Day in the Life: Psychic Rogers

Day in the Life: Psychic Rogers | California Psychics

We believe that a better understanding of our psychics can only deepen your connection with them when you call for a reading. In our continuing series, we talk to our psychics about their day to day lives. Today we talk to another one of our Premier Psychics, Psychic Rogers.

What does a typical day look like for you, Psychic Rogers?

A psychic reader’s life is extremely interesting and meaningful. I start everyday with a 15 minute meditation to help me focus on life and on my clients’ calls. I try to focus specifically on the movement of the planets, as their position on each given day will have an affect on the outcome of my clients’ situations. Once I’m finished reading each day, I do a second 15 minute reflection meditation while burning some essential oils to help clear my mind. I end my day with a long, leisurely walk.

What do you do on your days off?

I have retail arbitrage business and do a lot of Forex trading. I am constantly keeping myself up to date on the latest business and world economy news. I am also a volunteer driver for seniors at a local activities center.

How about some things you enjoy doing in your free time?

I train for long-distance running, mostly half marathons. I’ve run two marathons and one five kilometer in the past eighteen months. It’s an excellent outlet for the emotional tax that being a psychic can take sometimes.

Do you do anything to nurture your inner self? 

I volunteer at a monastery. I help prepare meals for summer school students, I perform outreach to charities, and I provide transportation for seniors so that they can attend the services there. All of the work there helps me to better connect with the Universe.

Did you have a different career path in your past?

I have worked at two major international airports. I started in New Delhi with a volume of 2500 – 3000 passengers daily. I handled client relations, and other logistics surrounding the flights, ensuring that my clients had a seamless journey. In Riyadh, I was in charge of the business development of an airline in Saudi Arabia. When I was dealing with corporate customers, just having a knowledge of a Mercury retrograde or Saturn is not enough.

Tell us an interesting story you think readers would like to learn about you.

Being a Career Transition Psychic gives me the opportunity to talk to clients from different walks of life. While I can’t tell you her name, when she was 19, I spoke to a young lady who was working as a bartender. She’s now a well-known singer with a Grammy award.

Have you helped a client in a memorable way?

I’ve had many memorable moments with clients, but one of the most gratifying ones was a single mother I spoke with. She was an Uber driver and wasn’t making enough money in that position. Over the course of our conversations, I was able to help her figure out her business acumen, and she runs a successful cleaning company today.

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