Spiritual Insights: Communicating on a New Level

Nanette of Woodland says:

My cousin Marilee passed after a long month in the hospital. She kept reaching her hand out as if reaching for someone. My sisters said it was the medication. I said, “No I think it’s a family member coming for her.”

And then that night I went back to my family’s house. In my sleep I heard Marilee’s voice saying “I’m going now, I love you.” I woke up and said, “Goodbye, I love you.” And the room was freezing cold. She died three days later. My sister didn’t believe me. She said, “That’s crazy. You’ve been working too hard!”

Could this be a possibility even though she died three days later? And the caregiver for my uncle was in the house with me and said my uncle was talking to my dead aunt and there was a strong smell of perfume in the room. so I would like to know if all this could be possible.

Dear Nanette,

Your experience is not only possible, it’s not at all uncommon. And your interpretation of what was happening to Marilee in the hospital is spot on.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that often a person’s spirit is on a different timeline than their body, and that was certainly the case with your cousin. She left her body behind within minutes after she contacted you, even though her body took a few more days to completely shut down.

You probably already know that, because your sister(s) are pragmatic and believe in what their senses tell them and nothing else, you probably won’t be able to convince them that what you experienced actually happened.

Fortunately, even though you probably won’t have the comfort of having your sister(s) believe you, you do have other people who will believe you, and who will be eager to share stories, starting with your uncle’s caregiver, and including CaliforniaPsychics.com bloggers! You also have the option to share your experiences with others who are developing their psychic, healing and mediumship abilities.

The passing of someone close to you frequently opens a doorway to psychic realms, one which you can experience in the moment and then let go, or which you can treat as the opportunity to open yourself to a larger, subtler realm – the spirit world. In your case, if you choose to develop your psychic sensitivities, there appear to be at least two places near you where you could take psychic and healing classes and meet people who would end up being important lifelong friends.

Training your psychic senses and your awareness of energy, spirit presences, and messages from your spirit guides, would be wonderfully enriching for you, even if you never plan to be a professional psychic. For most people, conscious interaction with the spirit world deepens faith, makes it easier to navigate your everyday life, and completely transforms your understanding of life’s meaning and possibilities.

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3 thoughts on “Spiritual Insights: Communicating on a New Level

  1. misskrystal

    Spectacular article-My kind of read…Excellent examples. As far as what she is writing about, just know, it can happen to you, it can happen to everyone who believes this and, is patient and gives this a chance.
    It’s amazing what the soul can do, as the soul does live on, we can bring the souls to light. it can happen. There is a big spiritual world out there! Thanks, Verbena. You rock. Miss Krystal

  2. Brenda Westberg

    My brother-in-law died in a horrible “accident” …I say this because no one is sure if it was truly an accident. He was a major alcoholic, and was a tortured soul although he was very funny and laughed alot. The day he passed, I was sitting by myself…I had heard of the “accident” and wanted to be by myself to gather my thoughts. Suddenly I felt this incredible feeling; and a voice inside my soul it felt like, was saying goodbye and I love you. We were very close, and I often wondered if I was imagining it. I believe now, for sure that it was him. I miss him.


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