Spiritual Insights: Protect Yourself From Evil

Tina from Texas and Linda from Washington Both Ask About Evil

Tina says:

I’ve been able to see and communicate with spirits since I was a young girl. I just know what they’re asking! Sometimes I can hear their voices, and other times it’s like a movie playing in my head. My husband passed over three years ago, and I have communicated several times with him.

I’m not afraid of most of the spirits I encounter, but I do see and feel evil trying to get into my realm of perception as well. How can I protect myself from the evil, which at times I feel is trying really hard to break through?

Linda reveals:

I’ve had an experience of a person’s face morphing into something evil while in conversation with them. It lasted only a few seconds and was frightening. Also, twice upon meeting two other people, the air seemed “electric” (for lack of a better word), and I heard a hum. These were intense and pleasant experiences.

Could I have known these people in another incarnation? Could the “evil” vision have come from someone under possession? Thank you for your insight.

Dear Tina and Linda,

It wasn’t till after I selected your questions to answer together that I discovered that you’ve both recently embarked on a series of incarnations in which you are learning to understand and interact with the “real” world in a new way.

Since the manifestations you both described are definitely expressions of energies created by thought forms in our day to day world, I’d say that you’re both right on target and making great progress on your soul’s journey! Not only are you both blessed with exceptional psychic and teaching abilities, but Tina is already a gifted psychic and channel, and Linda is awakening an empath and healer, with terrific energy sensors.

As I like to remind people, these awakenings don’t mean that you have to “be” a psychic. Your abilities are simply part of the tools your soul has provided you for this journey.

And the evil you both are sensing is definitely man made.

None of the manifestations you describe appears to be dangerous, and the face-changing which Linda describes is a matter of her ability to see layers deep into individual personalities and past lives, not evidence of possession.

Tina’s experience of encroaching negativity seems to be an empathic awareness which is triggered as much by the atmosphere of a place as by individual people’s energy and thought forms.

In both your cases, your various spiritual helpers suggest two things. First, since you’re both highly sensitive, train yourselves to maintain your energy field at as high a vibration as possible so negative energies can’t reach through to disrupt you. And second, remember that you have nothing to fear, so there’s no need to construct elaborate defenses. Instead, simply recognize and acknowledge what you sense, and move on, with your high vibrations intact.

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3 thoughts on “Spiritual Insights: Protect Yourself From Evil

  1. laura

    I velieve I am very gifted with been able to see spitits and i can read people very easily , This is not supported though by my family members and I want somehow to learn to get past that also i so desperatley need a read in my own life as to what is taking place in it any offers ?

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  3. devyn5303devyn5303

    This is great Verbena! I have been able to see faces within faces for as long as I remember. A lot of times it is a specific aspect of a personality they are trying to show me but most often it is a past life that is having tremendous influence on their present incarnation. I use these flashes to delve deeper and help bring the lessons to the forefront.


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