How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Each Zodiac Sign

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Astrology and Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gets a lot of public attention. While this holiday is all about love, the hubbub can create pressure and set some unrealistic expectations. As a result, people sometimes lose touch with their authentic desires and expressions of love in the face of these different marketing schemes and social media trends. Yet at its core, Valentine’s Day should be a special time to remind those you love about your true feelings. This can be simple and heartfelt, and it doesn’t need to be showy, expensive, or over-the-top. Everyone, single or coupled, deserves a Valentine’s Day that is heartful and spiritually fulfilling.

How people treat themselves or highlight their affection for others is unique and personal to each individual. A great place to explore what works for you and others is with your birth charts, which provide insight into the soul.

Most people are already familiar with sun sign astrology. However, with matters of the heart, consider using your Venus placement in addition to your sun sign. This will help you get the full picture in romance-related situations. For more information about your Venus sign and its meaning, speak to an expert Astrology Psychic. Their perspective can help you plan for love in all its forms.

And for the curious, here is how each sign should celebrate Valentine’s Day based on their astrological traits and tendencies.


Aries often enjoys playful competition, so they might enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day with an event that contains some sort of game element. Perhaps a trivia night, a visit to a bowling alley, a board game, or a scavenger hunt is in order! If things take a romantic turn, it can be fun and exciting for Aries to bring a bit of light-hearted play or competition to the day as well.


It’s probably not surprising to hear that Taurus loves luxury and comfort! As such, the Taurus-born may prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a night in. Consider elevating your evening with candles, a special meal, or maybe a comfort-oriented gift like a soft bathrobe or cozy pajama set. If Taurus is celebrating with a more adventure-oriented sign, consider visiting somewhere new or getting a couples massage.


The Twins usually want to go somewhere special to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This could mean going to a fancy restaurant or on a weekend getaway, though a Gemini will likely be just as emotionally touched if you keep it simple, so long as the thought is there. Maybe you can go back to where the two of you met or had your first date? Gemini wants to have a night out and the key is location, location, location.


As most people know, Cancer is all about feelings. The best way to make a Cancer feel special on Valentine’s Day is to share your real emotions with them. You could do this by writing them a letter or poem, compiling a meaningful playlist for them, or making them a heartfelt piece of art, like a collage. Whatever you do, be sure that the Cancer in your life knows what they mean to you! Cancer, if you’re single, explore your feelings through those same mediums. It could be heartening!


Leo loves to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a show! The Leo-born often want to share their love with the world via flashy display, so if you’re seeing a Leo, consider doing something public. This can look like posting on social media, sending them flowers, or even something bolder like paying for a singing telegram. The key is to make sure that they know they’re loved — and that other people know it too!


There are many great options when celebrating Valentine’s Day with a Virgo. To appeal to Virgo’s love of practicality, for instance, you might take them to make or paint some pottery that they can then use in their everyday life. Likewise, if you’re looking to give Virgo a gift, opt for things that don’t take up too much room but that will retain their usefulness over time. Bonus points if the item is homemade! Additionally, if your Virgo loves puzzles with a side of excitement, consider making an appointment with a cool escape room or mystery dinner theater!


Libra is excited by love, and they’ll likely want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a bit of adventure. Depending on how daring your Libra is, your options range anywhere from riding some rollercoasters to going on a picturesque hike to visiting a new museum exhibit. If the two of you are feeling a little homier and want to take it easy, going to a new restaurant is a great option as well — especially if it’s a type of cuisine that neither of you is very familiar with.


Mystery and desire rule the day for Scorpio. They may love a surprise date at a dimly lit restaurant or perhaps at a live event, such as a burlesque show or dance performance. Alternatively, plan a night in with a focus on deep connection. You can swap secrets by candlelight and dive into meaningful discussion.


Sagittarians often seek to impress their significant others, and they may want to plan some or all of the celebration to flaunt their relational and cultural prowess. Let them do their thing and don’t be shy with your praise — though be sure to help out or take over if they need it! Whatever you do to celebrate, find time to engage them in meaningful conversation. Ask about their feelings and viewpoints throughout. They want to know that you value their perspective!


Capricorns, statistically, are the least enthusiastic about celebrating Valentine’s Day. This sign’s tendencies toward directness and practicality don’t always mesh cohesively with this flowery holiday — but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care for expressions of love. If you know a Capricorn, your best bet is to do something down-to-earth and low-profile like a nice dinner, a walk at sunset, or a mellow evening at home. If they’re interested, you can round out the night by watching a movie or show that you’ve both been wanting to see for a while.


When celebrating Valentine’s Day, Aquarius will likely enjoy doing something related to a mutual curiosity. This could mean taking a class to learn more about a shared interest, visiting a museum with an exhibit that appeals to both of you, or attending a concert with music that the two of you enjoy. In general, the water-bearer loves making new memories with the people they care about. Approach Valentine’s Day with this in mind, and you may be pleased by the results.


As a dreamier sign that often prefers to view life through water-colored lenses, Pisces will probably appreciate an artistic Valentine’s Day celebration. Consider viewing some performance art or attending a screening of a new indie film. For a more intimate (and budget-friendly) option, try creating some art with the Pisces in your life, then plan to give each other your creations once you’re done!

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