Cultivating Hope During Difficult Times

Cultivating Hope During Difficult Times | California Psychics

The Power of Hope

What do you think of when someone mentions hope? Optimism, anticipation, sunshine? When life is great, hope is easy for most of us, but when you hit a low period, hope is in short supply, if it’s on the list of necessities at all. But hope is a powerful tool in the darkness, and it will help you stand when you feel like you have nothing left. You just need to know where to find it. And if you’re feeling hopeless during the current coronavirus pandemic, read on for how to keep from falling into despair.

One Step at a Time

When you’re facing a difficult period, the journey to the end of it can seem overwhelming, especially when there’s no finish line in sight. As the old saying goes though, each journey begins with a single step. Taking that first step, whether it be getting out of bed after a breakup or a loss, getting your affairs in order after a financial loss, updating your resume after you’ve lost your job, etc. can be the hardest part. And knowing that you did it can give you the hope you need to take the next step, then the next. Know where you want to go, but start where you are, and hope will help you get there.

Spiritual Practice

There’s a great deal of evidence that having some sort of spiritual practice helps to give people peace of mind during difficult times. Psychologists have found that a spiritual practice can help reduce stress and anxiety, and also provide hope for the future. While they have traditionally been tied to different religions, your spiritual practice can be as simple as quiet contemplation, meditation with crystals, a deep breathing session, or even exercise. Whatever helps you center yourself and draw your thoughts away from your challenges and move towards the opportunities that lie ahead is sufficient.

Don’t Go it Alone

There are some things you just shouldn’t do alone and facing down dark times is one of them. When you are struggling, your friends, family, and community can help hold you up. Hope grows stronger when it’s fed, and it doesn’t need much to grow, so even when you feel hopeless, those around you can help to relight that spark. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because the number of people who will reach out to you will astound you, especially during a difficult time like the Coronavirus. That’s why we develop and live in communities, so that no one is left behind, even when we can’t physically be together. What’s more hopeful than that?

When You Feel Hopeless

If the weight of the situation begins to be too much for you, don’t stay cooped up in one place. Go outside and let nature heal you, even if it’s only for a short period of time. If you have any young people in your life, call them, for their imaginations and bubbly personalities can help you feel more hopeful for the future. Looking up uplifting videos online, such as animal adoption videos, will also give you a nice, cathartic feeling.

Crystals for Hope

If you’re looking for a little help from crystals to raise your spirits during your hopeless moments, these are the best crystals for you:

  • Alexandrite: Not only does it bring joy, but it also helps you develop sources of joy within yourself.
  • Lepidolite: This is a great stone for when your life feels out of control. It can help you focus on the present and calm your worries for the future.
  • Peridot: A stone for positive energy. This stone beams the sunshine straight into your soul, lightening your mood so you can focus on the future.
  • Spinel: The stone of hope! It revitalizes your Spirit, invites new energy into your space, and helps you see the world with greater appreciation again.
  • Snowflake Obsidian: This is the stone for you if you’re feeling hopeless. It helps you see opportunities you may have missed and gives you the strength to persevere.

Essential Oils

Using these essential oils around your house can help to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down.

  • Lavender Oil: Lavender oil can relieve your stress, and if your worries are keeping you up at night, a few drops on your pillow will help you sleep.
  • Lemon Oil: Lemon is a bright scent, and it can definitely make your spirits brighter if you diffuse it inside your home.
  • Frankincense: This essential oil will help you slow down your breathing, which is the first step to calmness. It’s easier to be hopeful with calm spirits.

Keep the Spark Alive

Everyone experiences down times. Sometimes they’re short lived, while others are more prolonged. Difficult times are an unfortunate reality of being human, but they are not what define us; it’s how we respond to them. And as long as we keep our hope alive, the low times won’t last forever.

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4 thoughts on “Cultivating Hope During Difficult Times

  1. Joe

    I find the article vague. I am dying and I’m about to stand before God my creator and be judged. My choices are heaven our hell and I know I’m not perfect.

  2. Timi Morgan tuamokumo

    Do I have 900 million or 6 Billion on my ace Debit Cardthis is my Dreams to have I hope I can have a nice holiday this season I hope my Dream is Already a reality.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article…..

    Personally speaking, I’ve never been one of those who get depressed around the holidays for I’ve always believed that the holidays are whatever intend for them to be.

    I’m like a big kid around the holidays….I love the lights, the music ,…etc…

  4. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    I often remind people that we find the things we search for intently. If you look for reasons to feel hopeless, you will find them. If you shift your focus to searching for things that bring hope, you will find them.
    Attitudes, like so many things, can become habitual. People sometimes make the mistake of believing that a mood isn’t like a habit, but in reality it can be.
    If you often feel hopeless, it might be that you have cultivated the habit of looking at the world through a negative lens. Habits take time to break but they are just habits and they can be broken.
    Breaking this type of habit is no different than breaking others – like biting your nails. Each time you find yourself indulging in your habit, stop yourself and replace the undesired habit with a new, desired, action. You may have to stop yourself a hundred times, maybe more – but in the end it will have been so worth it.

    Reed x5105


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