the unlikely form of a Victorian gentleman sitting at his corner “secretary.” He says to us: “make decisions from your head and not your heart today.”

The heart has done its job and has brought you to a place of creativity and color. In order to more fully express it, develop order and organization in a crucial area of your life.

Consult with someone highly skilled in a field you’re passionate about. You may be offered a position of organization, coordination, or leadership.

The card says you’re ready! Lay solid foundations and think and communicate clearly.

February 3 – Monday

Inner Strength (Strength)

“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”-Hoffer

Today’s message is: “you have gentle strength and you are stronger than you know!”

The highest spiritual thought will win over chaos in a situation that comes up today. The card’s angel is a little girl doing the impossible. She’s training her cat.

Courtesy is an important form of social love. Remember to forgive both others and self, and you will end the day successfully.

February 4 – Tuesday

Two of Emotion (Cups)

“Never love anyone who treats you like you are ordinary.” -Wilde

A new romance is brewing! Feelings of love will be strong today. This is a karmic relationship.

Troubled relationships, already existing, will heal. Why not exchange a small and loving gift?

It could be a special symbolic object, or a gift of mind, body, or spirit. Expect love and kindness to rule!

February 5 – Wednesday

Guardian of Emotion (Cups)

“The Best proof of love is trust.” -Brothers

A mature, trustworthy heart has your best interests in mind. A careful and diplomatic listener is close by today. Remember to take this person’s advice because it will be solid as gold.

Attend an event that adds beauty to your life. A musical, artistic, or spiritual bash would be perfect!

Literally, a relationship with a lover with more life experience could be growing.  Let it.

February 6 – Thursday

Two of Thought (Swords)

“What engulfs us, we endure better for naming it, and moving on.” -Cioran

If you’re feeling that your hands are tied today, they’re not. Go ahead and make a decision rather than remaining in paralysis. You could be over-analyzing.

You are surrounded by angels who are waiting to guide you. Just ask, and trust what you receive. Take action today because it will move you forward.

February 7 – Friday

Ten of Thought (Swords)

“In order to go on living one must escape the death involved in perfectionism.” -Arendt

The card says: “Yes, it is an ending and it is final.” In order to move forward you can’t sift the details over and over. Yes, you weren’t perfect. Neither was anyone else in the situation.

The good news is that the worst is behind you. Your pain and confusion are over. Say your goodbyes quickly and sincerely, then ask your angels to pick up any past baggage and help you to move on.

Start a new page.

February 8 – Saturday

Five of Abundance (Pentacles)

“Friendship, itself a holy tie, is made more sacred by adversity.” -Colton

If you feel a little like you’re wandering around by yourself in the rain today, help is on the way.

Accept a rescue from heaven. Also, from earth angels who take the form of friends, family, and even gentle animals.

You may be feeling shook up and challenged. Don’t lose faith. Keep dwelling on things to be grateful for.

This card says: “a loving hand is reaching out to help.”

A fun Spread to try: Three Card Spread: Just for Today

Have you ever noticed that with all the planning we do, we can still only live life one day at a time?

This spread helps us focus every morning on what is most important in our day ahead and helps us meet any challenges that arise.

Take a deep breath and ask: “What do I most need to know about today?”

Shuffle the deck thoroughly and place them face down on the table in front of you. When you feel focused, draw three cards from the deck randomly, while concentrating on the question. Lay the cards face down, left to right, horizontally in front of you.

Card 1- Your Past

Card 2- Your Present

Card 3- Your Future

The most important key to remember in this reading is that you can change the future from the present. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings because they will hold guidance for you. Take a look at how all of these three cards relate to today’s issue.

Meditate on each card’s image until it begins to give you information through color, symbolism, and feelings. If the answers don’t come up immediately, don’t worry.

Thank the Universe for the insight and go about your day. You will notice synchronicities and coincidences, in what you hear, see, or sense while going through your daily routine.

Well, it’s time to do just that!

Thanks for joining me this week. Hope to see you again!

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