The Psychic Tarot: June 7 – 13

Psychic Tarot: June 7-13 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Master Medium John Holland’s Psychic Tarot seems the perfect pick for this week’s reading. We are so deeply into a period of retrogrades, though Venus herself will go direct in a couple of weeks on June 25, all areas of our lives are being revised and revisited!

Spirit is saying that so many good things are taking place for us just below the surface. These will sprout and bloom later this year. The message is to not “pull up” the seeds we have planted, because they’re going to bring a bushel of joy and amusement later.

So, in honor of this great Medium’s tarot deck, let’s commune together with the other side this week. Ask your angels and guides to join you through the journey, and remember the circles of solid, but invisible, support we sometimes lose awareness of in the fray of our daily rounds!

Let’s enter here.

June 7 – Sunday

The Waiting Game (Two of Wands)

Go ahead and make that decision you’re contemplating. Your intuition is on your side today. This card wants to tell you that. What you want is within your reach and dreams can be changed into realities today. Others may advise you to wait but the time has passed for waiting, spirit says.

Crystallize your mind’s images of what exactly you want to manifest. That is an action in itself. Write down how you conceive the future you are going towards. Be specific. What colors are there? What shapes? What foliage and weather? How are you dressed there? What is your view from a window looking outward? Make specific lists, and enjoy what your mind creates for you.

Release your vision, and go about your day. Realize that universal mind is creating it underground, like a seed getting ready to emerge into a tree.

June 8 – Monday

Foundation and Achievements (Four of Wands)

This is a confirmation card. What your mind has been building is firmly established now. Let the Universe give to you what you’ve chosen, to affirm the Law of Attraction.

This card can mean a marriage or buying a new home. But, whatever it relates to in your field of concern, it indicates that a firm and lasting foundation has been established!

June 9 – Tuesday

Fulfillment of Wishes (Nine of Cups)

It’s time to throw a party today. This is any kind of party, whether virtual or physical, even if it’s with just yourself and the Spirit world! It is a time for fun and fulfillment. John Holland believes that this might be the most positive of all the minor arcana cards.

The card says: your wishes are on their way to you. Think happiness, success, good health, and accomplishments. Remember to accept, receive, and celebrate what you’ve asked for. Forgive others and yourself as part of this celebration. Your greatest good has a clear road right into your heart, soul, and life that way!

June 10 – Wednesday

Shadow (The Moon)

This card is a reminder that everything changes. In the traditional tarot, it is represented as the Moon. Emotions and sensitivity are at high tide today. You may be confronting some fears and looking into the dark a bit. Someone near you may be acting very emotionally. Life will renew itself without your needing to do anything. Flow along by revitalizing your own inner world.

Let the tears fall if you want. You’ll see the jewels deep in your soul more clearly. Cleansing is happening. You might feel that your body is one big psychic receiving station. It is a time to work with your psychic ability if you’d like it to grow, or dim it down, if you choose.

Whatever you do, be tender and sweet to yourself.

June 11 – Thursday

Hope (The Star)

What is that really special wish you hold at the deepest place in your soul? You know, the really most rare and precious one that you share with few others.

This card says today that it will be granted! It isn’t necessarily today that it will happen, but it will happen. The impossible is becoming possible just below the surface of manifestation. Others will be drawn to your light and you will end up assisting them in reaching their special star, too.

June 12 – Friday

Light (The Sun)

Expect joy and illumination today. You will bask in the light for it’s a day of rebirth. This is one of the most positive cards in the major arcana. Leadership will be part of what you’re being called to, so be inspiring and generous. Let light emanate from you. Pull up all of your most joyful memories to keep feeding the positive energy inside you. They will make your path forward even brighter. Visualize gold light flooding your body through the Crown chakra at the top of your head.

When you are filled to the top, share it with others.

June 13 – Saturday

Rejoice in Celebration (Three of Cups)

Make time to make merry today! The energy of excitement and love is here for a visit. The energy of three carries communication and celebration. A composite of two, in relationship, make a third. The relationship becomes an entity in itself with a future of its own. Toast this entity which is your relationship.

 A Fun Spread to Try: The Destiny Spread

I had an issue on the table recently and decided to try this spread on it. I was astounded at how it opened an intuitive, plus, a literal window into the situation! I found it so helpful that I wanted to share it with you this week.

First, open your deck and find The Fool card. This will represent point zero or, the present in this matter.

Shuffle the deck thoroughly, place the cards on the table, then pull twelve more cards from the deck while contemplating the issue that requires your insight.

Shuffle those thirteen cards, (including the Fool card) very well, and place them face down in a stack. Take a deep breath, and arrange the cards in a horizontal line face down in front of you.

Turn them over one by one, and notice where the Fool card is in the card line-up. That point is the present.

All cards to the left of The Fool are things that you consciously realize about the situation. They’re in the past. All things to the right of the Fool are about the unknown, the future. This spread will give you a timeline of how far you have to go before this dilemma is solved, shown by how many cards are to the right of the Fool.

Example: if the Fool is in about the center of the line, you’re halfway through this issue, if toward the end, almost through, if in the beginning, still a ways to go.

Examine each card sequentially, and it will tell the story of your journey through this problem, and what will happen next. The thirteenth card is the final event before this problem cycle is over.

If a challenging card turns up in this space, it is simply a reminder of what could present difficulty in the future, what to look out for, what to prepare for. Not an indicator that the situation will end badly.

If you try this spread out on a situation of your own, I’d love to hear how it works for you!

To love, light, and amusement! Hope to see you again.

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