Stay Connected with the Other Side

Many callers enjoy speaking to Mediums here at CP, including myself, and have received tremendous comfort, reassurance, and guidance from their loved ones on the other side. Learning to apply your medium reading to your everyday life can also help soothe your soul and help with grief as well. Here’s how to keep your loved ones near after a call.

First, put out photos of the person in your everyday environment. This serves as a magnet to your loved one on the other side. It is also a “Welcome,” signal and invitation for the loved ones to be messaged. In the Jewish religion, we light memorial candles — you can definitely try those too, no matter what your spiritual background. (You can find them at most grocery or drug stores.)

Second, write a note and place it next to your loved one’s photos. If one is patient, there will be answers – – either when you are on your own, or during a reading.

Confirmations may come directly to you, or to a Medium through these types of notes, as the Medium can serve as a literal mediator between the client and the loved one on the other side.

For example, my grandmother keeps my grandfather’s last love letter next to his picture. She’s had phenomenal responses. He has even fixed the coffee maker, while my uncle went out to get another one. She knew my grandfather would fix it. The new one my uncle got is still sitting in the closet!

Next, talk to them when alone, sing them the songs they loved. Not only does it keep their spirit around, but you might receive confirmation that they are listening, and even responding.

I lost a very dear friend about 16 years ago. This person was an avid Rod Stewart fan. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have talked to him since his crossing, and then have turned on the radio and Rod Stewart was on.

The most intense response from the other side happened when I was leaving a love situation that became unlivable. I had just decided to start packing my bags, and turned on the radio to Rod Stewart singing “I’m Losing You.” It was clear confirmation that my friend supported my decision. It was amazing — divine timing — I packed my bags and never looked back.

Finally, keep in mind when talking to a Medium that you might ask about one person, but sometimes other spirits, even ancestors that were attached to the loved one in question, can come forward. Additionally, the closer you were with the loved one on the other side, the more information and messages will flow in your reading.

A reading with a Medium can help keep the link with your loved one on the other side stronger. It gives you first hand knowledge that you are never alone.

32 thoughts on “Stay Connected with the Other Side

  1. misskrystal

    Hi Flowers, actually, YES!!
    I have some other telepathic strategies if you want to call me to trigger contact with people who are here on the planet with us.
    Thanks. Miss Krystal

  2. misskrystal

    micheler, yes, writing a letter and leaving it and by a mirror would be a great thing.
    if you remember the scents they loved, put some of the fragrance on the letter.
    Hope that helps. thanks. PS you need to get those picutres back as soon as you can-those should be in your possession. Only to make sure you always have them πŸ™‚
    Miss Krystal

  3. misskrystal

    TO all on here asking about candles. My reasons for liking certain candles has nothing to do with any books or suggestions from the occult, or any particular community–except for the memorial candles… my candle lighting is something that I have always done because I prefer dim light, natural energy and the colors always vary with me depending on what I am attracted to at the time. I DO USE memorial candles but that is something from my background, but all the other candles I use, basically, are what I feel and want to use at that time. Since it is fall right now, I have been attracted to orange and brown candles. In the summer, I was using yellow and light green, but I always use my white memorial candles on Friday night. Those are for my relatives and it is something that my grandmother always did, actually still does at 101 years old. She says she can see my grandfather, on the other side, glowing around the candle. Amazing huh?
    Hope that helps, miss krystal

  4. misskrystal

    Vanessa, thank you. And yes, they do try to help us fix and find things.
    When you get the chance, I am always here for you.
    You have not blocked anything, the messages and signs do come, but while some of them have not, I would need to channel and that takes a lot of energy and it would have to be done in a reading.
    Please put your loved ones photos out, or any of the personal belongings you have of theirs. it always helps.
    Hope to help you when on a more individual basis when you are ready.
    Miss Krystal

  5. misskrystal

    jacqui, I would like to help. There are ways we can connect to him, please call me. I can show you what to do and you do not need to be in the old house in order to make it happen. He is with you, and I can channel him for you if you get a reading. I am so sorry that you are feeling the way you do.
    Please let me help. I am always here.
    Miss Krystal

  6. misskrystal

    I appreciate the feedback. I am so glad this awakened you.
    Yes, there is a big spiritual world out there, and I am glad I was able to show that.
    If you need to connect to a special person on the other side, please do not ever hesitate to contact me.
    Miss Krystal

  7. Venesa Winegardner

    does the color of the candle have to be a certain color for this to work? back in 92/93 we lost our father. not long after his death he stayed in contact with me, and sometimes still does to this day, through my sleeping dreams. or if i’m fixing something, it seems like he puts in my head how to fix it. but then our mother passed last aug. 11th, i’m having trouble with this one. she visits others in my family, but me, not so much. this bothers me to no end. what did i do to make her not want to visit me? maybe i shouldn’t ask, but it really bothers me, and right now i just don’t have the funds for a reading, can you give me just some small incite on this, so i can begin to go on? please.

