Spiritual Insights: Love Has No Boundaries

Connecting to Passed Relatives Along the Path of the Wise Woman

Samantha from Sylmar, California asks:

My grandmother (my dad’s mother) passed away about three years ago, she was 97 years old, and I loved her deeply. She used to fascinate me by telling me the history of our family through her large collection of jewelry – some items were handed down through the generations. She also taught me a lot about flowers and plants, and I enjoyed helping her maintain her various gardens. At one point, I lived with her for a short period of time and truly enjoyed being with her and the comfort of her wonderful home. Later, my dad told me that she also really enjoyed having me there. I was surprised.

For the past few months, I’ve felt her presence close to me. I’m Wiccan and never told her. She would not have approved, in my opinion. Also, I live with my fiancé, something she also would have not approved of. Apparently, she kept asking my dad if I was finally married, and shortly before she died, my father told her we were (but we weren’t in reality). Now that she has passed over, I fear that she knows the truth and is unhappy with my choices. What do you think?

Dear Samantha,

I think your grandmother is going to surprise you once again!

Although she did choose to live this past lifetime within a fairly strict set of religious beliefs, she has an old, old soul, a soul with a wise and powerful presence. She’s lived so many times, and been a devotee of so many spiritual paths and religions, that once she regained her wise woman perspective after passing, she chuckled to herself when she saw you are Wiccan, and said, “Of course!”

She does have some worries about you living with your fiancé. However, they appear to be more about where you’re living than the fact that you might be “living in sin,” because, again, her perspective about morality shifted a great deal after she passed over.

She was disappointed to learn, after passing, that you weren’t actually married, and she is a little concerned that living together kind of depletes the motivation to actually marry, because she seems to think marriage would be wonderful for you.

But she’s mostly concerned about where you’re living. I can’t discern if it’s the general area, or the specific building you’re living in, but her unease seems centered around electricity, perhaps the wiring, or older devices in your home, or perhaps older junction boxes or transformers in the neighborhood. Ask her to point out where the problem lies and see what happens!

And here’s the great part. She is really, really proud of you. She’s proud of the changes you’ve made for yourself (she emphasizes for yourself!) in recent years, and she’s even more proud that you’re helping other people by writing about it. She says that you and she will now work together to complete your own training as a wise woman.

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