The Energy of Your Jewelry

Gold, Silver, Pewter, Platinum, Bronze…

Jewelry has been used as adornment for centuries, but it has also been used by shamans and priests in rituals. Before using jewelry in a ritual, practitioners agree that the piece should first be “charged” with the desired energy. This can be accomplished in a myriad of ways. One way is to hold the piece in your left hand while placing it under cold, running water. While doing this, put your special intention into the piece. Next lay the piece of jewelry on a shelf overnight, preferably on a moonlit night.

Some readers believe that wearing jewelry during a ceremony or reading takes energy away from the event and interferes in some way. But what it eventually comes down to is personal choice, and individual belief.

Under the ancient Chinese system, metal had a very specific meaning. It is said to represent both inner strength and receptivity. Metal also represents the autumn season—drawing energy inward for reflection while centering on the subconscious mind.

In Chinese astrology, metal represents the Monkey and Rooster as a fixed element. Characteristics of people ruled by metal include confidence, assertion and sometimes, aggressive natures. Metal rules the lungs, which involve the sacred breath of life. Now let’s explore specific types of jewelry.


Rings represent eternity and reincarnation. Traditionally rings have been associated with weddings. An old belief begun in ancient Egypt stated that a vein or nerve on the third finger of the left hand connected directly to the heart. Therefore, wedding rings were traditionally worn on that finger.

Similar beliefs state that the finger the ring is worn on connects with a particular element. For instance the thumb is with water, the pointer finger with fire, the middle with spirit, the ring finger with earth energy, and the pinky with air.


Necklaces connect very nicely with the wearer. If a necklace hangs at the throat or heart chakra area it will connect with love, empathy, and understanding. The throat chakra connects with energies of self-worth and communication.


Bracelets employ energy for balance or attunement, and are very useful for ritual practice.


Because they are generally worn on two sides of the head, earrings are good for balance and equilibrium.


Each metal has a different type of energy. As you read on, think about what metals your favorite jewelry pieces are made from and what energies they have.

Brass: Deflects harm; good for healing and fire ceremonies

Bronze/Copper: Nicely amplifies energy; great for calming and clarity

Gold: Courage, energy, guidance, health, healing and happiness; also purification and strength

Iron: Aggressive energies, chaos, emotional control, protection and willpower

Lead: Binding, boundaries, change, materialism, new beginnings as well as past-life regression

Pewter: Money, pleasure, prosperity, sustenance and unity

Platinum: Channeling, intuition, psychic powers and transformation

Silver: Balance, beauty, communication, dance, divination, healing, hope and inspiration

Steel: Dream protection, grounding and stability

Tin: Abundance, expansiveness, luck, mental powers and money

What does your jewelry say about you? Do your favorite metals represent your energy? Whether you wear your jewelry for ritualistic purposes or just for adornment, don’t forget to enjoy the overall power held within it.

8 thoughts on “The Energy of Your Jewelry

  1. Sue Hernandez

    I have a silver necklace that moves and I can feel it sometimes moving. I put a charm to hold it down and it still does it. Just wondering if it could be an energy connection to it or something.

  2. quinn

    hi ariel,
    so much fun talking about jewelry, i was told back in 1977 that wearing a ring on the middle finger is a sign of confusion. i love the thumb ring, i have no water in my chart so that keeps me moist…
    i do not wear my diamond rings from my divorces. they just do not feel right. i need to sell the remaining of them. anyone want a used diamond or two 🙂 ?
    blue around the neck is great for those of us who talk alot.
    i love earrings. have 5 holes in my ears. started to pierce when i was 13.
    great article, packed with useful info. old jewerly or worn jewerly can be read psychically. oh those vibrations!

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Ariel,
    Very nice !!!!!!! Loved it !

    As you know, I own many pieces set in platinum and silver or rose gold.

    I seem to gravitate twards necklaces and rings. I recently bought some ‘sleeping-beauty’ turquoise set in copper.

    Love your gemstone and jewelry articles!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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