Your LOVECAST®: Illuminating Ideas

Your Love Forecast

This should be a lively week for socializing! Today’s New Moon in Pisces offers a fresh start, while illuminating your ideals (or illusions) concerning relationships. What’s more, Mars entering Aries today (through April 19) will heighten your chances of meeting people through the area of your life being touched by Mars (Read your Sun and ascendant signs below.). Best days for socializing: Anytime this week, but expect the unexpected on Tuesday night.

Aries Love Horoscope

If you’ve been craving some action, Mars entering your sign can give you the daring to pursue what (or who) you’re passionate about. It will also intensify your allure. Conversely, the New Moon is all about going inward for guidance, so strive to infuse your activities with some introspection. A message can bring a romantic encounter this weekend.

Taurus Love Horoscope

The New Moon brings a new round of social activities. It’s time to meet new friends and perhaps a potential paramour during a friendly gathering. Mars will reveal any anger or resentment that hinders your relationships. Also, someone from your past may influence your love life. A sexy date will bring delight on Thursday, Friday night or Saturday!

Gemini Love Horoscope

Mars energizing your sector of friends and groups means you’ll be the leader (instigator?) of some interesting social activities during the next few weeks. Look for romance during a group activity or community event. Networking can assist your career after the New Moon. Your wit and charm draw admirers during the weekend!

Cancer Love Horoscope

Taking the lead in social situations will bring admirers during Mars in Aries. Romance may come through a colleague or during a work-related activity. If you’re paired, working on a shared goal will strengthen your relationship. The New Moon can bring in someone special from a different culture. Friends energize you on Thursday and/or Saturday.

Leo Love Horoscope

Mars can help you meet someone that evokes your passion, intellectual interests and sense of adventure. A spiritual connection may be there as well. Plus, the New Moon helps deepen intimacy. Wow! So look for romance in faraway places or during spiritual or educational activities. If you’re paired, think exotic to fire up passion, especially on Wednesday and Sunday. Fire up your passion with exotic ideas from love and relationship expert Psychic Julia ext. 9131!

Virgo Love Horoscope

Your daring side comes out to play in the boudoir during Mars in Aries. This fiery influence may also irritate some emotional sore spots, so strive to release negativity such as anger, hurt or resentment. The more emotional clarity you have, the more enjoyment you’ll have in love after the New Moon, which illuminates your partnership sector!

Libra Love Horoscope

Mars may bring in someone who is assertive, highly physical or angered easily. If you’re paired, activities and interactions, both uplifting and irritating, will accelerate. Working through emotional issues can accelerate as well. In the meantime, the New Moon will inspire you to improve your health regimen and be of service to others less fortunate. Taking care of others can help you feel good about yourself. Talk to Psychic Chastity ext. 5403 and find out which charitable acts are best for your sign.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

You’ll be a magnet for romance after the New Moon, which illuminates your need for more love and recreation. You may meet an admirer at work or while volunteering during Mars in Aries. If you’re paired, now is the time to show your appreciation to your sweetie. A twosome tryst will bring delight on Thursday or Saturday.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Mars heating up your romance sector intensifies your powers of attraction, especially for adventurous types who will be drawn to you like moths to a flame. Passion won’t be in short supply, but you’ll need to be picky to attract someone truly compatible. The New Moon helps keep you grounded by focusing on your home life. Time to redecorate?

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Your intellectual talents are sure to get noticed, both in your personal life and professionally, after the New Moon. As such, expressing your feelings and ideas will draw admirers. Mars says look for romance during activities connected to your home and family. You may meet someone special during a party or performance between Thursday and Saturday.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Money and values can play an important role in love after the New Moon. They’re not the most romantic of influences, unless you want to attract a partner who is emotionally grounded and shares your values—not a bad start for a long-term relationship. In the meantime, Mars energizes your intellect and can bring a romantic encounter during a class or trip.

