Male vs. Female Psychics

Have you ever noticed that there happens to be more female than male psychics? It certainly rings true at California Psychics. It seems to be the nature of the profession, our male psychics clue us in, even though some of the most famous intuitives – Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, John Edward – are men.

In general our psychics tell us, yes, being a male intuitive is a bit of a rarity, but they all see the same symbols and get the same messages. The bigger differences between male and female readers has more to do with their delivery – the way they communicate with you, their point of view – and of course, your own preferences. Here’s what some of our male psychics have to say about the phenomenon.

“There are fewer male psychics, because women are more likely to embrace their intuition as a fact of nature and they communicate more easily,” Liam ext. 9290 points out. “It’s important for any reader to be a good communicator, and understand that words have power, but because it doesn’t come as easily for men, it is one of the reasons that fewer men use their psychic abilities professionally.”

Our male psychics tell us that customers often reveal that they have never had a reading with a man. When these callers are women they may have been hesitant to read with a male, because they have been dealing with negative masculine energy in their relationships, while men may be unsure about showing their vulnerability to another man.

From his clients viewpoint, Liam often hears after a first reading with a hesitant caller, “I now have a new perspective on men that I didn’t have before.” When necessary, he helps callers understand the fundamental differences in the ways men and women communicate. “That Mars and Venus stuff is important – not understanding that men and women are different ruins relationships,” he knows from his years of experience with callers.

When it comes to male clients, our psychics say that many call just to vent about women. Sometimes their first questions are about their career and once they feel comfortable with the connection they’ve made with their male psychic they move into more personal issues.

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