Connect to the Earth with Your Celtic Tree Sign

Connect to the Earth with Your Celtic Tree Sign | California Psychics

Learn Your Celtic Tree Sign

Do you love trees? Do you rejoice in their beauty, strength, and protection from the elements? Do you feel that trees might have souls? If so, you are not alone. Throughout history, people have held trees in the highest regard, and there’s even a worldwide holiday dedicated to planting new trees, called Arbor Day.

However, the importance of trees is not a new idea. The ancient Celts sensed a powerful spiritual presence in specific trees and revered them. They believed these sacred trees held special powers and that they were home to fairies and spirits. They observed that people born within a particular time frame or season significant to certain trees developed specific qualities. The Celtic year has 13 lunar months, which represent the moon’s cycles. Each of these lunar months was connected to a special Celtic tree, from which Celtic Tree Signs (a kind of Druid Zodiac) were created, based on the day you were born in each season. What is your tree sign? Read on, my friend.

Birch – The Achiever

(Gaelic: Beith, December 24 – January 20)

You are ambitious and driven, so much so that you must keep in mind that others may not be able to keep up with you. You are tough but resilient, charming and witty, and people are drawn to you.

Rowan – The Thinker

(Gaelic: Lúis, January 21 – February 17)

You are a visionary with high ideals and a philosophical mind. You’re so original and creative that you’re sometimes misunderstood. Highly intelligent, you tend to be cool on the outside, and fiery within.

Ash – The Enchanter

(Gaelic: Nion, February 18 – March 17)

You possess wonderful imagination and artistic creativity. You are intuitive and might sometimes feel moody and withdrawn, but when your spirit is shining, you are positively enchanting. You can spin dreams into reality.

Alder – The Trailblazer

(Gaelic: Fearn, March 18 – April 14)

You are a natural leader and brave pathfinder. Patience may not be your strongest point but continuing to work on it will yield happy results for you. Your passion, self-assurance, and confidence are attractive qualities, and you get along with all kinds of people.

Willow – The Observer

(Gaelic: Sail, April 15 – May 12)

Ruled by the moon, you are highly psychic. You are intelligent, perceptive, and naturally intuitive. Sensitivity is your strength. You have abundant patience. It’s good to maintain a psychic shield around you to avoid taking on any negativity you sense. You have a great memory.

Hawthorn – The Illusionist

(Gaelic: Úath, May 13 – June 9)

What people see is not always what they will get with you, for you can appear cool and calm while your creative fires are raging on the inside. Try being as kind to yourself as you are to others. You are loved for your sense of humor and ability to listen without judgement.

Oak – The Stabilizer 

(Gaelic: Dair, June 10 – July 7)

You are strong and protective and will stand up for those who cannot do so themselves. You have a nurturing, caring personality, and you would make a good teacher. You strive to avoid being too controlling, and you love family. You have an outlook so positive that it’s inspiring.

Holly – The Ruler  

(Gaelic: Tinne, July 8 – August 4)

You are noble, good, and kind. People see you as a leader and you always aim to rise to the top like cream. Things come so easily for you that it can be easy to drift into arrogance and laziness, but that can be avoided by staying focused on lovingkindness and working toward your goals. You are quite affectionate.

Hazel – The Knower  

(Gaelic: Coll, August 5 – September 1)

You are as smart as they come. You have a mind for the smallest details and a computer-like memory. Analyzing comes naturally to you. You need order and can become overly controlling if you aren’t careful. You enjoy sharing your vast reservoir of knowledge with others.

Vine – The Equalizer  

(Gaelic: Múin, September 2 – September 29)

You are elegant, charming, and refined. Others often hold you in high esteem. Born in the time of the autumnal equinox, you can see both sides of any issue. It isn’t always easy for you to make decisions because of this ability, but you tend to land on the right side of things.

Ivy – The Survivor  

(Gaelic: Gort, September 30 – October 27)

You are an overcomer and have a way of defying all odds. You are helpful, kind, and giving, for you were born during the time of the waning sun and know the darker side of life. Silent, soulful, and persevering, you have deep faith that things will turn out all right.

Reed – The Leader/The Inquisitor  

(Gaelic: Ngeadal, (October 28 – November 24)

Druids thought of the reed as a deep-rooted tree system. You easily see hidden truths. You often just know things intuitively. You are an honorable secret keeper, and people tend to trust you with their worries. Avoid giving into the temptation to manipulate, for life has a way of giving you that which you desire.

Elder – The Scholar/The Seeker  

(Gaelic: Rúis, November 25 – December 23)

You were born during the time when sunlight seems to move fast, and so do you. You love your freedom and aren’t afraid to color outside life’s lines. You can be thoughtful, helpful, and considerate. Try to curb your tendency toward brutal honesty. You’ll get more bees with honey.

Celebrate Your Tree Sign

Now that you know which tree sign you were born under, honor your sign and the earth by celebrating Arbor Day. Plant your tree somewhere close if you can, or perhaps donate to a cause that plants trees around the world. Then, share which Tree Sign you were born under with us in the comments.

Celtic Tree Sign infographic | California Psychics

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5 thoughts on “Connect to the Earth with Your Celtic Tree Sign

  1. Aileen K. Douglas

    love this, and Honestly I feel like a mix of the first four even though I was born on the 30th day of March.. I am all these and possibly more lol Hugs;-)

  2. Anelia

    Hawthorn – The Illusionist

    (Gaelic: Úath, May 13 – June 9)

    What people see is not always what they will get with you, for you can appear cool and calm while your creative fires are raging on the inside. Try being as kind to yourself as you are to others. You are loved for your sense of humor and ability to listen without judgement.

  3. Kathryn James

    I just found out that Holly is my tree sign. I have lived in my house for 33 years and have a back yard filled with hollies!


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