  8. micheler58

    I have all of my photos put away in a box that I can not get to as my ex-husband is holding them for me.
    Will writing just a letter still work? As well as lighting a candle?

    Thank you.

  9. jacquie

    My husband pass away it will be 5yrs this coming July 26th, it took me over 3yrs to finally meet someone new, he did me wrong he was into a drug I got him off of it but it did in the process break us, then I became involved with long time close friend, we are like soulmates but he has someone in his life not sure how involved I know they’re not married, but he feels strong about me too, but because of the other person I can’t commit my heart completely, but my love is there, until he can commit to me and show me she is only a freind I can’t move closer to him nor can I move away from him, I just want my husband back in my life, I know who I was and was sure of my life when we were together, I don’t know anything anymore, I miss him so much, I used to feel him around me, but I had to transfer to another state for work for my grandaughters future, I have never been away from my kids or grandkids, this is for a good cause, but I feel I lost my husband when I left my house we lived in 2 yrs ago. I need help, I feel so lost and alone, and I miss my kids and grandkids.

  10. Steve

    Miss Krystal: WOW! What an article! Truly enjoyed every bit of it (AND the part that you added in the comment section regarding your Grandfather “checking in” on you. What a blessing.).

    The timing of finding this could not have been better – it’s just what I needed to read. This article is a “keeper”.

    I am very grateful to you for sharing your information.

  11. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi LD-
    Good hearing from you. I am so glad that I was able to connect for you to the other side. Also, kudos to Reggie for doing it well, too.

    I love being able to do this for people because of the comfort it brings. It is always my pleasure.

    I thank you. Please do not ever hesitate to call me. I am here for you.

    Miss Krystal

  12. The Lovely Duckling

    Hi, Maryanne,

    You are so right about the practice! I am nowhere near getting information like a psychic, but I have found that always trying to stay in communication has upped what I do get.

    I can relate to the situation you mention where you were in doubt, but I’m still waiting to hear back on that one… πŸ˜‰


    LD πŸ™‚

  13. The Lovely Duckling

    Hi, Abigail!

    I love what you said here: “Unable to get messages from it clearly yet only electrical energy patterns.” I can relate!

    I had a dream like that once. It was like I was awake and there was just this bright silhouette at the foot of my bed. I was not afraid and actually jumped towards it, into its energy. It felt a little like being electrocuted without the pain.

    Miss Krystal said that I was definitely visited by a strong being of light. I’m pretty sure now that it was my guide. I say whatever I need to and then get that same feeling, so I know that I have been heard.


    LD πŸ™‚

  14. The Lovely Duckling

    Thanks for the great tips, Miss Krystal!

    You have definitely helped me connect with a few of my loved ones on the other side. Both you and Reggie picked up on my stepmom and my dog, and how my stepmom thought it was funny that they were together. πŸ˜‰


    LD πŸ™‚

  15. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Get a load of this….
    Last night, I was trying to go to sleep around the midnight hour-which is early for me….Growing up with gemini and sag parents, that were night owls, well, I was one of those kids who could stay up until 2am on a saturday night….We were the “late family” always….But I wanted to go to bed early, last night.

    I heard someone walking around.. Light footsteps….they came next to my bed and then I heard them in the kitchen. Then I realized it was grandpa, it was the same footsteps I used to hear, 20 years ago, when I stayed with my grandparents for a while, and grandpa would wake me up for work at 6am. Grandpa was a nice quiet man. So grandpa was checking on me last night. So, actually when he was in the kitchen it was total dejavu from when he used to check his own kitchen-and I would be trying to sleep in the other room. It was all in his touch and footsteps….

    he really did fix my grandma’s coffee pot. I know becuase I was the one that wanted coffee when it broke….I did not realize that granny kept it plugged in, when uncle went to get another one….The filter was bent….i mean, the thing was shot….Unbelievable when it started to brew a perfect cup ..Granny was seriously not surprised. She said, she knew he “would” and she has this with him all of the time…

    Honestly, Abigail, you have so many people around you, on the other side, you have a lot of protection. Your guides are always trying to help you.

    Full moon weekend it was. The spirits were all around. I felt comfort, I really did….I hope you did, too.

