Dealing With Mischievous Spirits

What’s the best way to deal with a mischievous spirit? Psychic Tammy explains…

Spirits, just like physical people, have distinct personalities. The ones who are jokesters can be very interesting to deal with. Usually the playful ones (and sometimes the seemingly threatening ones), just turn out to be child spirits who have energy to spare on the other side, just like here. I had a child spirit in my house once who turned out to be a little boy of about six years old who had died forty years before in the house I was living in. I found his shoe while remodeling, and that seemed to call him to me. Being a curious and playful little boy, he would hide hairbrushes and keys and then replace them exactly where I had just looked. He would tease my dog and make him bark and growl at what would seem like thin air to most onlookers. One night he strummed my guitar and another night he turned on the radio loudly in the upstairs room. Both times there was no one else home but me! And the scariest thing was when I heard something zoom across the room and smack into the front door at night. I discovered a deflated balloon tied to a shopping bag. I realized that he had run through the room and out the front door, only he went through the door, but the balloon and bag couldn’t. At that point, I’d had enough, and thank goodness it was simple enough to get his presence under control by burning sage.

At another house I lived in, I had a playful ghost who would pinch the back of my arm every time I would stand in a certain doorway between the living room and bedroom. And he would pinch hard enough that sometimes it left a mark on the back of my arm for a few minutes! I could sense him laughing after he did it every time! Burning sage, putting out bowls of salt water and telling him to “go to the light” was just another joke to him, and the more attention he got for “being a ghost,” the more he seemed to like it. He wasn’t leaving and he wasn’t going to stop pinching me! He did this to me the entire two years I lived there, usually about once a month! He was harmless, thank goodness, but annoying.

Non-physical people, just like physical people, must be talked to and handled carefully, especially if the usual things like sage, sea salt, and prayers don’t work to make them move on. It seems that over the last fifteen years, spirits have gotten wise to being saged, and they will leave for a while, and then come right back when the smoke is cleared! The veil is thinner now, and the ones who show up around us sometimes insist on being acknowledged, and not just chased away out of fear. The only thing you can do is communicate with them. If you don’t want to try to talk to them yourself, then contact a professional medium who can help them deliver an important message, or determine if they are just joking around (often times, they are!)

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4 thoughts on “Dealing With Mischievous Spirits

  1. CB

    Speaking of playing sprints, I lose EVRYTHING in my house!. I will put a item away in a specific spot and it DISAPPEARES EVERYTIME! I like to think at 57, I’m still pretty lucid not going senile but I’m starting to think that I am being toyed with by some mischievous sprint and it is driving me crazy! What shall I do?

  2. NowIveSeenItAll

    Gina, just a slight correction here. Hattiesburg did not arise until around the turn of the 20th Century. Your friend’s home could not have been built before the ACW. There are a few old homes built in the Greek revival, Itallianate and Federal styles commonly associated with the antebellum south.

  3. Jacqueline

    Hi Tammy,

    I enjoyed your article, Gina Rose your remarks about spirits liking the attention they received, I would have to agree, we just recently moved into a house where the spirits are very active they tend to keep everyone up all night, they will either play with your hair, rub your neck, walk with there boots up and down the long wooden floor all night long, phone rings during the night, they are just very active. I have always fed the spirits, but decided to take a stronger approach to feeding them, so every evening when we have dinner we always make a plate for the spirits, place it outside, gladly enough they have let us sleep through-out the night, Its been peaceful since, But If we miss a night of there feeding, “Holy Cow” they keep us up alllll night long….

    Blessings and Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Tammy,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article……yes, playful spirits can be a handful and do seem to like the attention they receive…..LOL.

    I have a friend, my best friend actually, who lives in a Civil War mansion built before the Civil War in Hattiesburg, Mississippi….where the spirits actually move the antique furniture around to suit their tastes, not hers….

    …..her home really should be featured on a TV special, because these spirits are not shy……they have actually scared off repairmen working on her home from time to time. they are not harmful though,….just playful.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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