Spiritual Insights: Mind Over Matter

Understanding Messenger Animals

Carolyn from British Columbia writes:

I have had birds coming to me since I was young. They show up when someone in my family is going to die. Usually they hit the window or tap on it. I’ve also had crows come to me and follow me when I walk outside. I’ve had a hummingbird that came to me every time I left my house for five days straight, and just flew in front of my face.

Recently, I had a red-tipped hawk come to me. I don’t know his message, but I’ve had three of the worst years of my life of ongoing problems, and am finally coming out and seeing the light. How do I understand the message that they are bringing me?

Also, the more I’m trying to learn about angels and spirits, the more nervous I get that negative spirits are around me and in my home. Am I just spooking myself out? I really enjoy this enlightenment and want to safely learn more.

With love and thanks!

Dear Carolyn,

I’m unfamiliar with the book you mentioned as a guide, but suggest that you also check out Ted Andrews’ “Animal-Speak” and “Nature-Speak” as two of the best of a number of really great oracles that can help you understand your bird messengers. Also you can follow this link for a quick beginner’s lesson in new ways to decipher what your birds are trying to tell you.

There’s one element of your bird visitations which may not have occurred to you, and which helps explain birds’ affinity for you. In most spiritual systems birds, which are of course associated with the element of Air, are associated with the East, and with the function of the mind or intellect. Air is the ruler of Swords in the Tarot, too, which is also about the power of the mind, for good or ill.

With the astrological information you provided, I was able to see that, since you’re a triple Gemini (Sun, Venus and Mercury), there’s no question that your mind is busy, agile and creative, and one of your most important resources. However, it’s also true that a person’s greatest strength can also be (and often is) their greatest weakness, and your busy brain is, indeed, conjuring up the fears of negative spirits which are spooking you out.

Rather than worrying about those spirits hurting you, I’d recommend trusting your intuition and clearing your home with sage or incense or sound vibrations every time you get that feeling. You may occasionally be hosting some negative thought forms and spirits, but they actually can’t harm you unless believe they can (there’s the power of thought again!). It’s easy to just clear them away.

Also, it may make you very happy to know those three worst years of your life coincidentally began a significant astrological turnaround within days after you wrote this letter!

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