    Miss Krystal

  16. Abigail Ext 9570

    Miss Krystal,
    Mediumship for me is something that I had known about for years but blocked out because my own personal trauma. When I first started working for CP that was not listed as one of my skills. The more I worked the more things would happen. I would notice with some clients and readings that I would just start sneezing. I later figured out why. I do not physically see them straight on …occasionally I will get a glimpse out of the corner of my eye.I’m a sensor a feeler they started peppering my nose to say Hello we’d like to speak. LOL Then I kept getting asked and I could not say no so I say lets see what we get. I know when I can handle seeing them dead on I will for now I sense, hear and feel them. I have a Native American friend that is known as the Ghost lady they just flock to her. We have great ghost discussions. I’ve had great medium readings with you and Rondalafay. You both nailed my deceased husband. Rondalay got his first and last names and a few other things that only he would know. I also had an amazing reading from you on messages I needed to know and that I could use him as a guide if I so choose. Now I just have to figure out who it is that is pearched every night in my room. It’s protection I do know and its always in the same place. Unable to get messages from it clearly yet only electrical energy patterns. Guess who ever it is may still be working on figuring out what freqeuncy they need to be on for me to hear them. Maybe some of you wonderful readers reading this will get some vibes on who or what it is. We have so much talent on this line no wonder we are known for being a premier line.

    Many Blessings

  17. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    hi believer,
    thanks so much. as far as my friend on the other side, and being tuned into him, well, it was instant….the day i found out (same day he passed)….he became a guide about two years later….
    miss krystal

  18. Fran

    Hi Miss Krystal,

    Thank you for this great article! I’ve always felt that my departed loved ones were here with me, and during readings, I’ve even made contact (and became “friends”) with Warty’s dad!! He’s visited me while I was driving and then again once I got home, via the fragrance of pipe tobacco. He’s always sending me encouraging messages. I was told that I knew him in a previous lifetime. Cool, huh?

    Big hugs to you,

  19. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Miss Krystal,
    Thank you for a wonderful, on-point, spiritual article. Excellent as usual from you. Yes, those on the other side do communicate when we least expect it and need it most.
    Walking off the beach one day after my daily walk and doubting I could accomplish a very necessary and huge change in my life, I heard my father say, “You can do it. Walk half a block home, walk in your house and just start”.
    Your points about keeping photos and important mementos out are excellent. I believe, as you do, that practice assists in keeping the communication channel open.
    Psychic Maryanne
    Extension 9146

  20. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi There Panda-
    We read symbolism-hand gestures-we also have our own guides who help here, too. When it comes to being a medium, nothing ever gets lost in “translation”
    Most mediums are very international and multi dimensional. Any other mediums here want to help expand on this? This is an awesome question she has raised here…
    I feel my soul is part African and Chinese, anyway….Honest to God.
    Miss Krystal

  21. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hello Verbena-Many thanks. Sounds like you are very familiar with this πŸ™‚
    I tried to make it as basic as I could.
    By the way, the dear friend who passed away, is also one of my guides…..Most mediums pick up on him. he was a “soul brother”-He was an aries, and me, being a leo-well, I still remember how we met. I was 16 years old, primping in the mirror. He came behind me, primping above me lol we began to talk to each other this way-lol he became a best friend, confidant. Never ever romantic. He changed my soul when he passed….he became one of my guides….
    Miss Krystal

  22. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Miss Krystal,
    I want to comment on a very good point you made in this article…..
    I just, this past week, gave a reading during which the clients’ deceased maternal GrandMother
    came thru.
    The client had seen pictures of the GrandMother and had heard her Mother speak of her,but never knew her GrandMother who had crossed over a few years before she was even born. I had to explain to her that even though she never knew her GrandMother…..her GrandMother knew her. There was no doubt it was her GrandMother because my Guides described her characteristics and looks accurately.
    But remember…..they can see you, hear you, and even feel your emotions on the other side. Those crossed over know all about you, your life, and your problems.
    In this particular case,the client was jumping career fields…from corporate over to creative, artistic. Her GrandMother, when living, had been an artist and the message given was that she fully supported her GrandDaughters decision to switch career fields.
    Miss Krystal made a good point… never know who might come thru from the other side with a special interest AND message for you.
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  23. believerBeliever

    Hi Miss Krystal,
    What an interesting & informative article. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and insight, it’s amazing to realize how close we really are to the ‘other side’.
    Also, I love the story you told about your friend who passed away who was able to become one of your guides…that is so cool. How long had he been on the other side before he was able to become your guide? Was it instant?

  24. Panda

    I have a question. Will a medium be able to receive messages if the person who has passed away doesn’t speak your language?


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