The Astrology of Surviving Thanksgiving

Surviving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Coping Skills by Sun Sign

The holidays are a time of joy and love, but they come with the hard work and emotional challenges of dealing with family and friends. This Thanksgiving’s astrology indicates that many of us will be having these experiences “on steroids,” but your sun sign has its own special coping skills for making the most of Thanksgiving.

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A Powerful Full Moon

The afternoon just before Thanksgiving is a powerful full moon. This sun/moon opposition is notable at a time when people become more sensitive, confused and intense in their feelings. Police and hospitals have learned to increase staffing on full moon evenings, because this is so real. Your sign has unique qualities that make Thanksgiving a beautiful, spiritual experience where everyone involved wins and feels inspired. These tips can help to make this holiday special.


You’ll bring the “can do” attitude to Thanksgiving activities. That won’t surprise anyone who knows you. Communicate your innovative answer to a problem with sensitivity, and you’ll be the hero. You can make an event work, or calm an emotional situation.


You are always the perfect host and today is no exception, even if you’re the guest. Everyone turns to you when it comes to elegance and beauty, and you’ll know exactly what to do to make a tough situation warm and soothing. You’ll have the gracious idea or comment that makes everyone appreciate and enjoy the event.

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Be ready for surprises from friends and family in any social situation and you’ll navigate the emotional waters beautifully on Thanksgiving. Partners will likely feel overburdened. A creative, loving approach with lots of affection can make everything better for them and a lovely evening for you.


Plan and do whatever you can ahead of time for your Thanksgiving celebration so that surprises at work or from your partner can be handled with ease. Your big, generous heart will provide the right words to help your lover cope, or anyone else for that matter. Keep the love coming—you’re inspired.

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Your mind may be more on creative or romantic matters during Thanksgiving celebrations. In fact, a recent major change in your work can help your finances and other resources if you take care to get all of the information before acting. In the meantime, this is the day to focus on loved ones who might offer a beneficial trip or perfect advice.


If you’re not the host of Thanksgiving’s events, you’ll probably feel like you are. Your generous, hard-working nature puts you in the middle of making everything successful. You may find a partner, a parent or someone at home not quite mentally or physically up to handling their share. Enjoy, knowing that you made it happen.


You’re in harmony with your emotions and soul connections on Thanksgiving, while those around you may be in a tailspin. Your deep relationship to the generous, grateful spirit of this day helps ease the challenges siblings, coworkers and close friends are facing. You may likely find them enjoying comfort in your home, so be prepared.


Reaching out to friends and children has excellent results on Thanksgiving. You could find satisfaction through including coworkers and others unable to travel to family in your holiday celebration. A visit to someone stuck at home, or a hospital visit might make someone’s day as well, and in turn, make yours.


You find yourself taking on more responsibility this Thanksgiving, whether it’s at home, assisting a parent who might not be well, or just helping someone with transportation. You might even cover for a coworker who’s in more need on this holiday than you. As you bring joy to others, you’ll build stronger emotional ties for your future.


You are feeling grounded and powerful in your connection to your soulful self and the planet on Thanksgiving. Loving, creative communications can help inspire others through tough times. If you’re traveling you could encounter a profound, intense experience that helps your education and spirit grow.


You could find a friend in need on Thanksgiving in the midst all of your activities. Give them your amazing ideas about how they might help their own situation and you’ll both be relieved. Offering financial assistance should be done with care, though, as too much is unknown at this time. Children are important to your creative approach today.

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Demands from partners, your career and home life (or all three) may seem overwhelming today. You’re in the mood to enjoy your creative, romantic feelings in the midst of the swirl of Thanksgiving events. Share your feelings and ideas to make the day joyful and enhance your creative/romantic plans.

If you approach the beginning of the holidays as a new opportunity for your sun sign’s love and spiritual growth, you’ll experience it with real joy.

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