Meet Your Spirit Guides: Ten-Foot Elf

Ann of Los Angeles, California asks:

I dreamed of a ten-foot-tall elf with a backpack and red hair. He was telling me to go for the gold in life, but he was ensconced in the backdrop of my scary backyard from childhood. Those woods petrified me as a child.

I also have begun to pick up names of loved ones who have passed – a friend who was over at my place was standing in my kitchen and I kept hearing the name “John” over and over again. I said, “Did you know a John who passed?” My friend said, “My great grandfather. He was alive during Prohibition era.” I said, “I think he’s trying to tell you that he’s here and that you need to find yourself, but also learn to celebrate your life and live it up…”  He was stunned. I was, too.

What does it all mean?

Dear Ann,

Your ten-foot-tall elf is one of a kind in my experience with spirit guides, because he has clearly been one of the Celtic faerie – long-lived, powerful and unpredictable beings who inspired both longing and trepidation in the ancient Celts throughout the British Isles.

Your “elf” says his name has been Robin Longshanks for most of his existence. It’s not at all surprising that he lives in a realm that you found scary as a kid. The faerie realms were scary, as well as beautiful and incredibly seductive. People could wander in and disappear for the lifetime of friends and family, and reappear decades later not having aged at all. The fae are also famous for making tricky bargains. In fact, like Shakespeare’s Puck, the fae have many of the qualities of trickster gods, such as the American Indians’ Raven and Coyote, or the Vikings’ Loki. Be warned! When you work with a trickster, expect the occasional pratfall.

Your challenge is to explore the contents of Robin Longshanks’ backpack through a long-running series of meditations. This will first help you refine and sharpen your ability to work in “unseen” realms. Pay particular attention to times when you know there’s something else in the pack, but you can’t seem to find it. Trust your intuition, and “adjust the focus” of each of your senses until you can locate the missing item. The second purpose of the meditations is to help you learn how to go down through the layers and layers of meaning attached to each thing you discover. You’re very smart, and like most smart people, you’ve learned that you can zip over the surface of most things and glean as much information as you need. Exploring Robin’s backpack will help you develop the patience and skill to uncover deeper realities in all areas of life.

As for the experiences with your friend John and others, clearly your abilities as a medium are awakening, And those abilities will be sharpened as you delve into the contents of Robin Longshank’s mysterious backpack.

Good luck, Ann!

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4 thoughts on “Meet Your Spirit Guides: Ten-Foot Elf

  1. Lisa

    I did a meditation to find out who my guide was and a ball of light in shape of a heart appeared and then turned in to a female elf, tall, slender, i grabbed her hand we sited near a river, i kissed her cheek but i dont think she liked it, and then i lay on her lap and she put her hands on my back.
    What does this mean?

  2. Lady Elarinya

    Hello.I dreamt about my elf guardian brother.He looks exactly like Legolas and wears white and gold.So lordly but warm.He smiled as he led me to a door I must pass.I looked up at him and he said he’ll be right behind me always.I felt like past through either my past or a shadow side of me.He told me not to be scared.Next he led me to a beautiful opened air varanda in nature.Around it sat Ada(Father in elvish) and some people eating.They smiled as I look on.
    Dreamt about Ada once.He looks like Lord Elrond.He came infront of me.I bowed and wished him ” Ada” and he acknowledges me and picked me up like a father would do.He looked into my eyes for awhile and then talked to someone behind me.I didn’t bother to let him looked into my eyes.Just love it.I never was scared but I love them all my spiritual guardians and guides.What do they mean?

  3. moongal

    Nice explanation. From early childhood I have always felt protected by guardian angel. I feel confident that no matter who I come across, they can never harm me. But I have been so unlucky in love. I wonder why my angels don’t warn me of heart break. Am married, unhappy. A year ago an old friend confessed his love from my maiden days. He was so kind and I fell for his love. As soon as he was confident I was smitten, he now is too busy. Would my guides have known? Was he just playing or he is my partner? I want to be loved and wanted truthfully and more permanent. Is he the one? Pls help me get direction from my loving angel so I have courage to let go if he is not mine. Thank u.


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