Being honest with ourselves about our own relationship with money allows us to stand back and gain more clarity when it comes to money issues with our partner.” – Psychic Quinn ext. 5484

Pisces Love Horoscope

The New Moon in your sign illuminates your need to express yourself through your style, words, expertise and/or creativity, which is sure to attract admirers. Mars can bring financial opportunity if you focus on your goals and make them known to others. You may attract someone who motivates you and helps you in a practical way.

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  1. Matt Munro

    This could be important to that man, that I said that will never gain that goal of his(as he tried more than a couple of times)…I was told at one time, if something does not work out, try the exact opposite, and fake it to you make it…Seeing things ass backwards is usually a drunk, or addicts point of view, and there is nothing wrong with that…I believe that God doe not deciever the opposite ends of the pendulum, saying this diplomatically (pos. & neg aspects) That man is a professional on reading bad things that can happen, so that is good…As to him, you could be a drunk, or addict for lookin in that way, or just your talented way of warning a person….

  2. Matt Munro

    Therapy!…Since I am warmed up, as to science in the medical mental health practice…These closed minded souls with their education, only know the books, and on most cases do not look at spirituality…They have to remember that they are practisioners, practicing mental health medicine for the rest of their lives…I have been told that the way of my thinking is in-correct, as they hand me a persciption to take…I have been told that I am a paranoid schizophrenic that has sensitivity issues…Who? is to say that my interpretation on the way I see life is wrong…Just wanting to make me question my whole life because their degree of education tells them that…Who? says that they are right…I deal with vibes, and they cal it an manifistation of schizophrenia…

  3. Matt Munro

    As to the cat and mouse story…It is all about trust issues…I have been abused by people, and society so much, that I will not let anyone in my mind…I do!, occassionally just to try to trust, then I find hidden agendas, and shut down…Lucky for most, that I do not have a resentful bone…For some it is human nature, and in their disposition of themselves for personal gain at anothers expense…That will give me, and reinforce my reasoning to this…It will give me hostility, and hated to anything, and prove me right again about humanity, and the way people are…We are not mature enough in the years of 2000+…Thats the reasoning I have, to why our saviour has not come back because we did not choose his path, and we are greatly mis-imformed by his titles, and possibilities of what humanity can be, even without science…

  4. Matt Munro

    A womans question; “Why? cannot we penatrate this guy”…Lets just say! For your protection, anyone that enters my mind space uninvited…I am trained to attack…I am like a cat, and love playing aroundwith mice, before I send them to a mental institue all broken in pieces…My space, I had to fight for, so I do not like anyone in my domain…

  5. Matt Munro

    Now the 4th vibe, I believe it is the same as the 2nd one that payed me a visit on last message…To him, and I believe it is a him, gets left and right of things mixed up, must be a left hander…Anyways this guy in my mind is trying for some time to accomplish a goal, and it never has happened, and will never happen…A prayer may come, sometimes you have to wait a while, and sometimes it never happens…Accepting this, and being okay about it, will give a clear path, and it is actually not important in the true meaning of things…

  6. Matt Munro

    I was just checked out by 3 vibes! One on the right with lots of inspiring mind energy(woman)…The next one on the left with medium energy(male or low key woman with warmingness to it…The third very planed off fully (sin free)…Boy my imagination is really working hard on me…I should get into short stories…I acknowedged them all, and traced backwards, then forwards with my white dot…1st one on the clock dial, almost 3 o’clock, if you are measuring…The other at 10 o’clock, and the 3rd at three o’clock again…

  7. Matt Munro

    Therapy for Me! From an ex-drunk-addict…The only time I can see things, is when I am od-ing on alcohol with the mix of marjuwana(spelling?) in my system…I prefer to stay sober, just for that fact…It to me! Seems quite! Traumatic to what I see in those stoopers…So I choose not to take a drunk and or a high! I made one mistake in 17 years, and it was a doozy…I think I gave a number of people trips to see councilors, for what I did…Oh! you would be amazed on what I can do, if you had the time to enter my world…I am not bragging, everyone, if they showed their world to someone else, that, that person or persons would be amazed to the life-style of another, but don’t walk in anothers moccasins, but their are acceptions…If i get drunk, I will not stop until I pass out, or die! Which ever comes first!

