Your LOVECAST®: Sensitive and Imaginative Communications

February 21-27, 2011

Mercury and Mars entering Pisces energize sensitive and imaginative communications and activities during the next few weeks. What’s more, Pisces can intensify the intuitive connection between you and your sweetie (or a potential paramour), but watch out for mixed messages, especially on Thursday. During the weekend, romance is slow and sensual on Saturday night, but may feel stilted on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday night.

Aries: Your imagination may run away with you as fantasy fires up romance. This energy can also be used to strengthen the spiritual connection with your sweetie or to deepen your intuitive insights about your love life (and other areas). Just be clear about your desires. Romance may feel serious this weekend, when commitment is the focus.

Taurus: Activities with friends and groups are energized. It’s time to widen your social circle by participating in activities you’ve never tried before. Romance can be found through a group gathering, especially if the focus is on helping those less fortunate. During the weekend, envisioning your ideal relationship will empower your ability to manifest true love.

Gemini: If love seems mystifying, listen to your heart instead of relying primarily on logic. Getting out there and sharing your skills and knowledge will draw admirers now. Collaborating with a colleague can bring personal and/or professional opportunities. During the weekend, a leisurely bedroom romp energizes you on Saturday night. Intimacy may be challenging on Sunday.

Cancer: You’re especially psychic now, so take some time to listen to your inner voice. Look for romance while taking a class or during a spiritual activity. A flirtation from afar is likely, too. This weekend, a twosome tryst will intensify the bond with your sweetie, especially on Saturday night, but you’ll need to lighten up on Sunday.

Leo: Feelings run strong and deep, especially in the bedroom. You may feel more vulnerable than usual, which may be somewhat unnerving. However, there’s strength in sharing your heart, so try to open up and express how you truly feel, which will intensify both love and lust. This weekend, a work-oriented project or volunteer activity can bring romance!

Virgo: As energy skyrockets in your partnership sector, shared activities and projects with your sweetie will deepen your relationship. If you’re solo, you’ll likely manifest someone compatible, if your heart is open. During the weekend, your sensuality inspires a passionate encounter (or at least some fiery flirting!) on Saturday night. Romance turns cautious on Sunday.

Libra: Volunteering your skills to a charity organization can bring a romantic interlude. Romance can also be found while participating in a healthy or natural activity, like a ski trip or environmental project. This weekend, hosting a party or rendezvous for two shows off your creativity on Saturday. Organizing/cleaning your home on Sunday will improve your emotional clarity.

Scorpio: As Mars in Pisces energizes romance during the next several weeks, it’s time to focus on sharing your heart with your sweetie. If you’re solo, you’ll likely manifest a passionate connection! Your creativity is fired up as well. This weekend, verbalizing your feelings inspires love on Saturday night, but expressing yourself may be difficult on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Your home is a magnet for social gatherings during the next several weeks. It’s time to create an ambiance that reflects who you are. In romance, an intimate date at your abode while talking about your roots can deepen love. During the weekend, a down-to-earth approach brings romance, but your patience may be tested.

Capricorn: Your brainpower is intensely active now. Sharing your ideas and feelings will draw admirers and professional opportunities. Flirting will be especially lively. Look for romance while traveling, too. During the weekend, a deep emotional connection with a lover or close friend brings satisfaction on Saturday. You may feel overly serious or emotionally depleted on Sunday.

Aquarius: Sharing what’s important to you, emotionally, sexually, spiritually and materially, inspires romance now. On a practical note, keep your eyes open for a moneymaking opportunity. During the weekend, a cozy rendezvous in a serene or natural environment fires up passion on Saturday. Reviewing your past on Sunday brings a valuable insight about an emotional block.

Pisces: Multiple Pisces influences propel you toward your heart’s desire, whatever (or whomever) that may be, so make an effort to get clear about what you want, verbalize your intensions and pursue your goals! This weekend, romance can be found while being out with friends or during a community activity on Saturday. Socializing may be thwarted on Sunday.

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