Venus’ Sacred Dance

“Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight…” If you’ve ever wished upon a star, it was probably the gorgeous planet Venus. She’s the brightest spot in the night sky, aside from the Moon, and can be seen even in the midst of city lights. Wishes become powerful when made on Venus. Throughout history, Venus has been known as a goddess of incredible power. She’s recognized by most, if not all, cultures for obvious reasons – she’s so visible and dazzling!

Venus is one of the great ancient mysteries because of her path in our skies. Her cycle resembles a five-petal flower which is the same five-pointed star we learned to draw as children. Venus does something else quite odd from our view of her, and she’s doing it now! She’s retrograde from October 8 through November 18. When she approaches this phase, or is in it, Venus can wander into constellations outside our zodiac signs on the ecliptic.

From our view on Earth, Venus’ departure from the ecliptic (the path of the sun and other planets) is quite dramatic. Her sister, our Moon, goes above and below the ecliptic, as well, to a small degree. These ladies of the night sky hold many secrets that can serve us well in all of our relationships, gathering wisdom in their wanderings. This is something for us to consider when we wish upon Venus in late 2010.

This past summer, Venus enjoyed a very sexy “tango” with Mars after our evening sunsets. If you felt passionate around that time, these ancient “Lovers” were speaking to you! On August 21, Venus passed Mars and remained close to him. On September 2, the “Lovers” reached the star Spica, the “great gift to humanity” from the Goddess (Virgo). They appeared to be together in the presence of a great treasure for us all. A Libran born around October 18 would have a Sun “communing” with Spica in the sky – a real blessing.

Just after Venus and Mars visited Spica, Venus suddenly traveled south, away from Mars and away from their approach to the Symplegades – Libra’s scales/Scorpio’s claws in the sky. This is associated with the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts seeking the Golden Fleece.

Venus journeyed instead into the rich Underworld on the back of the great sky serpent, Hydra, who also carries Corvus, the crow, and Horus. Corvus and Horus represent the ancient wisdom of the elder Goddess, the knowledge of time, life and death, or the experience of life and death. Her renegade journey brought her to the womb of the “rebirth” of the god/gift to humanity. Venus’ rogue travel resembles her taking a sabbatical to give birth to new wisdom when she returns to Spica for a second visit in November. If you are aligned with Venus energy, you may find yourself on a similar journey.

Later this year Venus approaches Spica. Her lover Mars has continued forward in the sky, passing through the treacherous Scales of Libra/Symplegades, followed by Mercury and the Sun. Venus will pass through the Libra scales at year’s end with greater knowledge and gifts. She will then remain in her “Secret Garden,” building a greater longing amongst humanity for her, and longing by Mars himself, Jupiter and Mercury. Next May, she will no doubt rejoin them in a great reunion of instant, hot passion! This takes place just before a time when she is obscured by the Sun’s light for a brief time. It will be a time when she takes a break from shining her light on her fellow planets, leaving that job to the Sun.

It’s great fun to ponder the mysteries that ancient and beautiful Venus carries, communing with her and honoring her in the skies. This offers a good time to remind the Goddess to provide her gifts of love, seduction and beauty to your world in general and your love life in particular – along with peace, harmony and beauty!

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5 thoughts on “Venus’ Sacred Dance

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  2. Joelma

    With both your Sun and Mars in Scorpio, you have to open yourself up to your deep and pewurfol feelings. However, with Venus in Libra, you love to feel beautiful, admired and have a strong sense of justice and fairness. His Libra qualities are more mental than your deep emotional nature. However, you can feel very sweet towards him. His Venus is in Scorpio, so he loves your intensity and will be a stronger verbal communicator than you. (You communicate by how you show your feelings.) Both of you are very social and very focused on each other’s reactions and responses. With his Mars in Libra, he enjoys being pursued, something you probably do well. You have to ask yourself, Does he push me beyond my limits? Scorpio usually needs a very intense and tranformative challange in life to feel really alive. Is that what he is interested in?

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