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Earlier, we were sitting in the car in front a block of apartment houses, waiting for friends. If you are familiar with New England you know that in these areas people practically live piled on top of each other. A few houses down, our calm was interrupted by the screams of several people. “Get outta my house!!” “You are the Devil!!” “We were just drinking!!!” “Calm down, Dude!!!” Finally the Police arrived. When the people came down there was a woman, a teenage boy and a man. Apparently, this was a woman and her boyfriend who were constantly having issues, and her teenage son, trying, in vain, to defend his mother. Our friends started telling us about how they are always fighting and how bad they feel for the kid. “That boyfriend is evil,” our female companion commented. “No,” her husband replied, “she’s an idiot.” All I could do was think about the kids in the apartment house and sigh.

The Devil card is the 15th card of the Major Arcana. On the card you have a devil-like part-man, part-goat/beast. Dionysis, Pan, and Baphomet are examples of figures used in random decks to illustrate the chaos mentally invoked by what this card is to represent.

You’ll find random male and female body parts in unusual spots on this creature as well. There are also people held in bondage on these cards. People doing all kinds of earthly acts to represent temptations of the flesh. However, if you look closely you’ll see that the bonds that hold these people to the creature are loose or large enough for them to free themselves, showing that they actually choose to stay.

In my spreads (remember things vary based upon Querent and issues), I try not to lend too much to the Devil card. To me it represents “noise and racket.” Things that are important if we let them be. A card to abbreviate drama and commotion. If inverted, I find this card in someone’s layers as a warning of a troublemaker or someone who may bring out a Querent’s own naughtiness.

On a more serious note, this can be a warning to more caustic issues, but we have to look at the spread as a whole. A simple example is the King of Cups inverted and the Devil. This is someone who may have issues with indulging, selfishness, and who brings too much drama to the table. You should probably steer clear unless you love being traumatized. A more frightening example is the King of Swords inverted, the Devil, and the Magician inverted. You probably have to hide because this is Michael Myers and you are running in Halloween the movie.

I seem to be reminding people a lot, as of late, that I can’t tell anyone what to do, just tell them what I see. The couple that I mentioned before, I can’t make them stay away from each other. When we let our devils in, we run the risk of ruining more than our own lives. We have all made mistakes and we will make them again, but we are put here on Earth to help one another. If you are finding yourself in a relationship that is toxic to not only you, but your kids and your neighbors (and their kids), getting a reading from one of this planet’s finest, at California Psychics, may help you get a glimpse into a future that you may not be able to see, in your scope of reasoning, until it’s slammed on top of you. By then it might be too late.

7 thoughts on “The Devil Card

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  4. ANAUEL-9773

    It’s All In The Interpretation.
    It is a common misconception that there are
    “good” cards and “bad” cards. Even if you
    understand that tarot makes no value judgements,
    and that each card contains the entire spectrum
    of meanings, you may still find it difficult
    to come up with “positive” interpretations
    for some of the darker-looking cards. Here
    are a few suggestions:
    The Tower: The destruction of old structures,
    while admittedly unpleasant for many, is the
    fastest route to liberation. Revel in the
    freedom! It can also indicate sex that will
    knock your socks off. 🙂
    The 3 of Swords: “Three for one and one for
    all!” Conflicts are resolved through love.
    The intellect is grounded in the heart.
    The Devil: Did you know that the esoteric
    function assigned to the Devil is Laughter?
    Be devil-may-care. The Devil is also a great
    source of raw power. Tap into it.

  5. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Hi, Nunu,
    “Things that are important if we let them be”…what an important reminder that is. Thanks also, for reminding us that one single card can have many meanings depending upon the spread as a whole.
    In other words, don’t let one card panic you-there are more layers to the reading as a whole.
    Ext. 9146

  6. TeriLynn X 9625

    When the Devil card shows up with a client in their reading I always review around the cards that were in front, behind and around this special card. We know that it is a card of a bad influence, be it from a partner, family member or when you are reading yourself. This card not only shows negative thoughts, but the itch to play harder, drink or use something to take the place of the wild urges that come in. The influences around that persons life are what created the need to get “wild”, this is the result that puts you in the “Devil made me do it” place. How long a person will stay in that negative and careless mental/emotional state is the group of cards after the event, helps to see what became of the actions played out. The location of the Devil card in their card spread also helps you see and understand how this special card will influence other actions in their path. Why is this a special card, because it is not mainstream activity, it to me is a “heads up” or “cautionary” card being played out in someones life and the need to know will help a person take steps to ensure the best or safest outcome. Thank you, TeriLynn X 9625

  7. recovery carol

    Interesting that todays post is about the devil card, I just had it as the present in a spread relating to a relationship I am in, yes we do bring out the naughty in each other. But we also express the light a yin and yang relationship. I am often caught for a moment in hesitation when I see the devil in a spread, but it is my own training and legacy that give me such pause, to understand why it shows up, or the origins of the card make it better for me than to gloss over it and look the other way. I mildly perplexed by people who get the card and disregard it without taking a serious look.
    Cards do not show up randomly. If they did we would not use them for divination nor continue to turn to them for guidance. Perhaps if I take my own reaction to the card and apply it to negative situations in my life, a little closer look instead of a brush off is probably exactly what is called for, and probably why the card tiurns up.


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