Bella Luna: Decoding the Mystery and Magic of a Super Moon

Magic of a Super Moon

The Super Moon and You

There’s something fascinating and even poetic about a big, fat Full Moon, especially when it’s so close to Earth that it dominates the night sky and looks almost close enough to touch. The Full Moon in Pisces on August 29 is a Super Moon!

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What is a Super Moon?

By definition, a Super Moon is either a New Moon or a Full Moon that comes within 90 degrees of its closest approach to Earth. Typically, this happens on the average of four-to-six times a year. In the year 2015, there are six Super Moons: three New Moons that we experienced in January, February and March and three Full Moons in August, September and October. No one gets to see a New Moon, which is why there’s so much more hype around Super Moons that are full and visible from Earth.

Many Moons

According to, an astrologer named Richard Nolle is credited with coining the term “Super Moon” more than 30 years ago. Before then, astronomers called these moons, “perigee moons.” Perigee means “closest to Earth.” Moons that are farthest from the Earth are called “apogee moons.” The closest of the perigee moons to occur each year is called a “proxigee moon” and in 2015, that occurs next month in September, and it’s also a total lunar eclipse.

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About the August Super Moon

The very-full Super Moon of August emerges in the sign of Pisces—the sign of sensitive souls, gifted artists and the spiritually minded. Pisces rules the 12th house, the house of the subconscious mind, spiritual growth and Karma.

Emotions vs. Common Sense

With this super-Full Super Moon, emotions take the lead and common sense can go by the wayside. Intuition will be heightened, but so will our sensitivity to situations, both good and bad. Creativity may strike some people like lightning, especially those who are in creative fields such as dancing, photography, artists, writers and the like. However, if you’re in a restrictive situation like a job or a relationship, you’ll have the urge to rebel and break free.

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Empathy and Digestion

Almost everyone will get a glimpse of others’ feelings as empathic ability is heightened, so try to surround yourself with compassionate, loving people rather than rowdy, disruptive types. Even our bodies will be more receptive to the things we digest, including food, alcohol and things of an addictive nature. The chance to overdo things is high, so be careful.

Duality and Love

The duality of Pisces, depicted by two fish, represents not only the yin and yang of life itself, but the ability to mix the conscious with the subconscious. And for those in love, the Pisces Super Moon brings romance to a new level. Since it lands on a Saturday night, why not make the most of that energy and plan a special weekend for two?

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An Astrological View

This Super Moon will conjunct with Neptune, one of the rulers of Pisces. In addition, the Sun will be in Virgo, the sign opposite of Pisces, sharing its space with Jupiter, Pisces’ other ruling planet. The Piscean influence will catch us both coming and going. There will be no escape! and speaking of escape, Pisces also rules that which confines us. If you’re holding on to and old grudge or feeling like the past is somehow holding you back, then the time of the Super Moon is a good time to let it all go. Doing so will give you the feeling of freedom which resonates with Pisces’ true nature.

6 thoughts on “Bella Luna: Decoding the Mystery and Magic of a Super Moon

  1. Marc from the UK

    Ahh Quinn. You wrote a great article recently about having a daily mantra to protect yourself from other people directing negatives against you, and how to protect yourself.

    Can you direct us to that blog 🙂 Thanks


    Great blog on the moon, very deep and scientific

  2. LJ

    Dear Quinn and Marianne: Thank you both so much for your comments and kudos. Quinn you must be psychic LOL – That song is the opening score to the movie “Moonstruck” and I was actually envisioning the old Italian man in that movie – he takes the dogs to the park and shows them the bella luna – the beautiful moon – and they all howl at it. Chuckles. The moon is both mysterious and beautiful. Stay tuned for next month’s Super Moon!

  3. Quinn ext.5484-Quinn Psychic ext 5484

    LJ – loved this article…. reminded me of the old song by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis ” when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amora”!
    Pisces and Moon Maven Cancer always so good for love….


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