The Devil in Marge Simpson

The blue-haired Simpsons bombshell, Marge Simpson will be Playboy’s November cover girl. Bart, Lisa, and Maggie’s mom will have a three-page spread. This marks the first time a TV cartoon character has graced the publication.

No wonder she’s chosen to bare all…were she a real human, Marge would be a freedom loving Sag! Interestingly, her Moon Sextile Jupiter makes her unusually tolerant of other people’s mistakes…ahem Homer!

Look for the issue on newsstands Oct. 16. Marge’s debut is for non-subscribers only. The die-hard readers will receive an issue with a celebrity (in the flesh) on the cover.

Playboy CEO Scott Flanders – with no relation to nosy neighbor Ned Flanders – said the centerfold is “obviously somewhat tongue-in-cheek” in The Sun-Times. The November cover coincides nicely with The Simpsons 20th anniversary celebration.

It’s no surprise, either. If you recall, back in August Hugh Hefner broke the news, posting on Twitter, “Marge Simpson has a surprise for her fans in the November issue of Playboy.” Just earlier this year, on April 9, the United States Postal Service unveiled a series of five 44 cent stamps featuring Marge and the four other members of the Simpson family. Could she be more iconic than Betty Boop?

Get a peek at Marge’s risqué cover here.

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