  8. Matt Munro

    I have to learn the style of astrological ways, its foreign to me…Interesting! So far! As to why I have this white dot, it seems to be very important, I was told to protect this! No! matter what…Things! Especialy evil things! Are compelled to it, and want to steel it…I believe i was given it bcause I am an inside out! blind person…In the spititual sence…I fight blind folded, and I also take madication to take away my visual ways…

  9. Matt Munro

    Just about me! It’s therapy if anything…Cannot sleep! Today is my brothers 2 years of passing…I just could not sleep anymore…As to the last 3 messeges, if anything, it got me out of myself, and made me feel better…For my best attribute is to care about other people, and instictively know what I am dealing with…My mental armor is shot from being a warrior 19 years ago, in recovery for 17 years…So not to long ago I imagined puting the broken pieces of my armor, like shattered glass giving it for all the Woman in the world, just to have better understanding of men…I work with an imaginary dot given to me from combat with evil things…I am versatized it! To match anything I choose in the positive aspects, since! I seem to not be able to find anything around to warrior-size with it, and sometimes I play a shell game, of all other kinds of dots I make up…I make it a transmitter reciever..Just like me…Sincerely; A soul that cares…Matty!

  10. Matt Munro

    compulsive! yes! I will leave this computer after this…A voice in my head,says; “piecies”?but I am not an expert on astrological issues…Thats where the excitement comes from, and if correct the reflection of the horoscope on my email from you people…(The hand that dictates the other); (quote: from A.A. book in working with others volmn 2 about near the top in second paragraph on pg. 101, if memory serves me correct)

  11. Matt Munro

    Last! but not least!…I am lookin for qualities like Chastity has, a little closer to me in the geographic area…I like a soft spirited, sensitive one that can think for herself independantly without me holding her hand(perception, in the moment of present time, and pushing forward from their for answers in a very calm way, finding it fun and very enjoyable…Since you are a thinker that is your strongest quality)…Calm, cool, and collective one! Mostly…Now I am working on flattering her…It is just a compliment…I maybe crazy, but far from being infatuated…I Maybe compulsive to the point of self-sabatoching myself with money dealings…That is my major and only down-fault to myself…(If I did not know any better! A cancer maybe) Oh! as I feel to myself now she can center any damn way…I just learned something, I can be a mirrored image of who I am dealing with in an empathetc way that will help me, and the other person…matching vibes to be more empathetic, understanding, and connected, thanks!…indirectly!(If I believed in her church goings, perfect split between, baptist, and united, or a perfect choice…That to me mean you are married) I promiss to reframe from doing this…To the ones that are connected spiritually, I believe I am helpful, the rest think I am wacko!

  12. Matt Munro

    Now (Chastity ext.5403) inspired with amazement (impressed)…So that means to me that her spiritual latter from spirit to mind, accept the mind is inter-connected to her spirit as a centered position..She can also center her thinking in her spirit, all connected as one if she chooses, but does not prefer that…My favourate spiritual position is connected with my spirit, concious, and morals with my mind as well…Just to stay in check…

  13. Matt Munro

    You may think I am crazy, I am going to try to read something…As too:Chastity ext. 5403…I looked at the features phsycic Astrological insighter picture on my email…
    My imagination comes up with that she has a soft sensitive spirited Woman with her compassionate heart, and emotions connected with her spirit, like as one…Oh! what a thinker…It seems that she has something personal that has hurt her or very concerning about issues she faces as a sensitive one with a listening ear…Sincerely; A Man with wishfull thinking or too much time on my hands…Matty!


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